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Garry Chalk: Scorby



  • Beth Logan : [Beth is being deloused]  There's nothing wrong with me, you assholes! Let me go! Where's Martin? WHERE'S MARTIN?

    Scorby : [On intercom]  It's dirty work, McKenzie. Somebody's got to do it. Make sure you don't miss anything.

  • Scorby : Are you having a problem, Miss Logan?

    Beth Logan : My card isn't working and it's not opening the door.

    Scorby : There's nothing wrong with your card. It's not your door anymore.

    Beth Logan : What are you talking about?

    Scorby : Well, it looks like your transfer to the day shift finally came through. Just like you want.

    Scorby : [Scorby gives Beth a piece of paper]  Systems analysis? This is in a building across town.

    Scorby : We've already sent your personal affects over. I guess that's what you get for fucking around with Bartok's pet freak.

    [Scorby gives Beth the tape with the recording of Beth having sex with Martin] 

    Scorby : For your eyes only.

  • Scorby : [Martin is attempting to escape the complex]  You want out? You have to go through me, Marty,

    [Martin walks towards Scorby. Scorby punches Martin in the face knocking him to the floor] 

    Scorby : I enjoyed that tape of you and your girlfriend. Rolled you like a jackhammer.

    [Scorby and Hargis laugh wickedly. An enraged Martin grabs Scorby and holds him by the neck and throws him through the glass in the entrance door. Martin escapes] 

    Scorby : .

  • Beth Logan : [Martin enters Bay 17]  Martin.

    Anton Bartok : [Scorby shoots Martin]  Don't shoot, you idiot!

    Scorby : Just shoot the damn thing.

    Anton Bartok : No!

    Beth Logan : NO!

    [Beth grabs Hargis's MP5A3 and tries to stop Hargis from shooting Martin. Martin throws Hargis into the lift shaft. Martin presses the lift button and the lift comes down and Hargis struggles to crawl out of the lift shaft] 


    [the lift crushes Hargis's head causing blood to splatter everywhere. Beth screams. Scorby opens fires at Martin. Beth takes cover] 

    Anton Bartok : I want him alive, damn you!

    [Scorby reloads his MP5A3] 

    Anton Bartok : .

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