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  • No. The dead body "Nubbins" that Chop Top carries around with him is the dead Hitchhiker from the first film, stitched back together and kept around as a "souvenir." Chop Top was in Vietnam during the events in the first film; he was wounded in combat, received the metal plate in his head, and received an honorable discharge from the armed forces with a pension that he used to finance the Last Roundup barbecue business we see in this film. Chop Top explains this in one of the deleted scenes. Nubbins being the "Hitchhiker " is also confirmed in the same deleted scene when Chop Top is speaking as Nubbins, and Drayton tells Chop Top to shut his brother up. Also in some of the clearer screenshots of Nubbins, the Hitchhiker's birthmark is easily visible on the face of Nubbins. Chop Top in fact does have a similar birthmark, but the exception is that Chop Top's mark is on the left-side of his face. "Nubbins" the Hitchhiker has his birthmark on his right-side. Edit

  • Despite having serious problems with authorities in several countries the movie got released in its Unrated Version. Nonetheless deleted scenes and a Workprint exist that features extended footage like the infamous underground parking lot scene. Edit



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