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Season 2

17 Sep. 1987
A Clockwork Hammer
Sledge is abducted by a former television executive whose brainwashing operation reprograms its victim's minds through unrelenting and unmerciful exposure to television programming.
24 Sep. 1987
Big Nazi on Campus
Sledge and Dori investigate the murder of a history student who was studying Hitler's Third Reich. Suspects include her burly quarterback boyfriend and her kindly, old history professor.
1 Oct. 1987
Play It Again Sledge
When Sledge gets suspended he decides to try being a P.I.
8 Oct. 1987
Wild About Hammer
Hammer and Doreau meet Officer Elizabeth Jenkins after Sledge stops a getaway car. Jenkins takes an unhealthy interest in Hammer and shows up on his doorstep. After she throws herself at him, he rejects her, and she shoots him. The bullet grazes his temple. Jenkins makes Doreau think that she and Sledge spent the night together. The next morning, Sledge arrives at work and is shunned by everyone. Captain Trunk calls him into his office and informs Hammer that Jenkins is filing charges against him for assault and sexual harassment. Hammer says he's innocent but no one ...
15 Oct. 1987
Death of a Few Salesmen
After a used car salesman dies mysteriously on live television, Hammer and Doreau investigate. They discover that there have been a string of used car salesman that have also died, and that they have one common factor, the salesmen were all married to the same woman. Hammer goes undercover as Australian car dealer, "Crocodile Bruce," (a spoof of Crocodile Dundee) in order to catch the killer.
29 Oct. 1987
In a spoof of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, Hammer is assigned to guard Angelica, a mobster's girlfriend, who is scheduled to testify at a trial. They bond over a mutual love of guns and violence. As they are climbing a set of stairs at her favorite spot, a lighthouse, a mystery man grabs her and takes her to the top. Hammer is unable to follow, because he has developed an intense fear of heights. He watches helplessly as Angelica is pushed over the side and falls to her death. Later at a bar, Hammer sees a woman resembling Angelica, and sets out to prove that maybe ...
5 Nov. 1987
Dressed to Call
A new female radio psychologist moves to town and starts a show directed towards helping women with their problems. A male caller starts phoning into the show and harassing the doctor. When the calls start including threats of violence, she goes to police for help. Hammer and Doreau are assigned to investigate the case. They decide to arrange a trap with Hammer staying at the doctor's apartment, while the women stay at his apartment. The plan backfires when the suspect shows up at Hammer's apartment anyway.
12 Nov. 1987
Hammer Hits the Rock
The FBI has learned that mobster Clive Winston is planning a prison break. They recruit Hammer to go undercover, because they don't want to risk of their own men. Hammer, pretending to be a famous hitman, gets put into the same cell as Winston. Winston does not like him at first. However, when one of the inmates recognizes Hammer and tries to kill him, Winston mistakenly thinks he was the target, and that Sledge saved his life. He then lets Hammer in on the breakout plan.
19 Nov. 1987
The Last of the Red Hot Vampires
On the set of a movie, actor Vincent Lagarski is attempting his big comeback in the role of a vampire. After blowing a scene, the director has had enough, and fires him. Lagarski is later announced on the news as dying a short time later. The director also ends up dead that same evening after being attacked by a vampire bat. Hammer and Doreau head to the movie set to check things out. The day after their visit, the female co-star for the movie also ends up dead, and there are reported sightings of Lagarski around town. Has the actor returned from the grave seeking ...
26 Nov. 1987
An armored car is held up by a hooded criminal. Hammer and Doreau learn that the criminal is a robot named B.O.R.C. They go to visit an electronics expert, where B.O.R.C. attacks Hammer and puts him in the hospital. Hammer wants to get back on the case, but he's hampered by being in a full body cast. The electronics expert helps him out by turning him into a half-man, half machine being called Hammeroid (a spoof of Robocop). After nearly accidentally destroying Captain Trunk's office, Hammeroid head off to the eventual confrontation with B.O.R.C.
3 Dec. 1987
Sledge in Toyland
Toy company tycoon Milo Tieup is in a hotel room with his mistress preparing for a romantic tryst. While she is in the bathroom, a toy tank sneaks into the room through a doggie door, and shoots Tieup with a real bullet. Hammer and Doreau arrive at the scene, and question the mistress. Upon reporting back to Captain Trunk, Hammer accidentally let's it slip to Mrs. Tieup about her husband's affair. It turns out she was having her own affair with the company's lead toy designer, and that they were together when the murder took place. A short time later, the mistress ...
10 Dec. 1987
When a Britsh agent arrives and informs them of a terrorist in the city, Sledge and Dorreau work with him. When Dorreau takes a liking to him Sledge butts in and Dorreau is upset with him.
17 Dec. 1987
They Call Me Mr. Trunk
The military has developed a top secret new virus. A man that became infected has escaped. They alert the precinct to be on the lookout for this man, but don't tell them why. Hammer and Doreau find the man at a bar. Even though he was ordered not to touch him, Hammer brings him in, and accidentally infects the whole police station. Everyone on the staff, except for Captain Trunk, starts having hallucinations. The military quarantines the station, and plans to just let them die. This leaves Trunk on his own to find a way to save his squad.
7 Jan. 1988
Model Dearest
When Sledge meets a girl who is looking for her sister,whom he helps break into her sister's apartment. Later when the girl's attacked, he goes to the only place he knows of, the modeling agency where her sister worked. After making a fuss, the owner files a complaint. Later Dorreau goes undercover.
15 Jan. 1988
Sledge, Rattle 'n' Roll
Hammer and Doreau investigate the death of a rock star named Rak Vulture. Vulture was riding in his limo after a concert, when the car stopped. Vulture gets angry, and rolls down the window. The unseen driver then pulls a gun, and shoots him. While no one admits to the killing, due to Rak's crude nature and history of violence, no one, not even his own bandmates are sorry he's gone. Just when they think they have a suspect, Hammer and Doreau find the band's manager dead. Then a short time later, the band's plane also crashes leaving them dead as well.
22 Jan. 1988
Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came?
Hammer and Doreau investigate the murder of millionaire tycoon Edmund Bryce. Bryce was hosting a Paint Ball "War Games", but someone used a real bullet. Hammer and Doreau interview different executives with the company, and learn that while they all hated Bryce, each one has an alibi. Back at the office, Hammer gets an unsigned invitation from the killer to take part in the next "War Games." He accepts.
29 Jan. 1988
The Secret of My Excess
The governor secretly brings Hammer to his mansion. The governor's daughter is missing, and he wants to enlist Hammer's help in getting her back. Hammer is also instructed not to tell anyone, because the governor is in the midst of a re-election campaign. Hammer calls in sick, which causes Trunk and Doreau to suspect something is up. Doreau follows Hammer to a strip club for ladies, and Hammer accidentally reveals his mission to her.
5 Feb. 1988
It Happened What Night?
An old friend of Captain Trunk's, Roy Talbot, asks for help in cracking one last case before he retires. They are staking out a drug deal that's going down at a hotel. Hammer and Doreau go undercover as a couple on their honeymoon. A bellboy brings them a complimentary bottle of champagne. Hammer and Doreau start drinking. Trunk, Talbot, and other officers get ready to make the bust, but can't find Hammer and Doreau. They burst into the Honeymoon Suite, and find Hammer and Doreau in bed together. Neither can remember what happened.
12 Feb. 1988
Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer
Sledge runs into his best bud from high school, now a defense lawyer. Rekindling of their friendship comes to a halt when he learns that his friend is about to marry his ex-wife. Sledge is forced to face the fact that he has no one.

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