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  • Gibson Rickenbacker (Jean-Claude Van Damme), a martial arts warrior/mercenary, living in the post apocalyptic United States, comes to the rescue of a woman named Pearl Prophet (Dale Haddon) and discovers she is a cyborg, created by scientists in Atlanta to find information to a plague that has swept across the world and left the world in ruins, as the scientists are working on a cure to the plague and need the information to complete their work. Pearl is kidnapped by Fender Tremolo (Vincent Klyn), the evil leader of a gang of warriors called "The Pirates" and Fender decides to take Pearl back to Atlanta and wants the cure for himself. Gibson, decides to go after Fender and rescue Pearl. Joined by Nady Simmons (Deborah Richter), a young woman, whose family died from the plague and was hiding, when Fender and the Pirates attacked a settlement and stole a boat. Gibson sets out to confront Fender, whom murdered his family, a young woman named Mary (Terrie Batson) and her younger brother, whom hired Gibson to escort them out of a city to a safe place, after The Pirates killed their father and forced his adoptive daughter Haley (Haley Paterson), to join his gang. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • no,but fender makes a referance to Blade Runner by saying "we have a skinjob" Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The old British BBFC 18 Versions are extremely censored. More than three minutes of action sequences are missing. There is also an uncensored versions available on DVD in the UK. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Gibson saw Nady more as a daughter or sister. After Mary was murdered by Fender and his Pirates, Gibson could never love another woman. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Gibson had taken out half of his men - when Fender told them to "stand him up", his anger flared as he beat and pummeled him until he finally hit the sand once more. Instead of killing him immediately, he hung him up on the ship's mast to endure a slow, agonizing death in retribution for all the damage he had caused. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. Albert Pyun was hired to direct a sequel to Masters of the Universe, which was to be called "Masters of the Universe 2: The Cyborg". The film, which took place after the 1st film, followed He-Man, who returns to Earth to do battle with Skeletor, when Skeletor destroys the Earth, leaving it as a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The script was written, the sets and costumes were prepared. But Cannon films and Mattel decided to cancel production on the film, due to "Masters of the Universe" flopping at the box office. Albert Pyun got screenwriter Kitty Chalmers to rewrite the script and it became the script for a sci-fi action story, set in a post apocalyptic America and was the story of a young warrior, who sets off in pursuit of an evil gang of warriors that have kidnapped a female cyborg, and that script was the script for "Cyborg". Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, although no special features are mentioned Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Picture, editing, sound, music, story. Everything is different. The only remaining aspect is the action and violence since Cyborg was quite heavily censored for the "R" rating. Edit (Coming Soon)


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