Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) Poster

Sam Waterston: Ben


  • Judah Rosenthal : Maybe I - maybe I did make some questionable moves.

    Ben [as Judah's Conscience] : Only you would know that, Judah.

    Judah Rosenthal : I don't any more, Ben. Sometimes there's worse things than jail.

    Ben [as Judah's Conscience] : It's a human life. You don't think God sees?

    Judah Rosenthal : God is a luxury I can't afford.

  • Judah Rosenthal : It's my fault. I instigated it. I prolonged it. Many times I tried to back off, but, I was too weak. But, I promised her nothing. Or, did I? See, I don't even know anymore. In the heat of passion you say things. All I know is after two years of shameful deceit, where I lead this double life, I awakened as if from a dream and realize what I'd been losing.

    Ben : It's called wisdom. It comes to some, suddenly. We realize the difference between what's real and deep and lasting versus the superficial payoff of the moment.

    Judah Rosenthal : You know, I kidded myself about loving her; but, deep down I knew, knowing I needed her selfishly, for pleasure, for adventure, for lust.

  • Judah Rosenthal : Maybe I did make some questionable moves.

    Ben [as Judah's Conscience] : Only you would know that, Judah.

    Judah Rosenthal : I don't anymore, Ben.

  • Ben [as Judah's Conscience] : You fool around with her for your pleasure; then, when you think its enough, you want to sweep her under the rug.

    Judah Rosenthal : There's no other solution, but, Jack's men. I push one button and I can sleep again at nights.

    Ben [as Judah's Conscience] : Could you sleep with that? Is that who you really are?

  • Ben [as Judah's Conscience] : But the law, Judah. Without the law, it's all darkness.

  • Lisa Crosley : So are you in TV too?

    Ben : No. No, I'm a rabbi.

    Lisa Crosley : You don't have to wear an outfit or anything?

  • Ben : What choice do you have if the woman is going to tell her? You have to confess the wrong and hope for understanding. Maybe Miriam was responsible in some ways too. You have to discuss it and hope for the best. And maybe you and Miriam can never go back to the old life; but, maybe there's a new one with maturity and understanding; maybe - maybe even a richer one.

    Judah Rosenthal : You know, it's funny, for our entire adult lives, you and I have been having this same conversation in one form or another.

    Ben : Yes, I know. Its a fundamental difference in the way we view the world. You see it as harsh and empty of values and pitiless. And I couldn't go on living if I didn't feel it, with all my heart, a moral structure with real meaning and - forgiveness. And some kind of higher power; otherwise, their's no basis to know how to live.

  • Ben : Are you okay, Judah? You don't look so good.

    Judah Rosenthal : I'm fine. I just haven't been sleeping that well.

    Ben : Tell me, if I'm not prying, did you ever resolve your personal difficulties?

    Judah Rosenthal : Yes, actually. It resolved itself. The woman listened to reason.

    Ben : Did she? That's wonderful! So, you got a break. Sometimes to have a little good luck is the most brilliant plan.

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