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Beau Bridges: Frank Baker



  • Frank Baker : Okay, let's hear it. We trashed the Avedon, the Luau Lounge - what's our beef with 'Feelings'?

    Susie Diamond : Nothing... except who cares? I mean, does anybody really need to hear 'Feelings' again in their lifetime? It's like parsley, okay? Take it away, nobody's going to know the difference.

    Frank Baker : 'Feelings' is not parsley!

    Susie Diamond : Frank, to you 'Feelings' may be goddamn filet mignon, but to me, it's parsley. It's *less* than parsley.

    Frank Baker : Look, 'Feelings,' despite what you may think of it, has always been one of the bright moments of the show, and a consistent crowd-pleaser, and consequently we have an obligation to perform it. If we didn't, the audience would be disappointed.

    Susie Diamond : Oh. Well, they weren't exactly crying their eyes out on New Year's Eve.

    Frank Baker : You passed over 'Feelings'?

    Susie Diamond : Yeah. Oh, and 'Bali Hai' went out with the bathwater, too.

    Frank Baker : Ah ha. I see. The cat goes away for the night, and the mice take over the orchestra.

    Susie Diamond : Hey! I ain't no mouse.

    Frank Baker : That's right - you're parsley.

  • Susie Diamond : Oh no, not the goddamn Luau Lounge again!

    Frank Baker : What's the matter with the Luau Lounge? They don't salt their peanuts?

    Susie Diamond : Singing 'Feelings' knee-deep in paper orchids and plastic tiki lamps is not exactly my idea of a fun evening.

    Frank Baker : Fun? Who promised you fun? We get paid, remember!

  • Frank Baker : [as she auditions 'The Candyman']  Thank you, Miss Moran, that's enough. Miss Moran... Miss Moran!


    Frank Baker : Blanche!

    Blanche 'Monica' Moran : Sorry! I get so caught up in it sometimes, it's scary.

    Frank Baker : Yes, it is.

  • Frank Baker : Jesus, when was the last time we played the Mallory?

    Jack Baker : '78, November.

    Frank Baker : Right, it was someone's birthday... Halloran?

    Jack Baker : He had a daughter, sweet sixteen.

    Frank Baker : Oh Christ! How could I forget? What a nightmare!

    Jack Baker : She asked for it!

    Frank Baker : I told Halloran we didn't do vocals, and he said, "What my Sissy wants..."

    Jack Baker : "My Sissy gets!"

    Jack Baker : [Leering]  She got it, all right!

  • Frank Baker : I'm sorry. I'm a bit wound up.

    Jack Baker : Frank, you're a fucking alarm clock.

  • [repeated lines] 

    Frank Baker : You hit me!

    Jack Baker : I told you I was gonna hit you.

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