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  • Freaky Fairy Tales (OT: Deadtime Stories) had already been censored in the US in order to achieve a R-Rating. This version was then exported to other countries, e.g. the NL VHS and the Japanese LD contain the same cut. The movie has the legal status of Public Domain in the US and can be watched and dowloaded legally at Unfortunately, this version equals the R-Rated edit. The same applies to all US home cinema releases, the two DVDs by Mill Creek Entertainment (50 Chilling Classics) and Image Entertainment were checked and the VHS release is most probably cut as well. In the UK, the movie was released as Freaky Fairy Tales on VHS (BBFC 18). This can be easily seen from the alternative footage used for a typical American censorship reason: nudity. Unfortunately, the UK Version was cut at some other points and is, all in all, altered more than the R-Rated. Edit



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