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Mimi Rogers: Audrey



  • Kazihiro : In Japan, when production lags, worker stays longer in factory.

    Hunt Stevenson : Okay, overtime. We can talk about overtime. I understand it now.

    Kazihiro : They do not do it for pay. They do it for company.

    Hunt Stevenson : Yeah, but that's there, this is here.

    Audrey : Gentlemen, this is an American factory. They're never gonna go for that.

    Kazihiro : Is that how you feel, Hunt, that they'll never go for it?

    Hunt Stevenson : [pauses]  Well, I'll tell you something. There's one guy who can get them to go for it, and you're looking at him.

    Kazihiro : You can change workers' attitude?

    Hunt Stevenson : If I can't, nobody can't.

    Audrey : Nobody can.

    Hunt Stevenson : Hey, would you shut up?

    [Audrey leaves in disgust] 

    Hunt Stevenson : God... damn.

    [Hunt briefly pauses] 

    Hunt Stevenson : Okay, you guys have a problem, right? I'm the answer man. I can work this out and make everybody happy. I always have. Come on, you gotta give me a shot here.

    [Long pause by the Japanese executives] 

    Kazihiro : All right. We make no more changes for now.

    Hunt Stevenson : There you go. Huh-huh, yeah.

    [Hunt and Kaz toast each other] 

  • Hunt Stevenson : [driving back from a meeting with Hunt's Japanese bosses]  Want to get some ice cream? Haagen Daaz!

    Audrey : Eat shit and die.

    Hunt Stevenson : [pauses]  Are you having your period?

    Audrey : Stop the car!

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