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Season 2

19 Feb. 1988
Whilst Malcolm and Brenda are returning from Bird Watching Brenda gets soaking wet. Madge has to wash all Brenda's clothes. The rest of the cast are all talking about redundancy or job changes.
26 Feb. 1988
Pamela gets even more depressed about her situation at work, Terry finds himself roped into an effort to get her back out into circulation, and Brenda isn't happy when she spots Malcolm talking to another woman.
4 Mar. 1988
Pamela's delighted when she receives flowers from the new man in her life, Malcolm tries to make the most of his mother going away for the weekend, and Brenda refuses to accept a last minute change of plans.
11 Mar. 1988
Visiting II
Malcolm decides to move out when his mother interferes yet again, Brenda struggles to get her hands on anything to fill her stomach, and David offers information about the enterprise allowance scheme.
18 Mar. 1988
Auntie Peggy petitions against the demolition of a disused church, Malcolm has problems at work when some of his receipts go missing, and Brenda has a go at Pamela for trying to set her up with Terry.
25 Mar. 1988
Pamela returns from spending the weekend in London with David, Malcolm panics after nearly inviting the wrong person out to dinner, and Brenda doesn't take kindly to being treated like riff-raff on her birthday.
1 Apr. 1988
Malcolm has some explaining to do when he's seen out with Susan, Pamela starts thinking about finding somewhere with a bit more space, and Brenda has a decision to make when David finds her a job in a shop.

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