Chances Are (1989) Poster


Christopher McDonald: Louie, Husband



  • [the Limbodrome Staff angel tries to explain to the nervous Louie why he feels funny] 

    Louie Jeffries : You know, I've been feeling very strange.

    Limbodrome Staff : [the angel happily chuckles]  What do you expect? Your body's cream sauce all over Wisconsin Avenue.

    Limbodrome Staff : [the angel happily laughs]  Here it is. End of the line. Thank you very much, and please wait.

  • [first lines] 

    Philip Train : [Philip the best friend and best man, tells Louie the groom, he's in love with Corinne the soon-to-be married bride]  Louie. There's something I have to tell you.

    Louie Jeffries : [as Corinne walks up the aisle in her wedding dress]  Now?

    Philip Train : I'm in love with Corinne.

    Louie Jeffries : [Louie smiles not taking his eyes off Corinne]  I know.

  • [Louie talks to the Limbdrome Staff Member Omar, who asks if he wants to be a boy or a girl] 

    Omar : Boy or a girl?

    Louie Jeffries : What's that?

    Omar : You want to be reborn a boy or a girl?

    Louie Jeffries : No, I don't want to be reborn at all. I want to go home right now, just as I am.

    Omar : Well, that's impossible. You're between bodies right now. Look, you're a soul, a spirit. The only way to get back is to be reborn. Any problem with that?

    Louie Jeffries : [sarcastically agrees]  I guess not.

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