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And it's true!
Seedy8 July 2000
I have finally gotten a copy of this really fine movie. In conversations and correspondence with its producer I have learned that not only is it a superb movie, it's true! Most historical details for the movie came from a book about the event and the Japanese fishing vessel which was used in the real life raids is currently moored in the Sydney harbor where it is considered a national treasure. In the movie, a pontoon boat powered by two outboard motors was used. A sequel entitled "Heroes: the Return" was produced two years later, in 1990, and is even more carefully researched for historical accuracy. Much to my delight, the copies which I have of both the movie and its sequel are of their original mini-series lengths. The movie as shown on US television was a shortened version. Efforts are ongoing to find a way to release the movies on cassette in the United States although the producer doesn't expect any success for the venture. That will be unfortunate since "The Heroes" is such fine cinema and provides a glimpse into the sacrifices and intrigues of the war in the Pacific. It also helps us appreciate the contributions of the Australians.
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A really grand war movie which seems to be unavailable.
Seedy26 January 1999
I watched this on TV years ago and have been searching without success to find a copy ever since. It involves a ragtag group of servicemen sneaking undercover, via a rickety old boat, into Japanese controlled waters to stage night raids by canoe. The movie moves at an appropriate pace and includes just enough humor and family relationships to provide some relief to the increasing intensity of the suspenseful action. The plot is inventive and the casting excellent.
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purchase details
postmixxx18 June 2017
I just purchased both copies from here Page_ID=3610&refpid=2138&id=1233

£16.95 or $33 Australian including delivery to Australia

hope this helps anybody looking
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This video is available on Amazon.
LogicShock19 August 2010
Just to let future readers know, both this movie and the sequel are available on Amazon's UK site. At time of posting (August 2010 it is available new for £34.99 and used from £16.99 which is not too bad). I looked all over the place with no luck, and then I tried Amazon not expecting a result and was pleasantly surprised. Get in there quick and buy this brilliant set. The film is a brilliantly produced film, fairly close to the book and in my opinion just as good, which is a rare thing to be honest. Seeing Jason Donovan as I remember him when I was 14 was a bit of a blast from the past and a good excuse to sit down and reflect on times gone by. I can not understand why this film has not been made available on DVD or even as a download somewhere because I am sure that it would certainly sell.
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I am looking for this film
stevelogan4 April 2003
This mini TV series based on the true events of WWII, against the Japanese holding Singapore, and a Strong willed Capt. Ivan Lyons who put together a team of young Australian soldiers to go into enemy occupied waters in an old Japanese Fishing boat from Australia to Borneo, and then travel well over 60 miles in canoes carrying limpet mines and a few rations to destroy ships in Singapore Harbour.

The British & Australian High Command thought Lyons was positively mad, and on more than 1 occasion Operation Jaywick was put on hold and even nearly scrapped completely, but finally went ahead.

The story holds true to the high spirits of young lads wanting to do their part for their country, while keeping to all the fearful and nightmarish endeavours they endured to try and complete the task Lyons wanted.

This is your classical Sunday afternoon movie, 3 & ½ hours of non stop heart racing drama, to which Donald Crombie should be highly praised and acclaimed for.

I am only saddened that it has never been released on DVD, as my old Video tapes have now worn out from age and use, over time and it is no longer available anywhere on Video.

I would gladly purchase a copy of this from anyone who has it as long as it will work in the UK, or if anyone has heard of it on DVD please let me know where and how I can obtain it, this and Heroes `The Return'
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Surprisingly accurate and a great miniseries
craig-brown-812-1905608 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The 1988 Australian Miniseries "The Heroes" tells the story of Operation JAYWICK, the famous Z Special Unit raid on Singapore Harbour.

This miniseries is closely based on Ronald McKie's book of the same name. Keep in mind that the book was written in the 1960s and the TV miniseries in 1988, 7 years before the SRD/Z records were fully declassified. They did an awesome job in getting it as right as possible.

Also, take note of the rickety fishing boat used in this series, to me it looks identical to the KRAIT. Perhaps the KRAIT was used for the production? That would have been a mind-job for the cast and crew, many of whom had liaised with surviving members of the JAYWICK party.

If you wish to compare fact with fiction (or in this case, docu-drama), run a search on Google for "Operation JAYWICK" and you will find the Special Operations Australia page on the operation which is closely based on Ivan Lyon's actual log/diary of the operation. Photos on that page also marry up very closely with instances in the film where John Bach, the actor playing LT Davidson, takes happy snaps on board the KRAIT. Really well done.
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Worth the trouble
JRaymondT16 July 2006
I had a devil of a time over several years getting my hands on this movie, (and it's sequel, The Heroes II The Return). I finally had success bidding through the British e-bay site, and was able to have them transfered to DVD from the PAL videotapes in which they were released (this seemed okay since I own legal PAL copies and the movies are unavailable to buy in US format).

These two very long and well-made features seem ripe for a re-release on DVD for history buffs and anyone appreciating well made action movies. They are (in my estimation) the Australian equivalent to the US mini-series Band of Brothers. I also obtained a copy of the book on which the films were based, which is a worthwhile read.
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