Back to School (1986) Poster

Adrienne Barbeau: Vanessa


  • Vanessa : I have absolutely NOTHING to wear.

    Thornton Melon : You got SIX closets full of nothing to wear.

    Vanessa : Are you saying I spend too much money?

    Thornton Melon : YOU spend too much money? Nah. A lot of people go to Switzerland to get their watch fixed.

    Vanessa : You have no taste, Thornton.

    Thornton Melon : You're right. I married you, didn't I?

  • Vanessa : You have NO class, Thornton, and I am TIRED of it! I want a divorce.

    Thornton Melon : Divorce. I knew we had something in common.

    Thornton Melon : [reaches in his coat and takes out papers]  Here, sign these.

    Vanessa : [scoffs]  Oh! Oh, I'm afraid it's not gonna be that easy, honey. This is gonna cost you - PLENTY!

    Thornton Melon : [chuckles and takes Polaroids out of his pocket]  Oh, yeah? Vanessa, let's talk about class for a minute, alright? Here's you and Giorgio in the guest room. A little classy, isn't it? Here's you and Giorgio in the rumpus room. Another classy one, huh? Ooh, this one, I can't figure out. There's you, there's Giorgio... What's with the midget over here?

    [Vanessa throws down the divorce papers and storms out] 

    Thornton Melon : Hey, wait! I've got more!

  • Vanessa : You're impossible!

    Thornton Melon : And you're easy.

  • Vanessa : Millicent, you look charming. I love your dress. Don't YOU, Thornton? It's such a LOVELY shade of GREEN.

    Thornton Melon : Yeah, if that dress had pockets, you'd look like a pool table. You should try my Tall & Fat stores. No offense.

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