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12 Jan. 1989
Hard Choices
A Texas Ranger comes to Paradise to bring Ethan back. Ethan at first thinks of running but changes his mind and decides to go with the man. However along the way Ethan tries to convince him that being with the children has changed him. And they're being attacked by men who want to get Ethan.
2 Feb. 1989
The Traveler
Ethan comes across a man who is unconscious. He helps him. When he awakens he has no memory. He and Ethan become close. But when his memory returns, he remembers that he is a hired killer and his target is Ethan.
23 Feb. 1989
The Last Warrior
A timber company decides to move their operation to Paradise. And the town is excited about it. But John Taylor opposes it and tries to stand in their way. Amelia also decides to side with him when a photographer who came to photograph the thing show her what happened to another town who gave the timber company permission.
16 Mar. 1989
Ethan joins in the hunt for a fugitive because he thinks the man can lead him to a man whom he has a vendetta against. Claire meets a guy, who is the son of the man Ethan is looking for. And when he learns Ethan is looking for him, he challenges Ethan even though he doesn't stand a chance. And Claire begs him not to kill him.
20 May 1989
Long Lost Lawson
Amelia's ne'er-do-well husband returns and wants to pick up where he left off. Lawson owes a man $50,000 for defrauding him out of land in Arizona. He sells the bank out from under Amelia.
10 Sep. 1989
A Gathering of Guns
When a man thinks Ethan knows the location of a fortune, he kidnaps him and takes him to a prison where no man has ever escaped from. Amelia turns to her estranged husband, Pierce for help. He takes her to see Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and Pat Garrett who agree to help.
16 Sep. 1989
Home Again
After helping Ethan but because Wyatt Earp nearly got him killed Ethan pulled his gun on him but a reporter comes along who forces Ethan to put his gun away. Ethan goes back to Paradise and Wyatt follows him. The reporter follows them also. Eventually word of Wyatt's adventure reaches Sam Clanton who wants to get him so they seek out Ethan to find Wyatt.
4 Nov. 1989
Burial Ground
An old friend of Ethan's, an Army man comes to Paradise looking for some Indians who left the reservation to return to their home which is near Paradise. Ethan, who was a tracker, finds them and the Chief has disdain for Ethan. He also tells Ethan that his friend massacred his people to force them to leave their home and go to the reservation. Ethan at first doesn't believe him but learns it's true.

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