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Season 1

13 Sep. 1986
Bright Eyes, Come Home
After Bright Eyes was unable to be adopted at Adoption Day, a mysterious man by the name of Sam Quintinn arrives at Holly's puppy pound and views her as a star.
20 Sep. 1986
How to Found a Pound
The Pound Puppies tell their story of how Holly became the owner of a puppy pound and how they came face-to-face with the villainous Katrina Stoneheart for the very first time.
27 Sep. 1986
From Wags to Riches
The Pound Puppies and Holly meet Buster, a puppy who is "a walking natural disaster". They are later invited to the Bellveshires' mansion in hopes of saving the pound from Katrina Stoneheart's latest dastardly plot.
4 Oct. 1986
Snowbound Pound
The Pound Puppies rescue a pregnant dog from a severe snowstorm. However, when the power gets knocked out, it's up to Cooler, Howler, and Whopper to find a nearby veterinarian while the girls tend to the soon-to-be mother.
11 Oct. 1986
The Fairy Dogmother
After wishing upon a star, The Pound Puppies meet an oddball fairy dog mother named Zazu, in hopes of helping Holly win the heart of a young boy named Mervin.
18 Oct. 1986
Whopper Cries Uncle
When Whopper's uncle JR comes for a visit, the Pound Puppies and Holly disguise themselves as a wealthy family in order to impress him. However, Uncle JR has a secret of his own.
25 Oct. 1986
In Pups We Trust
Accusations fly when the Pound Puppies' beloved items were stolen. To make matters worse, if one of them is found guilty of stealing, he or she will be banished from the Pound forever.
1 Nov. 1986
The Captain and the Cats
While in pursuit of rescuing Whopper from the evil Captain Slaughter, the Pound Puppies and Holly meet a trio of strange cats who wanted Captain Slaughter to capture them. But why?
8 Nov. 1986
Secret Agent Pup
After Bright Eyes is kidnapped by two foreign spies, the other Pound Puppies, along with Pupnik, a friendly puppy from Mongrelia, go on an adventure to save Bright Eyes, James Bond style.
15 Nov. 1986
Cooler meets his long-lost girlfriend, Penelope, but is still angry with her. Why is Cooler heartbroken? It all had something to do with Captain Slaughter and the once-existed town of Wagga Wagga.
22 Nov. 1986
The Star Pup
A trio of dogs, known as the Three Wise Guys, are looking for a legendary canine called the Star Puppy and Nose Marie was selected. Meanwhile, Captain Slaughter is also looking the Star Puppy and aims to make a fur coat out of Nose Marie!
29 Nov. 1986
Happy Howlidays
Holly's Puppy Pound finally, and unfortunately, closes down no thanks to Katrina Stoneheart, Brattina, and Catgut. With no hope in sight, only a Christmas Miracle will once again open Holly's Puppy Pound.
6 Dec. 1986
Ghost Hounders
When the Terrible Terrier haunts Holly's Puppy Pound, the Pound Puppies turn to Biff Barker, a famous dog actor from a well-known TV series, "Ghost Hounders", for help.

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