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This movie rocks!
dethboi12 July 1999
I love this movie. Okay, so maybe it looks like just a cheap, italian porn flick but there's so much more to it. There is something vaguely disturbing and sinister about this film that it makes it that much more erotic. Basically, its the story of a paper-back writer who goes undercover as a prostitute to research for her steamy new novel. Along the way, she has sex with lots of greasy, italian men, degrades herself in front of assorted perverts and turns a gay man straight. If anybody could straighten out a gay man it would be Jessica Moore(or whatever her real name is). The sleazy, new orleans ambience of this film is terrific as you can almost feel the heat, humidity and sex. There are some striking, disturbing visuals, like when Moore does some kinky posing with mannequins for a photographer. There are some clowns thrown in, which always gives a film a sinister edge, and lots of homoerotic undertones(or is that overtones?). Anyway, go out and get this movie and wallow in its sleaze and perversity.
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beautiful Jessica Moore ( Luciana Ottaviani) and nice director Joe d'Amato (Aristide Massaccessi)
mongolang4 March 2001
this film has been made by joe d'amato aka Aristide Massaccesi with kind of european sense of social life and interpreted by my favour actress Luciana Ottaviani aka Jessica Moore that she plays a role as top model and in reality she is a writer with the role of Sarah Asproon that Aristide Massaccesi ( Joe d'Amato) wrote in the different names one of is Sarah Asproon it is a very nice film and deserves an excellent as reward. unfortunately it is very sad that Aristide Massaccesi is dead otherwise he would direct other film to let the people to applause his talented trick of magic
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Superior example of the genre
SMK-416 December 1998
In the mid-1980s Joe D'Amato made largely soft pornos and this is one of the better ones, despite being filmed in the US (his Italian films tend to be better). Following the commercial success of "11 days, 11 nights", this was marketed as a sequel, but it is rather more like a remake, and it is a slight improvement on the original. Both films were clearly inspired by "9 and a half weeks" (there is also a nod to Zulawski's Femme Publique) but D'Amato changed the story by putting the woman in control, a modification which works very well. No cinematic masterpiece, but a superior example of the genre.
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Model Behaviour
sol-14 April 2016
Working as a high class call girl in order to gain material for her new book, an esteemed author has to contend with blackmail when a client learns of her secret in this surprisingly well filmed sexually explicit drama. Joe D'Amato's camera almost never sits still, with many tracking shots that voyeuristically follow lead actress Jessica Moore around. There are some thoughtful extreme low camera angles as she undresses too, and in one of the film's most memorable scenes, she makes love to a toy factory owner, surrounded by smiling large toys that -- akin to the lions of 'The Battleship Potemkin' -- are filmed so that it looks like they are reacting to what is taking place! The film is not particularly well plotted though with the blackmailing not seeming to worry Moore at all who is more confounded by her inability to turn on a young computer engineer, played by James Sutterfield, oblivious to the fact that he is gay. The acting here is pretty second rate too with Sutterfield the worst offender, though most of the (mainly) non-professional cast have trouble delivering their lines in a way that does not feel rehearsed. Moore is, however, quite decent and while the narrative might have some deficiencies, it more than makes up for it with a very zany sense of humour shining through at several points. The opening scene, for example, has Moore fingering various mannequins that have been set into explicit poses; later on, she finds a couple of clients who want to be ridden like bulls at a rodeo, and the aforementioned toy store scene occurs on a Santa's sleigh of all places!
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Softer D'Amato
haildevilman9 August 2006
An erotic love story.

Big Joe used his usual plot devices here.

Prostitution ring disguised as a modeling agency services wealthy clients of all types. I couldn't tell if this was filmed in the U.S. or Europe. But wherever it was filmed, it looked great.

Seeing Mark Shannon play a cowboy was actually funny. But do cowboys really call every woman they meet 'filly?'

Laura (Goddess Supreme) Gemser matures in her roles and actually plays the boss of women instead of just a rebel. I hated the fact that she cut her hair. She looked better with it loooooooong. She's still a Goddess however.

The sub-plot about the young lad dealing with potential homosexuality was a tad weird.

But the lass in the lead looked GREAT. Her massage scene with the Turk left me gasping.
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Gets better as it goes along
archie_stanton19 March 2014
Like many prolific Euro and Italian directors of Joe D'Amato's era, he would rightly be accused of self plagiarism today. This movie so echoes his Emmanuelle films, themselves a knock off, that it even features Laura Gemser in a supporting role. But all that aside, it's not a horrible film. It starts off slow, and one almost wishes for more explicit sex to keep things going, --- but after around the 45 minute mark... half way in... a love plot starts unfolding involving a gay or bi male, that really actually seems somewhat heartfelt... and moves the movie into more watchable territory. It's usual D'amato, revisiting themes, but if you like to see a new one from him you haven't seen - then check it out. But don't expect Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals.
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Michael_Elliott6 March 2008
Top Model (1988)

** (out of 4)

Kristin Rose plays a writer who goes undercover as a prostitute and nude model so that she can do research for her newest novel. This film is known as Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 2: The Sequel but it's also known as Top Model, which is probably the best title to be used. This here is basically a remake of Eleven Days, Eleven Nights, which became a huge box office hit and put D'Amato back on the map for a short time before he ended his career making hardcore porn. I wasn't too thrilled with the original film but this one here manages to be somewhat better due to some nice humor in the form of the strange men that come in and out of the woman's life. That includes a creepy little photographer who's always wanting something more. D'Amato's main woman, Laura Gemser, has a small role here and is also in one of the strangest scenes as a cowboy wants her to ride him like a bull. And yes, she's partially naked. Rose doesn't come off as the best actress in the world but this is a softcore film so the most important thing is her body and she has a great one to look at throughout the film. The movie itself runs way too slow and goes on for way too long but there's certainly a lot worse out there.
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mihinduep6 December 2003
I saw this movie in Sri Lanka in 1997 and I loved it. But most of the scenes were censored and no body could not enjoy it that well in the cinema. Most of the sex scenes were cut for no reason. Does anyone know how to get the uncut version of this film on VCD/DVD. Please let me know.
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