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1 Jan. 1993
Malcolm wakes up to the possibility that it's all been a dream, Pamela and David are too busy arguing to notice a bit of devilment, and Lucinda makes it clear that she wants to sell the house as soon as possible.
21 Feb. 1993
Pamela insists that she needs more help around the house, Malcolm struggles to find business to get the workshop ticking over again, and David gets himself into trouble when he decides to invests in a boat.
28 Feb. 1993
David reluctantly agrees to find Pamela a nanny, Malcolm's mother tries to explain why moving over the water would be a mistake, and Joyce does her best to get rid of at least one of the people in her house.
7 Mar. 1993
David finds himself falling at the first question during an interview, Malcolm struggles to deal with his mother interfering with his affairs, and Brenda starts to feel like she's nothing more than a spare part.
14 Mar. 1993
Pamela tries to advise her sister about how to move things along, Malcolm suggests a day out so he can ask an important question, and Brenda reluctantly hands over a letter from Lucinda's solicitor.
21 Mar. 1993
Wandering One
Brenda gets the chance of a free holiday in Israel with her sister, Malcolm's mother puts a stop to suspicious activity at the workshop, and Joyce insists on playing naughty games while keeping an eye on David.
28 Mar. 1993
Wandering Too
Pamela's outrageous flirting with another man gets her into trouble, Malcolm's solicitor informs him of an assault compensation claim, and a barman steps in to stop Brenda getting into trouble with Terry.
4 Apr. 1993
Brenda's finds herself summoned to meet with the enemy on her hen night, Malcolm makes the mistake of choosing Terry to be his best man, and a hitch with the divorce papers poses a threat to the big day.

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