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Episode #3.9
An old lady falls down and then gets robbed, but the Cops don't want to get involved in something like that. Meanwhile, a sketch artist is able to draw people he's never seen based only on their voice while the street sinegrs receive a visit from the Loser Research Foundation.
Episode #3.10
In this Kids in the Hall episode Scott's clone won't stop misbehaving, a man shows his girlfriend a dead body in a field and Mark has to fill in for the Fact Girl while she's on strike. Sketches include: Fact - Stone, After The Film, Replaced 1, Grandpa Geralds, Wages, Replaced 2, Haggle, Fact - Uncle, Captain Calm, Fact Strike, and Replaced 3
Episode #3.11
A woman repeatedly remarries after repeatedly marrying the wrong guy, a man is put on trial for sexually harassing himself, and the hip guy and his wife introduce their lovers. Sketches include: Girls, Mr. Right, He's Hip 1, Extreme, He's Hip 2, Harassment, He's Hip 3, and Stay Down
Episode #3.12
Man has to get back up on the horse after choking on a chicken kabob and the Cops talk about what they might have done if they hadn't become cops. Meanwhile, Buddy searches for a new lover. Sketches include: Cops Opera, Back On The Horse, Ed, Cops - Shift, Buddy's Date, Tea Factory, Cops Asleep, and Pickle
Episode #3.13
From a man who works in a wig shop trying to convince everyone he's not bald, to a pizza guy lusting after schoolgirls and Sid wondering if he is too small to love. Sketches include: Boxing, Pizzeria, On The Subject of Me - Cow, Bartending School, On The Subject of Me - Caricature, The Sudelmans, On The Subject of Me - Moustache, and My Horrible Secret
Episode #3.14
Check out this group of sketches featuring poems by the Emperor of Japan as well as Brice's advice for breaking into showbiz. Sketches include: Poem 99 Bottles, Funeral Home, Poem The Fall, The King, Advice, Scar, Poem The Empress, and Emergency Troupe Meeting
Episode #3.15
A businessman just stares and stares, a man debates whether he should call a girl, and the Cops wonder why someone would abandon a perfectly good potato. Sketches include: Cops - Potato, Serial, Gross 1, Cops - Thinking, Home Alone , Opened Up, Gross 2, and Shirlers
Episode #3.16
Catch up with all you favorite characters in this Kids in the Hall episode, where Mississippi Gary sings the After-Death blues, the fact Girl discusses the importance of cleaning your ears, and one of the Sizzler Sisters becomes sane. Sketches include: Resemble, Treatment, Fact - Ears, Night Train, Garbage Man, Fact Vanilla Ice, and Bauer
Episode #3.17
A man reminisces about the Flying Pig and a woman naming her god "Spot". Meanwhile, Tanya annoys people at a party. Sketches include: Father Figure 1, God, Darcy & Francesca, Father Figure 2, Letters From A Sick Bed, Joint, Father Figure 3, and Joint Tag
Episode #3.18
In this episode of Kids in the Hall, you'll learn about the alternate conclusion to Old Yeller, Drugs and other Vices, as well as how to deal with noisy people. Sketches include: Old Yeller 1,Skeletons, Ugly Situation, Vicky, Old Yeller 2, Armada, and Horsey
Episode #3.19
The Kids celebrate Scott's 100th portrayal of a waiter and Hecubus is both fired and rehired. Meanwhile, a wife walks in on her husband and a thief in bed, but at least he's not gay again. Sketches include: What, Cattle Call, Clock Radio, Excellent Mom Frame, Cattle Call 2, Long Story, and Celebration
Episode #3.20
Check out this group of hilarious sketches featuring the Bearded Lady, spy models, and a horny patient. Sketches include: On The Subject Of Me - Spleen, Chicken Wedding, Whatever, Regrets, Check-up, On The Subject of Me - Caesarian, and Spy Models

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