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Ed O'Ross: Viktor Rostavili



  • Viktor Rostavili : We both have our codes, Vanya. Yours, one of the State. Mine, one of thieves.

  • Viktor Rostavili : Any country that can survive Stalin can certainly handle a little dope.

  • Viktor Rostavili : I thought you might be more reasonable. Money has a way of doing that to a man. But no, I don't think so. Not with you. You are one of those types of Soviets who only looks forward to death. I know you well, Vanya. Without me, you don't even exist.

  • Ivan Danko : [in Russian]  What's this key for?

    Viktor Rostavili : [in Russian]  Kiss my ass.

    Ivan Danko : [to Ridzik, in English]  You know what this key open?

    Art Ridzik : Looks like a key to a locker to me. Why don't you ask your bud?

    Ivan Danko : [hauls Viktor around to face Ridzik]  You try.

    Art Ridzik : Where-is-the-lock-er-that-this-key-opens?

    Viktor Rostavili : [mutters something in Russian] 

    Art Ridzik : What did he say?

    Ivan Danko : He say, "Go and kiss your mother's behind."

    [Gallagher laughs. Ridzik stares at Viktor for a moment, then lunges at him] 

  • Ivan Danko : [speaking in Russian]  Let's go. All of you

    Viktor Rostavili : [speaking in Russian]  Why do you always pick on us Georgians? We are just simple people. Maybe that is why we are such easy prey.

    Vagran Rostavili : [speaking in Russian]  What's this country coming to?! This is like the old days! We are not guilty of anything!

    Sacha : [speaking in Russian]  Where is your evidence?

    Ivan Danko : [grabs Sacha and throws him to the ground, then grabs Sacha's prosthetic leg and pulls it, turns it over and a white powder comes out and speaking in Russian]  Cocaine.

  • Viktor Rostavili : The people have many needs. One is law and order. Other? Entertainment.

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