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Season 1

Weather the Storm
A personal storm cloud follows Dino. It's raining, it's snowing, it's hailing--but only on him.
All My Martys
Marty falls asleep on a copy machine. Just then, Jared has a power surge in the laboratory. The mansion is now an alternate universe of Marty clones. Russell Johnson, the Professor from "Gilligan's Island" stops by to help the guys.
Test Tube Tube
Dino inhales vapors from test tubes that create TV sitcom characters and turns into June Farnsworth. A surprise awaits him in the lab as the boys try to deal with the sitcom mom version of Dino.
Minister Bob
Jared's uncle Bob becomes an evangelical minister. Visiting sumo wrestlers develop a singing act and help the guys restore order at home.
Ruff Day
Jared tries a brain experiment with a dog and gets his wires crossed. Time is running out to get back to the lab and find a way to get up off of all fours.
7 Oct. 1987
Monkees Mail
The Del Rubio Triplets pop from New Monkees mail. Rocky Schenck Music video "I Don't Know" an underwater mermaid fantasy. Stiv Hernjak as Konstantinos Kovas. Edie Robinette-Petrachi choreographs scarf dance. Dino's Kitchen. Directed by Victor Fresco.
King of Space and Time
Jared is caught in a TV universe where he meets the girl of his dreams. They have to find a remote control to click their way back to reality before they are trapped forever.
Meet the Pope
Join the guys in an adventure in downtown LA when Pope John Paul II and his Pope Mobile create chaos. Boxer Boom-Boom Mancini helps the boys.
Helen Goes Shopping
Helen binges on TV shopping and the guys plan an intervention of global proportions to unplug her mad spending. Marty performs his song, "Affection" unplugged in a warehouse in this popular music video.
The Game of Games
The New Monkees play a madcap game show to win grand prizes. Walter Williams of SNL's "Mr Bill" writes a sketch "Trendys". SInger Edie Robinette-Petrachi writes and sings the song and a Jazz piece. How far will the New Monkees go to win?
My Three Sons
The New Monkees Season Finale is full of New Monkee humor and music. Check out this cap to a wild '80's TV show season with the guys.

 Season 1 

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