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Alternate Versions

In the basic cable version, the line "In the family jewels?" was changed to "In the flippin' gizzard?"
Extra footage was added to the syndicated television version:
  • A bunch of guys wearing Devo helmets try to get into Gary and Wyatt's party.
  • Extra scene at the very beginning where Gary and Wyatt are in the kitchen cooking.
Television version removes the sequence where biker leader asks Gary if he has 'tossed off to any good books recently'.
The home video version plays Oingo Boingo's 'Weird Science' as Lisa ascends the mall escalator while all other versions (theatrical and TV) play 'Pretty Woman'.
In the last scene at the high-school gym, the theatrical version plays the "Theme From 'Rocky'" while the home-video and TV versions play "Weird Science".
Reportedly, a scene included in the theatrical release is omitted from TV and home video releases: after the leader of the mutant bikers announces to everyone that "they couldn't even take a shower with a beautiful woman without wearing their jeans" they realized that the mutant bikers were another of Lisa's creations and wouldn't harm them. With the original scene they have an opportunity to show off for their friends. With that scene cut they suddenly develop courage on their own.
Comedy Central version changes some of the music in some scenes and adds the scene where Gary and Wyatt are cooking in the beginning.
The new re-release of the DVD, (The Class Reunion series) restores the music that was cut out for the VHS version, to this movie, and The Breakfast Club.

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