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Peter Falk: Peter Falk



  • Peter Falk : Here. To smoke and have coffee - and if you do it together, it's fantastic. Or, to draw. You know, you take a pencil and you make a dark line, then you make a light line, and together it's a good line.

  • Peter Falk : But, you're not here. I'm here. I wish you were here! I wish you could talk to me. 'Cause, I'm a friend. Compañero.

  • Peter Falk : [inner voice - while sketching an female extra, who is waiting on the set]  What a dear face! Interesting. What a nostril. A dramatic nostril. These people are extras. Extra people. Extras are so patient. They just sit. Extras. These humans are extras. Extra humans.

  • Peter Falk : [inner voice]  Yellow star means death. Why did they pick yellow? Sunflowers. Van Gogh killed himself. This drawing stinks. So what? No one sees it. Someday you'll make a good drawing. I hope. I hope. I hope.

  • Peter Falk : I can't see ya, but I know you're here. I feel it! You've been hangin' around since I got here. I wish I could see your face. Just look into your eyes and tell you how good it is to be here. Just to touch somethin'.

  • Peter Falk : There's so many good things.

  • Peter Falk : [inner voice]  Tokyo, Kyoto. Paris. London. Trieste. - - Berlin.

  • Peter Falk : So, what is it? Hitler had a double?

    Boy : Ya, ya.

    Peter Falk : There were two Hitlers?

    Boy : Yeah.

    Peter Falk : Two Hitlers?

    Boy : Hitler came from the Innsbourne and he died before he could land at his home in the Alps.

    Peter Falk : And Goebbels got an actor to be Hitler?

    Boy : Ya, because he doesn't want that anybody knows.

    Peter Falk : So, this, let me ask you something. This story, to me, it's not too plausible.

  • Peter Falk : [inner voice]  I don't even understand this character. It's amazing how little I know about this part. Maybe we'll discover it during the shoot. Well, I'll get a good costume and that's half the battle.

  • Peter Falk : [inner voice]  Berlin. Emil Jannings. Kennedy. Von Stauffenberg. Helluva guy. That wasn't in Berlin. What difference does it make. It happened.

  • Peter Falk : [Inner voice]  "If I didn't have it, I'd miss it," said the General to the whore.

  • Peter Falk : [inner voice]  Interesting drawing problem. This man has eyes like a raccoon; but, he has a good hat.

  • Peter Falk : [inner voice]  I have to buy gifts for my children. Maybe picture frames. Am I a better actor now than I used to be?

  • Damiel : Hey, wait! You wanted to tell me more. I want to know. Everything!

    Peter Falk : You need to figure that out for yourself. That's the fun of it.

  • Marion : Lieutenant, I bet you must know how to find people.

    Peter Falk : Well, I know how to look for 'em. I don't always find them. You're looking for somebody?

    Marion : I don't know. I just want to find someone.

    Peter Falk : Yeah, who? A boy? A girl? A man? A woman? A man. Yes. Well, do you know his name? No. You know where he lives? No.

    Marion : I know nothing.

    Peter Falk : Nothing, huh. Well, this is a tough case.

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