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Your mission: To stay away from TV series starring George Hamilton.
Victor Field24 August 2003
Way back in 1969, George Hamilton starred in one of that year's biggest TV flops, "The Survivors." His bad luck with TV continued into the late '90s, with his stint on "Jenny" (ugh) and his doing a show for Granada Men And Motors, thereby answering the question "What do George Hamilton, Jordan, Vanilla Ice and Kelly Brook have in common?"

"Spies," like his other endeavours, didn't bother us long - no one could believe Hamilton ever was or ever could be a superspy; full of smarm but empty of real style, his supposedly humourous co-star wasn't up to the task either. It was a stodgy, dire affair, which can be summed up by my finding comments about "She Spies" while searching for this. Frankly, I wish I was able to talk about that, but it's not on UK TV. (Yet.)
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How bad is George Hamilton?
hollywoodjim12 July 2007
He's awful, that's how bad. This is partially a response to the previous solitary comment.

I have an episode of a 1984 George Hamilton sitcom that is so bad it isn't even listed on IMDb OR TV.com. It's the pilot (and possibly only) episode of something called "Poor Richard" and he was the star of a minimal cast.

The show has a "Beverly Hillbillies" storyline. George Hamilton plays a millionaire Beverly Hills mansion dweller that falls on hard times (remember the early 80's economy?) and has to sell his mansion to a newly rich farmer from Iowa (Geoffrey Lewis) who has invented a new pig feed supplement. An invention that makes him rich, rich enough to move to Beverly Hills, buy the mansion and make George Hamilton his butler. Yes, his butler. A pretty and young Alley Mills plays the cook. That's it for the cast, TIGHT!

A half hour sitcom with nary a chortle. Unintentionally unfunny front to back.

This show most likely didn't have a second airing, it was that bad, but how come no listing of it anywhere?
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