Gung Ho (1986) Poster


Sô Yamamura: Mr. Sakamoto



  • Hunt Stevenson : If you walk out that door, you're going to miss a great comeback. We're ready to roll here, Jack.

    Mr. Sakamoto : This will never be like a Japanese factory... *Jack.*

    Hunt Stevenson : Oh, yeah? You're right. You know what else? So what?

    Mr. Sakamoto : You failed.

    Hunt Stevenson : Really? Wanna know something? I got one of the first cars ever made here. I got *the* first car ever - I don't think I want it anymore. As a matter of fact, here

    [hands keys to Mr. Sakamoto] 

    Hunt Stevenson : . Why don't you take the keys, ok? I'd rather have one of those cars

    [points to cars in assembly line] 

    Hunt Stevenson : . I'd rather have one of these cars that *we* made *together,* by hand. Your guys and my guys, together. You know why? Because those cars stand for something. Those cars stand for something pretty great. I'm proud of those cars. I'm taking one.

    [Turns to workers] 

    Hunt Stevenson : Gentlemen, I'm going home in my new car!

    Hunt Stevenson : [All workers cheer and applaud, then silently pray that Hunt's new car has a working engine. Hunt starts the car, and the workers cheer. However, the car literally falls apart after about 2 yards, and the workers start to moan. Hunter gets out of the car]  I tell ya, I thought it handled great!

  • Mr. Sakamoto : [to Hunt]  I like you. You make me laugh.

  • Mr. Sakamoto : Everything is all right here?

    Kazihiro : Yes. Fine. Great. Have a good trip back.

    Mr. Sakamoto : I will visit the factory tomorrow.

    Kazihiro : Uh, tomorrow not good day.

    Mr. Sakamoto : Why?

    Kazihiro : Factory is locked and we can't find key.

    Saito : Bullshit-o!

  • Mr. Sakamoto : [hands a janitor's mop to Saito, the naysayer executive, effectively demoting Saito from VP to janitor] 

    Mr. Sakamoto : Good luck in your new career.

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