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‘The Mask’ at 25: Why the Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz Hit Was the ‘Deadpool’ of Its Time

  • Variety
When Jerry Evans was hired to choreograph the blockbuster superhero comedy “The Mask,” which celebrates its 25th anniversary Monday, he was surprised when director Chuck Russell informed him he was secretly making a musical.

“I said, ‘Secretly?” recalled Evans, adding that Russell admitted that “I haven’t told anybody other than you and my producer. We’ll just tell everybody when it’s time, I guess.’ He had a plan. I said ‘Sounds good to me. I love it.”’

And so did audiences and critics in the summer of 1994.

Variety‘s review called the showcase for Jim Carrey’s talents “adroitly directed, viscerally and visually dynamic and just plain fun.”

Based on the popular Dark Horse comic book series of the same name, “The Mask” turned Carrey into a superstar as the sweet, nebbish, cartoon-loving loan officer Stanley Ipkiss who turns into a green-faced human cartoon when he dons a magical mask he found.
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Heathers Soundtrack Is Getting Neon Green Vinyl Treatment This Summer

Heathers Soundtrack Is Getting Neon Green Vinyl Treatment This Summer
Back by popular demand for its 30th anniversary, the original soundtrack to Heathers from director Michael Lehmann with music by composer, David Newman, is being re-released on "very" neon green vinyl. The LP soundtrack will be available starting August 23rd, 2019.

A cult-classic in the truest sense of the term, (it grossed only 1 million at the box office), Heathers stars a 15-year-old Winona Ryder, who is currently enjoying a notable return of her own on the immensely popular Stranger Things series. Ryder's agent at the time famously begged on her knees for Ryder to pass on the role. The dark comedy which pits a powerful high school clique against a murderous sociopath also features Christian Slater in one of his first major roles and a pre-Beverly Hills 90210, Shannen Doherty.

Discovered by legions of fans on cable TV and video rental stores, the success of Heathers took a decidedly unexpected turn as
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'Avengers: Endgame' Comes Home: Watch Exclusive Featurette

  • Fandango
You can now pre-order Avengers: Endgame on FandangoNow right here, and you can own one of the biggest films of all-time beginning July 30. Long before he became known as Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. established himself as a distinguished actor and presence in Hollywood through a series of roles that may surprise those who only know him as Iron Man. (Yes, that's him in Weird Science, Back to School, Less Than Zero, Chaplin and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, among a number of other memorable...

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Amazon Prime Video schedule: Here’s what is coming and leaving in July 2019

Amazon Prime Video has confirmed that five original shows will be debuting new episodes on the streaming service in July including the fourth season of the docuseries “All or Nothing,” which chronicles the 2018 season for the Carolina Panthers led by star quarterback Cam Newton and the first season of “The Boy,” a superhero drama based on the comic book of the same name.

There will also be one new movie this month: Mike Leigh‘s acclaimed historical drama “Peterloo,” about the massacre of protesters by the British cavalry in 1819. Likewise, there will be plenty of films making their first appearances on Amazon Prime Video in July including five from the “Star Trek” franchise and several entries in the “Dumb and Dumber” series.

Below is the full schedule of everything that is coming to Amazon Prime Video in July 2019. Unlike Netflix, Amazon does not disclose the shows and movies leaving the service in any given month.
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MGM is adapting Rodney Dangerfield's Back to School as an unscripted series

  • JoBlo
Comedian Rodney Dangerfield famously joked that he didn’t get any respect, and given MGM’s idea for a new unscripted docu-series based on his movie Back To School, we certainly see what he meant. Variety got the scoop about the series is inspired by the 1986 comedy from Dangerfield in which he stars as Thorton Melon, a millionaire who enrolls himself in the same…
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Rodney Dangerfield’s ‘Back to School’ is Getting Turned into a Reality TV Show

Rodney Dangerfield’s ‘Back to School’ is Getting Turned into a Reality TV Show
If you thought Rodney Dangerfield didn’t get any respect before, just wait until you hear how MGM is using one of the comedian’s classic movies for a television series. Back to School is a 1986 comedy following the comedian as a millionaire who enrolls in college with his son in order to keep him from […]

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Rodney Dangerfield’s ‘Back to School’ Inspires Unscripted Series From MGM

  • The Wrap
MGM Television is developing an unscripted series inspired by the Rodney Dangerfield movie “Back to School,” the company announced on Monday.

Inspired by the ’80s comedy starring Dangerfield and Keith Gordon, the docuseries features parents who surprise their kids by enrolling in college alongside them. According to MGM, the untitled series “will allow parents who missed out on their own college years to experience everything university life has to offer, including sharing a classroom with their kids — who may be less than thrilled by the idea.”

“I am so excited to take the premise of one of my favorite films into the unscripted world,” said MGM’s Barry Pznick, president of unscripted television. “Rodney was a comedic genius and his spirit is very much in the DNA of our show’s approach to a dual fish-out-of-water comedic format for audiences to experience along with our parents and kids. I love
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MGM to Adapt Rodney Dangerfield Comedy ‘Back to School’ as Unscripted Series (Exclusive)

  • Variety
MGM to Adapt Rodney Dangerfield Comedy ‘Back to School’ as Unscripted Series (Exclusive)
Rodney Dangerfield may finally be getting some respect in the halls of higher education.

MGM Television is developing a docu-series inspired by the 1986 Dangerfield film “Back to School,” in which the comedian’s character, millionaire Thorton Melon, enrolls in college with his son to keep him from dropping out. In typical Dangerfield fashion, he triggers a series of comedic mishaps on campus. The movie, well-loved among Dangerfield fans, also features a young Robert Downey Jr. and cameos from Oingo Boingo and Kurt Vonnegut.

The docu-series will follow college students with their surprise new classmates — their parents. Both children and parents will experience “the best years of your life” together, but at vastly different ages. Surely, some awkward situations will come. Geriatric beer pong? Mismatched dorm mates? Fraternity brothers with your Dad? Sorority sisters with your Mom?

“I am so excited to take the premise of one of my favorite films into the unscripted world,
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The 15 Best Movie Cameos Ever — IndieWire Critics Survey

Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of film critics two questions and publishes the results on Monday.

“Always Be My Baby” is now streaming on Netflix, and some of the excitement around the film has centered on a (very funny) cameo by Keanu Reeves as the very aggressive new boyfriend of Ali Wong’s character.

But cameos are not, of course, a new invention of the streaming age. On the contrary, the cameo is an ancient art that stretches all the way back to the time Kurt Vonnegut wrote a bad essay about his own work in “Back to School,” and possibly even before that!

With that in mind, we asked our panel of critics to name their favorite movie cameos ever. Check out their choices below:

Ken Bakely (@kbake_99), Freelance for Film Pulse

I’ve recently been oddly fascinated by Huey Lewis’s brief cameo in “Back to the Future,
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Danny Elfman's Pee-wee's Big Adventure, Back to School Soundtrack Is Back on Vinyl

The beloved score to the classic 80's film is back after a limited release last year. This LP is pressed on red vinyl and includes not only the score to Pee-wee's Big Adventure on side A, but is also accompanied by a bonus program of Danny Elfman's score to Back to School on side B.

In 1985, Tim Burton and Paul Reubens invited Elfman to write the score for their first feature film, Pee-wee's Big Adventure. This is Elfman's first score for film, kicking off his award-winning career. For Pee-wee's Big Adventure he turned to Oingo Boingo guitarist and arranger Steve Bartek for orchestration assistance. With this iconic score Elfman achieved his goal of emulating the mood of such composers as Nino Rota and Bernard Hermann. Pee-wee's Big Adventure is one of those scores that defines the lexicon of 80s movies.

Danny Elfman is an American composer, singer, songwriter, and record producer.
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Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer in Talks for Netflix’s ‘Thunder Force’

  • Variety
Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer in Talks for Netflix’s ‘Thunder Force’
Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy are in negotiations to star as women who obtain superpowers in Netflix’s “Thunder Force.”

The film will be written and directed by McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone. “Thunder Force” will be produced by Marc Platt, Falcone and McCarthy. Plot details are under wraps.

Spencer was an executive producer on best picture winner “Green Book” and has been Oscar-nominated for “The Shape of Water” and “Hidden Figures” after winning for “The Help.” McCarthy has Oscar nominations for “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” and “Bridesmaids.”

Warner Bros. will release McCarthy’s action-comedy “Superintelligence” on Dec. 20. McCarthy stars in the New Line film directed by Falcone. The movie was set up with McCarthy and Falcone as producers through their On the Day production company.

The couple has already teamed up on a trio of comedies with “Tammy” (2014), “The Boss” (2016), and 2018’s “Life of the Party,” based on
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Michael Gray Dies: Universal Marketing Executive Was 87

  • Deadline
Michael Gray Dies: Universal Marketing Executive Was 87
Michael Gray, a Hollywood marketing executive which introduced the electronic press kit to the industry, died Monday at his home in Baltimore. He was 87.

His daughter Madeleine Gray confirmed his death on Facebook, saying that he died in his sleep following complications of a hip fracture sustained in January. “We are relieved he did not have to suffer in his greatly-reduced cognitive and physical condition — the things he most dreaded about aging — for too long,” she wrote on Facebook.

Gray graduated from New York University and worked in newspapers before transitioning to the world of publicity. He was the manager at Columbia Pictures’ TV division Screen Gems While there, he introduced Naked City, Route 66 and The Flintstones to the fold. His experience would bring him to Rogers & Cowan where he would take on the role of director of its New York television department.

By 1967 he made the move to United Artists
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Michael A. Gray, Veteran Hollywood Marketing Executive, Dies at 87

Michael A. Gray, Veteran Hollywood Marketing Executive, Dies at 87
Michael A. Gray, a former Hollywood marketing executive who produced electronic press kits for such movies as Moonstruck, The Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia, has died. He was 87.

Gray died Monday in Baltimore, his friend and former Universal Studios Hollywood marketing exec Neal Lemlein told The Hollywood Reporter.

Commissioned by Universal Pictures in 1984 to design a brochure for a new television publicity concept, Gray dubbed it "the electronic press kit," Lemlein noted, and the term would become part of the industry's lexicon.

Two years later, Gray produced his first Epk, for the Rodney Dangerfield comedy Back to School ...
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‘Superstore’: Intelligent Discourse on Sexual Harassment in a Network TV Rom-Com? Yup, and It’s Funny

‘Superstore’: Intelligent Discourse on Sexual Harassment in a Network TV Rom-Com? Yup, and It’s Funny
[Editor’s Note: The following article contains spoilers for “Superstore” through the Season 4 premiere, “Back to School.”]

When Sam and Diane started their decade-long flirtation on “Cheers,” no one noted their status as employer and employee. The same was true for NBC’s next generation of canoodling coworkers, Jim and Pam on “The Office.” But in 2018, a “love trumps all” argument doesn’t fly, and the savvy minds behind “Superstore” know it.

The long-running platonic pair played by Ben Feldman and America Ferrara finally shared more than a kiss at the end of Season 3, when their backroom hook-up was live-streamed to the big box store’s TVs and beyond. In the Season 4 premiere, the most pertinent question on fans’ minds is, “Are Jonah and Amy together?” Creator Justin Spitzer and episode writer Jonathan Green provide an answer — two, really — but also seize the opportunity to focus on what constitutes consent, double standards about sex, and why the employees were disciplined for getting together at all.
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‘Night School’ Review: Dir. Malcolm D. Lee (2018)

Night School review: The new Kevin Hart movie has potential, but needs to assert itself, so says Luke Ryan Baldock.

Night School review

There’s something inherently funny in adults returning to school. Of course, many education systems around the world are a joke in the first place (Oh snap!), but that fish out of water scenario is just ripe for reeling in. Whether it’s Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School, Adam Sandler in Billy Madison or even Homer Simpson facing off against a crusty old dean, reluctant underachieving men sharing their life experiences with others is smile-inducing. Now it’s the turn of Kevin Hart, cinemas current comedic cut out. He’s done a spy comedy, a cop comedy, a prison comedy, and a wedding comedy. What’s interesting about Hart is that he can play the alpha or omega male without changing his act too much. In
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11 Best Back-to-School Movies, From ‘Animal House’ to ‘Mean Girls’ (Photos)

11 Best Back-to-School Movies, From ‘Animal House’ to ‘Mean Girls’ (Photos)
There are hundreds of movies about going to school and growing up, but only a handful specifically capture the feeling of summer ending, entering into a new grade, meeting new people and starting fresh. Yes, it’s the waning weeks of August, and that means it’s time for back-to-school shopping, new school butterflies and making the most of the last few days you’ll get outdoors. And though you won’t find teen classics like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “The Breakfast Club” or others on this list, you will find some great movies meant to get you into the back-to-school spirit.

Everybody Wants Some!!” (2016)

While Richard Linklater’s “Dazed and Confused” is set on the last day of school, his spiritual sequel “Everybody Wants Some!!” is set in the few days before classes begin. In 1980, a Texas college baseball team lives together in a house ahead of the start of the fall season.
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Class of 88 Interview: Writer/Director Anthony Hickox Takes Us Into His Unforgettable Waxwork

Released on June 17th, 1988 by Vestron Pictures, Anthony Hickox’s Waxwork had a respectable box office showing during its limited theatrical run, but it was on VHS where the horror comedy did gangbusters business as a generation of fans fell in love with its infectious charms. A hilarious love letter to Hammer horror movies and quite possibly the very first self-referential genre movie, Waxwork is a film that was unequivocally a product of its time and yet, somehow managed to also be ahead of its time, firmly cementing Hickox’s directorial debut as one of the best genre offerings to be released during 1988.

While classic Hammer films influenced Hickox’s story and approach to Waxwork, the genesis of the movie’s story came from a notable tourist attraction in the UK that the writer/director had spent some time in during his childhood.

“There was the big Madame Tussaud wax museum in England,
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Christine is Getting a 4K Ultra HD Release this September from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment sends word that John Carpenter's Christine is getting a 4K Ultra HD release this September just in time for the movie's 35th anniversary:

From the Press Release: Culver City, Calif. – The scare factor in John Carpenter’s terrifying classic Christine revs up even higher when it debuts for the first time on next-generation 4K Ultra HD on September 11 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Celebrating its 35th Anniversary, Christine follows a sentient and violent vintage Plymouth Fury and its effect on the car’s new teenage owner. The film stars Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul and Harry Dean Stanton (Alien). In addition, the film will also debut in 4K via participating digital platforms.

Christine is presented in 4K resolution and includes newly-remixed Dolby Atmos audio – perfect for this dynamic and impactful film. 4K Ultra HD features four times the resolution of high definition, high dynamic
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Box Office: Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Life of the Party’ Tops ‘Breaking In’ on Thursday Night

  • Variety
Box Office: Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Life of the Party’ Tops ‘Breaking In’ on Thursday Night
Melissa McCarthy’s comedy “Life of the Party” has launched with a moderate $700,000 at 2,900 North American locations on Thursday night.

Gabrielle Union’s thriller “Breaking In” was close behind, opening with $615,000 at 2,150 sites in previews that began on Thursday at 7 p.m.

The “Life of the Party” preview number is similar to the Amy Schumer-Goldie Hawn comedy “Snatched,” which took in $650,000 on Thursday night and went on to gross $19.5 million in its opening weekend on the same frame a year ago. “Life of the Party,” released by Warner Bros.’ New Line division, is a PG-13 title that’s aimed at getting mothers and daughters to attend during the Mothers Day weekend

The two new entries are expected to finish well behind Disney-Marvel’s powerhouse “Avengers: Infinity War,” which is forecast to earn at least $50 million in its third weekend. As of Wednesday, “Infinity War” has made $479 million domestically and $772 million internationally,
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'Life of the Party' Review: Melissa McCarthy's Back-to-School Comedy's a Buzzkill

'Life of the Party' Review: Melissa McCarthy's Back-to-School Comedy's a Buzzkill
Looking for something fun to take mom to for Mother's Day? Do your Mom (and yourself) a favor and steer clear of Life of the Party. Melissa McCarthy is comedy royalty – it's a scientific fact, look it up – but even the Bridesmaids star can't keep this mom-goes-to-college fluffball from flatlining.

McCarthy plays Deanna, a newly divorced housewife who enrolls at Decatur University to study archaeology. Right from the starting gate, the comedian feels harnessed by a plot that asks us to pity this woman because her jerk husband (Veep's Matt Walsh
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