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5 Of The Best Free Movies To Watch Right Now On YouTube


There are many choices of service to head to watch movies online these. The two big players are, of course, Netflix and Amazon Prime where a subscription will give you access to hours of content, but did you know that there are dozens of films available to watch (legally) on YouTube in all their glory? The new service rolled out on YouTube late last year and appears to have been very popular so far with all the films available in high-definition format.

In this article, we look at five of the very best free films to watch on YouTube Right Now. Please note, however, that the new YouTube free-with-ads movie service is only available in some countries.


Gareth Edwards is the man that directed the likes of Godzilla and the massive, and indeed first Star Wars spin-off film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but before both of
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20 Essential Movie and TV Scrooges Through the Years, From Alastair Sim to Bill Murray (Photos)

  • The Wrap
20 Essential Movie and TV Scrooges Through the Years, From Alastair Sim to Bill Murray (Photos)
In 2018, Charles Dickens’ classic novella “A Christmas Carol” turns 175, but its utility as a springboard for movie and TV adaptations shows no signs of slowing down. It’s a classic story of regret and redemption, and its lead character Ebenezer Scrooge offers an arc from misery and cruelty to love and kindness that’s catnip for any actor or actress. (I watched a sleighful of Scrooges for my book “Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas” and am doing you the service of keeping the Barbie and “All Dogs Go to Heaven” versions off this list.) Here’s a look at
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Jessica Alba Loses Her Second Dog in Two Weeks: "Rip Bowie"

Jessica Alba Loses Her Second Dog in Two Weeks:
All dogs go to heaven, right? After doing press in New York over the weekend, Jessica Alba announced via Instagram Monday that her family has lost yet another four-legged friend. "Came home to a dog-less home. Our sweet girl Bowie is now resting in peace with her sister Sidders," the 36-year-old actress said of the bull dog. "It's been a rough two weeks. Will cherish our last night cuddling forever." The Mechanic: Resurrection star, who is currently pregnant with Baby No. 3, shared a mix of paparazzi and personal photos. "Bowmeister was the sweetest love bug," she said. "Rip Bowie." "No!" Gwyneth Paltrow commented. "This is so sad. Sending you all...
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Watch Uncut ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ Scene That Was Edited for Being Too Scary!

Watch Uncut ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ Scene That Was Edited for Being Too Scary!
Remember Charlie’s nightmarish vision of Hell? It was originally even scarier. Many family films from the ’80s have scenes that are scarier than most you’ll find in horror movies from the time, and Don Bluth’s All Dogs Go to Heaven is one of the most infamous. At one point in the 1989 movie, Charlie has a […]
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Two Authors Improvised a Slasher Film on Twitter and Spooky Hilarity Ensued

Twitter isn’t always terrible. The most recent example of the micro-blogging platform actually being kinda cool once in awhile came courtesy of genre authors Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig, who improvised a slasher movie in 140 characters or fewer (at a time, at least) on Friday. Taking place in real time and lasting a little more than an hour, their back-and-forth might be the genre’s most original offering in years.

Read More‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ Has a Deleted Scene in Hell, and It’s Here to Ruin Your Childhood — Watch

Here are some of the highlights; the full (long!) exchange may be found here:

that’s cool

Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) July 28, 2017

oh shit that sometimes happens

Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) July 28, 2017

okay first I hate to ask this but are you sure You are not the killer?

Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) July 28, 2017

see yeah I wondered

are you covered in blood?
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‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ Has a Deleted Scene in Hell, and It’s Here to Ruin Your Childhood — Watch

‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ Has a Deleted Scene in Hell, and It’s Here to Ruin Your Childhood — Watch
Fans of “All Dogs Go to Heaven” might not recall a scene in which one of the gone-too-soon pooches descends into the fiery belly of hell and narrowly escapes taking up permanent residence among the other condemned souls. And that’s apparently for good reason, as the full sequence in question was cut. It’s made its way online, as all such things eventually do, and is now available to retroactively ruin your childhood on YouTube. Watch the entire uncut scene below if you dare.

Read MoreDon Bluth Goes Kickstarter for “Dragon’s Lair: The Movie”

The film was directed by the underrated Don Bluth, who provided a darker alternative to Disney fare throughout the 1980s and ’90s: “The Secret of Nimh,” “An American Tail,” “The Land Before Time,” “Rock-a-Doodle,” “Anastasia.” This chthonic sequence, although found in low quality, finds canine hero Charlie B. Barkin (voiced by Burt Reynolds) sucked
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Newswire: Here’s what’s coming to Amazon Prime in August

Channing Tatum’s weirdo Romanian cop parody Comrade Detective is coming to Amazon Prime on August 4—and you can see a new trailer for it right here—but it’s not the only new content that subscribers will be able to stream while enjoying their free shipping and exclusive sales. They’ll also be getting the reboot of cult superhero hit The Tick, kid shows Lost In Oz and Tumble Leaf, and a whole bunch of movies including Superbad, Florence Foster Jenkins, and five of the Saw movies. (If you want to see Saw VI or Saw VII, they’re already available on Prime.)

The full list of new movies and TV shows is below, and if you’d rather get this information in a video, Amazon has shared a sizzle reel as well.

Available August 1

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Among Friends

Bad Boys (1983)

Bad Company ...
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Former Goldcrest president Stephen Johnston dies aged 68

  • ScreenDaily
Distribution and sales exec joined Goldcrest in 1989.

Former Goldcrest Films president Stephen Johnston has died in Los Angeles after a short illness. He was 68 years old.

Born in Calgary, Canada, Johnston made his way into distributing movies in 1972 with Pacific International Enterprises.

His career saw him work at companies including Jensen Farley, Taft International and Sun-Classic Pictures. He was a senior vice president at sales outfit Simcom in La between 1985 and 1989 before joining Goldcrest, working under chairman and CEO John Quested.

There, he worked on titles including the 1989 animation All Dogs Go To Heaven, which grossed $27m in the Us.

Prior to retiring in 2013, he served as president and managing director of the La Goldcrest office.

He is survived by his wife Patricia, whom he married in 1990.

John Quested, the current chairman of Goldcrest Group, commented: “I’ll miss him terribly…and fondly recall our 30 years of joy and laughter.”
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Mark Burnett and Roma Downey to Launch Faith-Based Network

  • The Wrap
Mark Burnett and Roma Downey to Launch Faith-Based Network
Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are set to launch faith- and family-based network Light TV. In partnership with Fox stations and affiliates, it’ll debut next month. Light TV will not air linearly, however, it’ll run on Fox TV’s digital sub-channels. The network will feature wholesome entertainment programming, like MGM’s “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader,” “Rocky,” “Hoosiers,” “Red River,” “Little Man Tate,” “The Nutcracker,” “Lilies of the Field,” “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” “The Black Stallion,” “All Dogs Go To Heaven,” “Pink Panther,” “Fame” and “Mr. Mom.” Light TV will also air acquisitions like “Highway to Heaven” and “Heartland.
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Top 10 dogs on film

  • Cineplex
Top 10 dogs on filmTop 10 dogs on filmAmanda Wood8/26/2016 10:00:00 Am

We humans have been sharing the silver screen with all manner of beasts for as long as movies have existed. But no animal quite manages to capture our hearts and our cameras as much as the good old-fashioned pet dog. Dogs have played major and minor characters in practically every genre, their loyalty and selflessness making them ideal sidekicks and heroes.

Today is National Dog Day, so here at Cineplex we're in full celebration mode. As you might have guessed, we're big on dogs here, so this is undoubtedly one of the most exciting days of the year for us. There are no shortage of amazing, adorable, and impressive dogs in movies, so we obviously had to mention some of our favourites to commemorate the day.

There are far too many movie dogs to include in this list, so
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Dragon's Lair movie hits crowdfunding goal




Don Bluth and Gary Goldman just moved one step closer to making a Dragon's Lair movie...

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman may well have got another movie off the ground, with the news that their Indiegogo appeal to bring videogame Dragon's Lair to the big screen has hit its funding target. That said, it's still the first step in a fairly lengthy adventure.

The crowdfunding appeal launched just over two weeks ago, and still has over a month left. However, over $260,000 is in the pot already, and that's going to be spent to put together a teaser presentation. Said presentation will then be used to pitch the film to investors, as the pair need $70m to actually get the film made. Which is a little beyond the reach of a crowdfunding campaign.

Bluth and Goldman have worked on films such as All Dogs Go To Heaven, Thumbelina,
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Don Bluth brings the Dragon’s Lair movie to Kickstarter

For those of us that haunted the Arcade Rooms of the 1980’s there was one particular arcade machine that stood-out amongst the rest due to it unbelievable animation and graphics, that game was Dragon’s Lair by the great animator Don Bluth. Unlike a normal arcade machine which relied computer generated images, Dragon’s Lair was the first game to incorporate a Laser Disc to hold pure hand-painted animation. Adored by everyone that played it and brought back on numerous formats across the ages it has never however been become a fully fledge movie, that is until – hopefully – now.

Both Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have reunited – on Kickstarter – and have set the goal of $550,000 to create a short animated film, to give the world a small taste of what they could give us if they had access to a feature-film budget. They’ll be taking this short on the
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Dragon's Lair: The Movie Starts Crowdfunding Campaign

The budget for a modern animated movie starts in the neighborhood of $75 million, so the crowdfunding campaign for a movie version of video arcade game Dragon's Lair is not intended to raise that kind of money. No, the intention here is to create a pitch video first in order to secure funding for the complete movie, which would revolve around a knight seeking to rescue a princess. Filmmakers Don Bluth and Gary Goldman enjoyed good success in the 1980s and 1990s (The Secret of Nimh, An American Tail, All Dogs Go to Heaven) but before the former Disney animators got their movies going, they created Dragon's Lair, which become available in arcades in 1983. As an occasional player, I can testify that it looked...

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Dragon’s Lair movie Kickstarter announced by Don Bluth

Dragons Lair movie: Kickstarter campaign shows promise of a potential future film, based on the 1983 video game. A Dragons Lair movie is potentially on the way if a Kickstarter campaign is successful

A Kickstarter campaign for a Dragons Lair movie has just been launched by the legendary animation guru Don Bluth. He and fellow animation legend Gary Goldman are collaborating on a sequel to the 1983 video game, owned by Digital Leisure, and are seeking $550,000 on the crowd-funding website to start their project.

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman are coming together once again to bring the classic arcade game Dragon’s Lair to the big screen. We are seeking your help to create a pitch to make Dragon’s Lair, the Movie through a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. Dragon’s Lair continues to be loved by millions around the world since 1983, and fans have been waiting patiently to see Dirk and Daphne at it again.
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Dragon's Lair: The Movie Kickstarter launched by Don Bluth

Dragon's Lair: The Movie Kickstarter launched by Don Bluth
Animation veterans Don Bluth and Gary Goldman are collaborating once again - this time to try to create a pitch for a prequel movie to the 1983 video game cult classic Dragon's Lair.

The title was one of the first games to blend the lines between movies and games, introducing quick-time events before the term had even been coined.

For many fans though, it felt like it would have worked better as a movie, and if it reaches its $550,000 Kickstarter goal, we could finally see if that's the case.

Obviously this modest target is nowhere near enough to make a fully animated movie, with the best animated films costing anywhere from $55 million to $240 million to produce - and that's without taking marketing costs into account.

Luckily, Goldman and Bluth have plenty of industry experience - working on movies such as The Secret of Nimh, An American Tail, The Land Before Time,
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Hulu Announces Exclusive Streaming Rights To Fargo

If you need to catch up on the best show of 2014, and Golden Globe nominee, and Emmy winner, Fargo, you’re going to have to look to Hulu.

I imagine Hulu knows what they’re doing, but I have to imagine this is a “watch again” hope they’re working with, because surely everyone who has any hope of wanting to see this one has already seen it. No one missed this, right? If you did, and I have no idea who I’m talking to now, do not miss your chance to watch it now. I can’t stop saying that I wish it ended a little better, but other than that this was an amazing television achievement, and one that was completely engrossing from start to finish.

Not only was it a treat to watch all the actors, who were all wonderful, but it was brilliantly refreshing to
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Hulu Lands Exclusive Streaming Rights to FX’s ‘Fargo’

  • The Wrap
On Thursday, FX and Hulu announced a deal that would bring FX Productions to the popular streaming service. A day later, a deal with MGM shored up the exclusive online rights for the cable channel’s hit series “Fargo.”

Here’s the press release, more to come:

Hulu and MGM have expanded their streaming video on demand (Svod) relationship, the two companies announced today. The deal grants Hulu exclusive streaming rights to this year’s Golden Globe® nominated and Emmy®-Award Winning Miniseries Fargo. All episodes of the first installment of the hit show will be available to stream on
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Norman Bridwell Dead: Clifford the Big Red Dog Creator Dies at 86

Norman Bridwell Dead: Clifford the Big Red Dog Creator Dies at 86
All dogs go to heaven! Norman Bridwell, the creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog, has died at the age of 86.  The beloved author passed away on Friday, Dec. 12, in Martha's Vineyard, Mass., his publisher Scholastic wrote in a release. Bridwell wrote more than 150 titles with the book company, largely centered on his famed character Clifford.  In Bridwell's celebrated children's books, the oversized red dog belongs to a little girl named Emily Elizabeth and grows from the smallest in his litter to a massive pup [...]
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The Pope: Yes, All Dogs Do Go to Heaven

The Pope: Yes, All Dogs Do Go to Heaven
All dogs may not go to heaven, but the good ones might! Probably! If they believe in Jesus!

That is the latest Breaking News coming out of the Vatican. Yes, Cool Pope Pope Francis confirmed that All Dogs Go to Heaven is, in fact, a documentary. Not really, but this is a real headline on a real news outlet:


Photos: Check out your favorite celebs with their adorable pets!

While comforting a little boy in St. Peter’s Square who was sad that his dog had just died, Pope Francis told him, “One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ.”

Pope Francis continued that, “Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures” and, according to The NY Times, cited Bible passages “that assert that animals not only go to heaven, but get along with one another when they get there.”

Which means, we guess, cats can come
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All Dogs Go to Heaven! Pope Francis Confirms Paradise Is Open to All of God's Creatures

All Dogs Go to Heaven! Pope Francis Confirms Paradise Is Open to All of God's Creatures
Finally, Pope Francis confirms what we've always known: All dogs go to heaven! During his weekly address in St. Peter's Square, the Catholic leader tried to console a little boy who was heartbroken over the death of his beloved pup. According to multiple reports, Pope Francis told the boy, "One day, we will see our animals again the eternity of christ. Paradise is open to all of God's creatures." Of course, this viewpoint goes against the conservative Catholic ideology that because animals don't have souls (!), they can't go to heaven. Some theologians have cautioned, per the New York Times, that Pope Francis "had spoken casually, not made a doctrinal statement." Others...
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