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Sex & Nudity

  • We see the buttocks of a bloody male corpse(several bullet wounds) for several seconds.
  • Rated R for strong violence, language, drug content and some sexuality/nudity.
  • In a sauna at the beginning of the movie, many men and women are seen naked. Nothing explicit from the guys; butts are seen. Many women are seen topless, from behind, or briefly full frontal.
  • Much later, a girl jumps out of bed naked and eventually gets dressed. Her breasts and butt are seen.
  • A man turns on a TV in a hotel room he's rented. It opens to a channel featuring a porno. The sex is mostly cropped with a focus on just the upper bodies with nothing shown. A woman moans explicitly in the scene for about a second.
  • At an airport, one of the two main characters tries to flirt with a woman walking by. She scornfully tells him to "b-word" himself. He takes in stride, sarcastically saying it's a good suggestion.
  • One of the two main characters makes sexual jokes. The first two refer to masturbation. The second joke refers to declining to being serviced by a woman who heatedly used the F-word towards him during an argument.

Violence & Gore

  • Lots of property damage committed by buses in one scene.
  • People get shot throughout; usually there's none to moderate amounts of bloodshed. A few shootings later on in the movie are quite gory however.
  • A few beatings including broken fingers.


  • A man tells James Belushi to "go and kiss his mother's behind" in Russian and it is translated by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • About 25 uses of the F-word(including a few sexual uses)
  • Other profanities such as damn, hell, bitch, ass, shit, bullshit, and bastard.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drinking and smoking.
  • Coccaine is seen and discussed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Nothing too bad at all; the final showdown may be a little intense to some.

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