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3 Jan. 1992
Malcolm finds himself confronting a determined cleaner with a fish slice, Pamela and David need help after moving into their new house, and Brenda tries everything to make a new admirer run the other way.
10 Jan. 1992
Malcolm starts to get fed up with the demands of married life, Lucinda agrees to make more effort with her husband's interests, and Brenda finds herself sitting on the other side of the fence at the marshes.
17 Jan. 1992
Pamela insists that Jonathan use the house for a doctors' residency party, Joyce makes a nuisance of herself when Gerald runs away from home, and Brenda and Malcolm seek refuge in the Grapes.
24 Jan. 1992
Lucinda finds herself being questioned about a series of strange calls, Pamela and David make plans for Zelda's christening, and Brenda and Malcolm try not to be spotted when they innocently accidentally meet.
31 Jan. 1992
Malcolm's mother wants words about what Lucinda's been up to at night, Pamela tries to sort out who wants what from the christening photos, and Brenda decides that it's time to decide one way or the other.
7 Feb. 1992
Malcolm struggles to come to terms with the idea of being a father, Brenda's furious when she spots a giant bustard lurking in the countryside, and Lucinda holds off on making her big announcement.

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