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Season 2

22 Sep. 1987
The Senator, the Movie Star, and the Mob
Torello's team must protect a US Senator, the head of the Senate subcommittee that will investigates the mob, a glamorous actress, who wants to cut her ties to the mob, and a lusty, sleazy politician with a serious gambling addiction.
29 Sep. 1987
Blast from the Past
Torello's ex is in Vegas with her new man. When they were at a robbery he is taken by the robbers. When she sees the local police are not doing anything, she calls Torello who clashes with the cop in charge.
20 Oct. 1987
Always a Blonde
The Senterros, a family of Mexican cattle ranchers, controls the marijuana trade, so Torello's unit sets up a sting operation, but detective Joey Indelli leaves to try to save a callgirl from her sadistic pimp.
27 Oct. 1987
Atomic Fallout
Torello's after a killer, who might be a federal employee. Following the killer's trail, Mike ends up in Mexico, where he witnesses a drug smuggling operation lead by Luca.
3 Nov. 1987
Torello's ordered by the government to leave Luca alone, since he's now their asset. Abrams quits his job immediately in disgust. Luca's former associates start to fear for their future in the crime business.
10 Nov. 1987
Robbery, Armed
Torello's having a birthday party in a restaurant. His best friend and partner Sgt. Danny Krychek is shot in the bathroom. He whispers a clue to who the shooter is and heads for surgery. Mike must beat the clock to catch the assassin.
24 Nov. 1987
Little Girl Lost
A man hires a private detective to find his girlfriend, who turns out to be the daughter of a mobster. Things don't go well. Meanwhile, Abrams has become an addict, so sympathetic Torello offers him a place in his team.
8 Dec. 1987
Love Hurts
Luca is financing a movie and falls for the provocative leading lady. She turns out to be more than even he can chew.
15 Dec. 1987
Mig 21
A Russian pilot defects by flying his plane into the U.S. and landing in Nevada. Torello and his men are assigned to protect him. They become friends. But Torello learns that the government is considering trading him for the U2 pilot being held in the Soviet Union. And they try to stop it from happening. Abrams who now works for Luca helps him get something on a guy whose business he wants to buy.
5 Jan. 1988
Moulin Rouge
A casino owned by an African American is being hit with everything, from threats to bombs. Reporter Suzanne Terry's back to investigate the attacks and runs into her old flame, Abrams.
12 Jan. 1988
Seize the Time
Torello tries to prove Iris, the African-American owner of the casino Moulin Rouge, that her partner might be using the place for money-laundering.
19 Jan. 1988
Femme Fatale
Torello helps a pretty Asian girl find her missing father, who's been owing money to some loan sharks. What he doesn't know is that she's actually a secret agent of communist China on a radioactive mission.
2 Feb. 1988
Protected Witness
A Chicago mobster with a contract on his head becomes the target of Torello, who wants him alive, and Luca, who wants him dead.
9 Feb. 1988
Last Rites
One of Luca's former bosses Manny Weisbord suffers a heart-attack. Luca tries to get him a new heart, so mobsters Max Goldman and Steve Kordoa, Luca's former associates put a contract on Luca.
8 Mar. 1988
Pauli Taglia's Dream
How Paulie and Luca survived the atomic blast that seemingly killed them both at the end of season 1, how they made a deal with the government and how, with a little help from their mob friends, they got back in the business.
15 Mar. 1988
Torello goes into the desert after an escaped convict and his girlfriend. However, a corrupt local cop wants them both dead, even if he has to kill Torello to get them.
22 Mar. 1988
Brothel Wars
Pauli's girlfriend, who's a hooker, ends up being the latest casualty in a violent war between competing brothels.
29 Mar. 1988
Torello's friend, a reporter, promises he'll expose Luca in his latest article. He goes to Vegas and indulges himself in the local vices as a cover.
5 Apr. 1988
The Hearings
Luca's connections to the government are questioned in a Senate hearing and charges are about to be brought up against him, but the Vietnam War changes everything.
26 Apr. 1988
Torello and his crew are after Luca, so he hides in Mexico. They go after him, even though the US government refuses to help them track him down there. However, this time Torello has a contact there who can help.
3 May 1988
Danny ends up in Mexican prison. Torello manages to fins allies among mobsters who hate Luca, to get Danny out before he gets shanked. Luca demands respect from a corrupt local general, but he gets none.
10 May 1988
Going Home
Luca gets hold of Abrams and forces Torello to give him back his captured heroin shipment in exchange. However, Mike's not going to let him escape this time and goes after him anyway, with tragic consequences all around.

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