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John Getz: Stathis Borans



  • [meeting with Stathis Borans, now a bitter, crippled recluse] 

    Martin Brundle : I saw you on the videotape. You were...

    Stathis Borans : Don't sit there!

    Martin Brundle : You were there the night my father died; he was working on a cure.

    Stathis Borans : That's why you dragged yourself all the way out here? To find out about a cure?

    Martin Brundle : You're my only hope.

    Stathis Borans : Ah. Oh, kid, the last thing *I* am, is *anybody's* hope. You really don't want to hear about this.

    Martin Brundle : I *have* to know.

    Stathis Borans : Brundle stole my girl, your mother. Got her pregnant. Caused her death. Dissolved my hand and my foot with fly vomit! I had no love for the man. He "bugged" me! As for the "cure" he was working on: he dragged your mother kicking and screaming into that telepod, that they might be fused together in one beautiful body. So your mother blew his brains out with a shotgun. *There's* your *cure*. Go *away*.

    Beth Logan : You bastard! Where's your compassion?

    Stathis Borans : [chuckles]  I had to give it up; it cost me an arm and a leg!

    Martin Brundle : It cost you more than that.

  • Stathis Borans : [On video being interviewed]  You don't know what your talking about, I was there. Seth Brundle was trying to cure himself. Don't you see that? You've got to help Ronnie, she's pregnant with his child!

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