The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1987) Poster

Bob Dermer: Grumpy Bear



  • Grumpy Bear : [rapping]  Now, hold your tishie-tags, it's time I spoke. / Can't remember when I ate last! / I've been starving since we started, and that's no joke. / Man, I was fading fast!

    Tenderheart Bear : But Grumpy...

    Grumpy Bear : [rapping]  Now, don't you dare say nothing, just leave me alone / with my tummy and my yummy treats / where I'm filling up my belly with ice cream and jelly / and I'm topping it with pickled beats!

    Brave Heart Lion : Pickled beats?

    Grumpy Bear : [rapping]  Uh-huh! / Topping it with pickled beats! Oh, yeah! / Topping it with pickled beats!

    Cheshire Cat : Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

    Grumpy Bear : Oh, what now?

    Cheshire Cat : [rapping]  Yo, Grumpy Bear, I gotta hand it to you. / You're talking like my main man! / I love your ton, and it's been fun / working with the Care Bear clan! / You helped Alice, and the princess, and the Queen of Hearts, / and you did right for my man, Stan! / You put the wizard in his place, and now everything's safe. / Everything in Wonderland. / I stopped by to see you cats and bears / and say thanks to you for me. / But I'll say see ya 'round after I chow down / with the Care Bear family. / Have a spread with the Care Bear family. / A few munchies with the Care Bear family. / Uh-huh! I am so hungry. I can't wait to eat with the Care Bear family. That's right. The Care Bear family. Uh-huh.

    Brave Heart Lion : Pickled beats? Ohh...

  • Good Luck Bear : If I were you, I'd choose path number 1, but if you were me, you'd choose path number 2.

    Brave Heart Lion : Alright! Path number 2!

    Good Luck Bear : Hold it. You're not me, and I'm not you.

    Brave Heart Lion : Path number 1?

    Good Luck Bear : Precisely. After you, my dear Brave Heart.

    Brave Heart Lion : Let's go!

    Swift Heart Rabbit : The Mad Hatter's hat will get us there yet?

    Grumpy Bear : Or drive us crazy on the way.

  • Brave Heart Lion : I have a feeling the Jabberwalkie is some kind of giant.

    Grumpy Bear : And what makes you say that?

    Brave Heart Lion : I sometimes get these hunches.

  • Grumpy Bear : Brave Heart?

    Brave Heart Lion : Not now, Grumpy. Can't your stomach keep quiet?

    Grumpy Bear : But Brave Heart, I think your giant hunch is right.

    Brave Heart Lion : You do? How come?

    Grumpy Bear : Because that's not my stomach!

  • Grumpy Bear : [flies past the princess]  Pleased to meet you, I'll be right back!

  • Grumpy Bear : [half-awake, sees the White Rabbit in the mirror]  Boy, do I look rough this morning.

  • Grumpy Bear : Who are you, and what do you want?

    White Rabbit : I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!

    Grumpy Bear : Come back here, Mr. Late!

  • Grumpy Bear : Wow. This place is beautiful.

    Swift Heart Rabbit : This place is wonderful.

    White Rabbit : This place is Wonderland.

  • White Rabbit : Now that the Wizard knows that we're coming, he'll stop at nothing to stop us from stopping him from becoming king!

    Grumpy Bear : In other words?

    White Rabbit : Alice is in deep trouble!

  • Stan : That feels wonderful! Thank you so very much.

    Grumpy Bear : Oh, you're very welcome, Mr. Jabberwalkie.

    Stan : Call me Stan. It's much easier to say.

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