Solarbabies (1986) Poster


Claude Brooks: Rabbit



  • Tutor Nover : [commenting on a propaganda-film in the Orphanage-classroom]  They called themselves Eco-warriors, "Eco" being taken from... what? Rabbit?

    Rabbit : Hey, if they took it, they should give it back.

  • Jason : [having found Bodhi in "Tiretown"]  ... No! I said, FORGET GOING BACK.

    Rabbit : So what, are we gonna stay HERE?

    Tug : Please, not in Tiretown. I'd rather go back to the desert.

    Metron : And die of thirst?

    Terra : There's GOTTA be another place to go.

    Metron : Well, until YOU'RE ready to SHOW us...

    Daniel : I think we should make our own place to live.

    Metron : Make it out of WHAT, Daniel? Look, even with Bodhi, where would we start? And when would we finish?

    Terra : Metron, if your future lies with the Protectorate, you should have stayed at the Orphanage!

    [She storms off] 

  • Jason : [after Darstar has stolen Bodhi, and Daniel has gone after them alone]  ... Blowing this Orphanage won't be like sneaking off to the Arena. It's not gonna be 20 meters in a ditch for this one, if we get caught; it's gonna mean a Mainstream Labor Site for us.

    Metron : Yeah, or maybe worse.

    Rabbit : What could be worse than THAT?

    Metron : Try SURGICAL ALTERATION. Ever heard of it?

    Terra : They've conditioned us here to be so afraid. There's gotta be a place to go. *We were not born here.* We had parents on the outside, families who might still be alive. Maybe we could find them.

    Tug : It sounds like, if we go, we're not coming back.

    Jason : That's exactly right.

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