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Sex & Nudity

  • Bonnie and a stranger boy kiss passionately. The boy then violently rapes her at gunpoint.
  • Probably just for fun, a bad woman named Kay briefly lifts up the towel of another woman. Nothing explicit here.
  • Several women are nude as they're showering. Breasts and buttocks can be seen.
  • When Kay is approaching Bonnie, the latter one's public hair can be seen.
  • When Laurie is seeing the body of her dead sister Bonnie, breasts of the corpse can clearly be seen in close up.
  • In some of the scenes set inside a women's prison, pictures of semi- or fully nude people (particularly women) can be seen hanging on various walls.
  • Two people (Kay and Gino) have sex on bed. Only their upper bodies and thrusting movements can be seen. A side view of her left breast seen.
  • When some of the female prisoners are flirting with a male guard, the guard uses his object to stroke in-between one of the women's breasts. No nudity, as they're fully clothed.
  • Two nude people are seen lying on their bed. It is implied they may have had sex.
  • A woman is topless as she's getting massaged by another woman. Only her back can be seen, since she's lying with her chest down.
  • A woman is about to undress, until another woman is about to approach her.
  • A woman (Sylvia) manages to let a male guard (Steve) into her prison cell. Both of them kiss, and it is implied they'll be making love or eventually have sex. He unbuttons her shirt and puts his hands on her bare breasts, seen only from the side so not much seen.
  • During a concert, a woman takes off most of her clothes, until she becomes very scantily clad. Once, she opens up her top, revealing her breasts.

Violence & Gore

  • A scene in which a woman is being burned by fake aliens is being staged.
  • A boy threatens to shoot the woman he rapes.
  • A gunshot is heard. It is revealed a woman has shot and killed the boy who's been raping her.
  • A woman punches another woman, who then slaps her.
  • A woman is brutally attacked by a gang of bad women, and beaten up multiple times until she almost becomes unconscious. She is given a shot of heroin, and then dropped down several floors to her off-screen death.
  • When a main female character is seeing the body of her dead sister, the mark as the result of the above mentioned attack and punching can be seen in close up.
  • A woman drives recklessly like a drunkard and almost crashes on several cars and people. She uses an object to throw through the window of a shop. A car chase follows, until a car crashes with another car and flips several metres forward, but the woman in the car is okay but arrested.
  • When Laurie is set to work for the first time in prison, a couple of women can briefly be seen attacking and punching another woman in background.
  • Two women are attacked by a group of bad female inmates. One of them is locked inside a room, while the other has her hand crushed by a spiked kitchen object, causing her to scream in pain, and some blood to be seen coming through a kitchen towel.
  • Some women fight each other, while several other watch in excitement. One of them hits another one with a blunt training object, and attempts to crush her face with it until Laurie stops her and threatens to break her arm.
  • During the last third part of the movie, there are multiple scenes of women fighting each other.
  • A woman lets a car fall upon another woman who's working under it The latter woman doesn't die.
  • Several women fight each other at a training room. Punching, kicking and rolling involved.
  • A woman and a man fight each other, until the man is kicked in the crotch and eventually dies.
  • Multiple women begin to fight, and thus a great brawl breaks out. One of them is stabbed with a syringe and dies slowly. Lots of stuff get destroyed. Until everybody at the place are gassed down.


  • Words typical for any R-rated movies are uttered by various characters, including: "bullshit", "bitch", "Jesus", "ass(hole)", "stupid", "scum", "shit", "hell", "bastard", "nigger" and "f**k".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In some scenes, some people are seen consuming alcoholic drinks, such as beer.
  • While Bonnie is being assaulted by several other women, she is given a heroin overdose.
  • Several scenes involving characters smoking cigarettes.
  • Laurie intentionally drives drunk. After she's getting arrested, she is seen holding a bottle.
  • A man gives a woman a couple of small bags of heroin.
  • In some of the scenes set inside a women's prison, some of the female inmates are seen possessing heroin.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Although the violence isn't particularly graphic, some of these scenes are quite intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman is kicked down from a construction after a fight and dies.
  • A woman is kicked down into a swimming pool and dies.
  • A woman is almost choked to death. She attempts to attack another woman with a broken broomstick, but her head gets slammed into a wall, causing an immediate death. Blood is seen running from the wall and on the shower floor along with water.
  • Two women fight, until one of them falls down some stairs and dies.
  • A woman steps on the throat of another woman in an attempt to choke her to death. This is followed by a long foot chase and an attempted killing with a car. One of the women hits her head on a large object and falls down on the floor, with blood on her head. She rises up with an intention to kill the another woman with a wrench, but is shot in the chest and killed by a female guard.

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