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Love is blindness. Psychological portrait of a man and a woman, both yearning for love from people who instead give them the cold shoulder.
imseeg11 February 2019
The story in short: After a quarrel Catherine Deneuve gets dumped by her lover at a parking lot next to the freeway. Gerard Depardieu happens to be there with car trouble and he is instantly smitten with her. Will love blossom between the two or will they both learn to hate each other? What I particularly like about this movie is the quarreling. It is basically one contineous story of attraction and rejection, between a man and a woman. Both yearn for love, but try to get it from someone who couldnt care less for them. This doesnt stop them from trying. Love makes blind, that idea.

It is not a riveting drama. Not at all. It's a slowburning melancholic movie about 2 people desperatedly failing in love. But it is portrayed in such a detailed and interesting way that I found it a fascinating movie, which I have watched several times already over the last several decades. And it still stands strong.

But be warned, it is a very slowburning character portrait. No big thrills, no action, no sentimental feel good romantic scenes to be experienced. Not even great photography. None of that. Quite bleak, unnerving portrait of 2 people annoying eachother with their emotional problems. A bit dark at some, and a bit comical at other moments. Best suited for fans of Deneuve and Depardieu. Anyone not familiar with these 2 legendary French actors can be assured that one wont easily find any better acting performances.
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