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Season 1

19 Apr. 1987
T.J. Cousins is a mountain man who committed some grisly murders a few years ago. Currently he is in prison. Now a drug dealer also in the same prison hires T.J. to lead him through the Sierras. Now the "High Mountain Rangers" a group who's assigned the task of bringing T.J. and the other escapees back, are on the case but T.J. proves to be too wily for them, and kills one of them. So Matt Hawkes, one of the rangers, decides to get help from the man who caught T.J., his father, Jesse Hawkes. Now it seems that Hawkes felt that T.J. should have been executed but that ...
9 Jan. 1988
Old Friends, New Friends
An old friend of Jesse's comes to see him and he has his daughter with him. And she and Cody hit it off. In the meantime, some people come to Ranger HQ and inform them that the man kidnapped his daughter. It seems that his ex-wife has custody and her husband is pushing them to find them. When Jesse's friend gets sick, Jesse takes him to the hospital leaving his daughter with. Matt then goes to get her so Cody takes her into the mountains.
16 Jan. 1988
The Trial of Jesse Hawkes
The acting prosecutor decides to charge Jesse for the murder of T.J. Cousins the killer who escaped from prison whom he pursued. The prosecutor instructs Matt to bring him in and he tells the team to do it but he radios Cody and tells him to take Jesse and get away till he can sort it out. But Jesse sees through Cody and comes in. He learns that T.J.'s father is the one pressing the issue. And to add fuel to the fire is the fact that T.J. had $250,000 with him which was never recovered. So it's assumed Jesse took it. A woman whom Matt saved, is a lawyer and she offers...

 Season 1 

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