Chances Are (1989) Poster


Mary Stuart Masterson: Miranda, Louie and Corinne's daughter



  • [Miranda sneaks into Alex's bedroom and into his bed wearing only lingerie, crawling under the sheets with him] 

    Alex Finch : [Alex thinking it's Corinne, invitingly responds]  Hi, darling.

    Miranda Jeffries : [Miranda whispers]  Shh! Mom's next door.

    Alex Finch : [Alex sits up turning on the bedroom light]  What are you doing here?

    Miranda Jeffries : What does it look like I'm doing?

    Alex Finch : Miranda!

    [Alex covers his naked chest with the blanket sheet] 

    Miranda Jeffries : What?

    Alex Finch : [Alex sounding like a father says]  It's way past your bedtime. Go to your room!

  • [Miranda demands an explanation from her mother Corinne, on why Alex has to leave] 

    Corinne Jeffries : He's... Weird.

    Miranda Jeffries : Mom... Weirdness is not a criminal offense. If it were, you'd be serving a life sentence.

  • [Miranda has an argument with the librarian, Mrs. Handy, as Alex Finch comes in and takes over for her] 

    Miranda Jeffries : God, is she always that awful?

    Alex Finch : [Alex makes a disgusted look to her crude remark]  Mom? No.

    Miranda Jeffries : Uh. I'm sorry.

  • [Alex Finch gets on the library computer to correct the problem of Miranda's unpaid books] 

    Alex Finch : This is bad.

    Miranda Jeffries : How bad?

    Alex Finch : Worse than I thought.

    Miranda Jeffries : How worse?

    Alex Finch : A lot. According to this, these books weren't legally checked out.

    Miranda Jeffries : [Miranda nervously replies]  Yeah. So?

    Alex Finch : [Alex aggressively replies back]  Yeah! So it means that I can't charge you for them! You beat the system.

    [Miranda realizes Alex corrected the problem of her unpaid books by doing her a kindness, Miranda blushes as Alex smiles] 

  • [Alex and Miranda sit on the guest room bed beside each other] 

    Alex Finch : Have you had a happy life?

    Miranda Jeffries : [Miranda chuckles]  Yeah, I guess so.

    Alex Finch : Is there anything you've wanted that you haven't had?

    Miranda Jeffries : My father.

    Alex Finch : He was a pretty great guy, huh?

    Miranda Jeffries : That's what they tell me.

    Alex Finch : God, you sure have grown up nicely.

    Miranda Jeffries : I'm glad you approve.

    Alex Finch : [Miranda leans forward to kiss Alex on the lips, as Alex holds her off]  Good night.

  • [Miranda gets Alex to dance with her at the museum party] 

    Alex Finch : [Miranda begins dancing rather close]  Where did you learn to dance like that?

    Miranda Jeffries : I inherited it from my father.

    [Alex nervously grunts continuing to dance] 

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