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West Side Story meets the 80's!!
rorystevens2 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I rented this film because I'm a fan of Kim Richards, who starred in "Escape to Witch Mountain" and "Return to Witch Mountain."

This movie reminded me so much of "West Side Story" because of the gang violence, all the dance numbers, and the events that parallel the story in "West Side Story." You can tell that whoever wrote the screenplay for "Tuff Turf" closely patterned it off of the sequence of events in "West Side Story" and "Romeo and Juliet." A guy meets a girl at a dance, she's part of a gang that doesn't like this guy, and despite being on opposite sides of the tracks, the guy and the girl fall for each other, and obstacles and bad things happen as a result. At the end of the movie, Kim Richards even channels Natalie Wood by picking up the gun and saying "How many bullets are left!? Enough for you!?"

Anyway, if you're a fan of the '80s time period, this movie should be enjoyable. I really enjoyed this movie, it had a good love story, and there was a lot of suspense because you really didn't know whether this movie would have a happy ending or a tragic ending.

I'm surprised Kim Richards never made anymore movies after this. She gave such a great performance, and she had the LONGEST hair, giving her such an edge to her hotness!
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Stuck in the '80s but lots of fun nonetheless
ceebeegee19 February 2007
This one is a real relic of the '80s--the hair! The shoulder pads! The sweaters folded casually over the shoulders! The movie cheerfully steals from "Rebel Without a Cause" and winks at "The Warriors" and "Footloose" as well. Kim Richards is somewhat miscast as a "tough" girl but gives a very game performance and looks gorgeous as always. James Spader also gives a sincere performance, which couldn't have been easy with some of these scenes (he is forced to serenade Kim Richards on the piano). The best scenes, IMO, are the country club montage (Olivia Barash blithely asking the rich girls "You do swallow, right?"), and when Richards and Spader finally hit it off at a club. How do we know this? Because Richards breaks into a perfectly choreographed (albeit spontaneous) dance number! Truly enjoyable if you just let yourself do so.
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Image is everything.
lost-in-limbo23 January 2009
Anyone with a music shout-out? 'Tuff Turf' is a uneven, but overly stylised and fashionable mixture ranging from a lesser take on 'Rebel without a Cause' with a constant spray of social and class references/forbidden romance in a L.A suburban backdrop and being backed-up by a pumping soundtrack led by Jim Carroll and Jack Mack and Heart Attacks. The music was non-stop and the story's tone and shape zips-around, as early on we seemed to move from one joint to another featuring blaring tunes and raving dance moves.

Morgan Miller and his family have just moved from Connecticut to Los Angeles, where he encounters and interferes with the local gang led by the psychotic Nick Hauser. To make matters worse, his fallen for Hauser's girlfriend Frankie and goes about trying to grab her attention, despite the warnings and beatings to stay away from her.

The young cast are quite good. James Spader genuinely fits blending a rebellious attitude with easy-going suaveness. The gorgeous Kim Richards is completely transfixing in who wholesome performance and punk appearance. Paul Mones nails down his role as the hot-headed thug and Robert Downey Jr. lends in with an agreeable performance. Also dependable character actor Matt Clark makes for solid support.

Director Fritz Kiersch truly gets the beat on with its breakneck pack (despite some editing in the story wouldn't have gone astray) and stylishly muscular verve. When it calls for it, Kiersch isn't afraid to pack a punch, as the jarring violence is sweaty and a bloody pulp. Jonathan Elias' booming, sullen synthesiser score helps cement the rough atmosphere and saucy energy. Some set-pieces seem to work better than others, but there's no question there are a couple of powerful, moving and harsh illustrations. The script isn't as foreseeable, but the humour at times seemed to get in the way or not entirely fit.
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Revenge of the 80's: James Spader's a rebel without a clue!
Captain_Couth13 October 2003
Tuff Turf brings back memories of watching movies on Select TV. This 80's cult hit is about a young rapscallion who's life is turned upside down when his upper class father hits financial trouble forcing his family to move out to the 'hood. James Spader slowly learns how to deal with street life whilst his family adjusts to dealing with people that are of "lower social class". Interesting film staring James Spader as the young punk rich kid, Matt Clark as his shell shocked father, Robert Downey Jr. as his high school buddy and Kim Richards (Escape To Witch Mountain) as his soon to be girlfriend. The only part of the movie that gave me the willies was when his older (more culturally refined) brother pays a visit, there's an oedipal conflict between the two (the scene where the older brother embraces his mom far too long and hugs her too close for comfort)that would have given Freud a thrill to try and psycho-analyzed.

Recommended for 80's fans.
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Great L.A. gang flick.
arturopanduro11 May 2000
This was one of my favorite movies growing up. The movie deals with a troublesome youth named Morgan Hiller (James Spader) who moves with his family to Los Angeles from Connecticut. One night, while bicycling through the city, he interrupts a robbery-in-progress by a gang. The gang leader's hot girlfriend, Frankie (Kim Richards) seems to be impressed with this new kid in town. They see him the following day at school and all hell breaks loose. There is a strong attraction between Morgan and Frankie, which makes for even more trouble with the gang leader, Nick (Paul Mones) and his posse. The soundtrack is good with a little bit of everything from punk rock to new wave. It also features music by Marianne Faithful, Southside Johnny, The Jim Carroll Band, and others. Lots of music, '80s campy fashion, and great fight sequences.
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Tuff Turf, Not Given The Credit It Deserves
rp_watton28 April 2005
This was my all time favorite movie of the 1980's, and having the beautiful Kim Richards in it, and the ever cute James Spader made it worth watching time after time,,When Morgan moved to yet another new school and fell for the leader of the Tuff's girlfriend it was the start of a non stop battle of wills and reputations, it prooves that the good guy does always get the girl and that some things are worth fighting for. Some people believe this is the movie that ended Kim's career, to me it just never got the recognition it deserved,I just wish Kim would consider making a comeback to prove to everyone she has what it takes to be one of the great actresses of all time, your fans miss you Kim!
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Not like every other 80s film
myriam-825-73215623 October 2013
Robert Downey Jr. AND James Spader? This could be a total turkey and I'd still watch it.

The performance of both is excellent, but that's no surprise. You get to see the formation of some of their respective trademark mannerisms.

Overall: strange plot, seems to sit between genres, starts off as a sort of High School rom-com but quickly descends into a rough teen thriller, with two major and totally random music numbers in the first part, both of which are arse-numbingly boring and ludicrous.

Having said that - James Spader's singing is nice - he's got a good voice but nothing wow, which is why it's interesting that the filmmakers have included it, but it lends a touch of authenticity to a highly stylized 80s flick. The song is odd, unknown to me, but it served its plot purpose I suppose - I would have preferred something else but we can't have it all can we.

Side note: what a beautiful man (James Spader). As penetrating and mesmerizing as ever.

Moving onto the girl: she's good. Intriguing. Playing with the concept of the good/bad girl credibly. Her back story is convincing (and so is Spader's).

The "baddy" of the piece is suitably threatening - you do feel intimidated by the violence and his gang throughout, and I did hold my breath on a few occasions - in terms of the suspense and fight scenes - two thumbs up.

Interesting ending - they didn't go for any cheapshots but saw it through to the end.

All in all - I think it's a bit of a gem, if a bit of a mongrel one.
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awesome in the 80's.awesome now.
mischam7625 October 2005
tuff turf was one of those movies i used to rent over and over again as a kid.Kim Richards always made it especially easy to keep watching.i think it was that amazing hair and raspy voice that hooked me each time.i hadn't seen it for approximately 15 years but recently purchased it on DVD.i was unsure if i would still like it but after watching it again,and remembering vividly every scene,i loved it just as much as i always did.it is still one of my favorite movies of all time.it has all the ingredients a classic 80's movie should have and deserved a lot more recognition and acclaim.would love to see what Kim looks like now.i will have to keep checking in on this site to see if she has any movies on the rise.
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A great teen action flick
DunnDeeDaGreat20 October 2001
Tuff Turf has everything a teen action flick should have. A great first conflict between the bully and his prey, the bully being set up, a great sex scene and a final showdown. James Spader is great in the lead, Kim Richards has a killer body and Robert Downy Jr . finds great comic relief.
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Well, that's tuff
Radiant_Rose7 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I suppose that if both your parents are teachers, being in a film with a misspelt title is a pretty good way to rebel. IMDb says that both of James Spader's parents were teachers, and he left school in the 11th grade, so ... well, make up your own mind. To make up for the possible lack of difficulty in playing a rebellious New Englander, this role is all singing, all dancing, all cycling ...

... well, I think he sings the line at the start of the film, but the song he sings seems to be dubbed (despite the credits failing to clarify this point either way). And there is absolutely no attempt made to make it seem he is really playing the piano.

Spader has never been in anything musical since this, but I will say that his dancing is very good.

This is a cross between a rather sweet romantic comedy and one of those films that is unbelievably, mindblowingly idiotic. I particularly liked the line, "This is the 80s!" No kidding! So that would account for the outfits and the hairstyles.

amazon.co.uk deleted part of my review (without my knowledge or consent) because I noted that Kim Richards's hair was unusually long. But it was: especially by the standards of the 1980s. Nor did Amazon like my comment that Spader looks as if he is wearing eyeliner during the fight scene at the end. But he does. With his flicked fringe and apparent eyeliner, he resembles the late Princess Diana, IMHO.

Most of the songs are ones that aren't played much now, but "People That Died" was used in a retrospective on the drama series "Six Feet Under". It was played during a montage. Amazon didn't want that in the review either.

I recommend this to all of Spader's fans. You'll laugh, you'll lust, you'll cringe with embarrassment.

It was the 80s.

Very much so.
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Plenty of attitude, lots of style
fertilecelluloid30 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Director Fritz Kiersch made the drab "Children Of The Corn". Fortunately, this is anything but drab. James Spader is terrific as a rebellious youth whose family moves from Connecticut to Los Angeles. He gets himself embroiled in some very nasty trouble almost right away when he inadvertently tangles with local sociopath Nick Hauser, played with creepy authenticity by Paul Mones. The fact that Spader has an eye for the stunning girlfriend of Mones, Kim Richards, doesn't help his situation, either, but it's a great set-up for a violent, fast-paced teen flick.

After this little gem, Spader starred as one of the screen's greatest miscreants, Eddie Dutra, in Sean Cunningham's incredible "The New Kids" (see my review). Then, "Sex Lies and Videotape" gave Spader's career a big shot in the arm and took him miles away from roles like this, at least for a decade or so.

"Tuff Turf" has a mean streak and isn't afraid to lather on the violence and bloodshed. Kiersch's direction is energetic and tight, and he is ably assisted in the atmosphere department by composer Jonathan Elias, who delivers a pumping, moody synth score. Kim Richards, with her long straight hair and sexy wardrobe, personifies a teen lust object, and injects her role with more than a little subtlety. A very young Robert Downey Jr. has a subordinate role as Hauser's only friend and acquits himself well.

The film's climax, set in a warehouse, is brutal and bloody, and the sequence in which Spader's bicycle is destroyed demonstrates virtuoso cutting, sound design and cinematography. This is a very well made movie with plenty of "attitude" and lots of style.
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So 80's
Rat Man7 March 2000
A great rental. A perfect movie for anybody who went to high school in the 80's. The music, the styles or lack there of.

Kim Richards sadly disappeared after this movie. Too bad she was really good. She hasn't even shown up on a Lifetime movie yet.

James Spader disappeared too. I was expecting him to show up on some TNT movie about Microsoft.

By the way, Kim looked very good in this movie. Oddly enough, I found her more attractive towards the end, when wasn't wearing all of that garbage. She is a very beautiful woman with great hair. Nice legs and dance moves too.
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jamalionerf8 August 2002
This movie is a very hard one, very rough. Is about the rules of playing in grounds, to fell in love with good person, and not with bad one. Very tough film! James Spanner is the star, the man who fell in love with wrong girl, and want to get out of it. The bully is a not so famous guy, but he is good for the part, still. It should win a oscar nomsination for the parts, for the people who play them, because they are so rough. And great soundtrack, TOO!!!
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Sounds like another cheesy 80s teen flick--but it isn't
preppy-313 April 2011
Morgan Hiller (James Spader) is a new kid in high school. He makes enemies with the local gang...but the gang leader's girlfriend (Kim Richards) falls for him.

The plot is very predictable but this still is lots of fun to watch. I saw it in a theatre back on a freezing cold winters night in 1985. I was in college and just expected a stupid teen flick (that's what I was in the mood for). I was surprised to find myself really liking it. In terms of fashions, music and attitude it was great! It caught the 1980s head on. These kids talked and acted like high school kids (even though all of them were well over that age). It moved quickly, was well-directed and is full of energy. Most of the acting is very good especially by Richards and a then unknown Robert Downey Jr. Spader was a little bit too mannered for the role but he was OK.

This is no unsung masterpiece but I think it's a good strong 80s flick. I give it an 8.
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a classic 80's film...not to be missed
ManBehindTheMask637 February 2011
This is an unknown and underrated 80's teen action flick. A young James Spader plays Morgan, a bad-boy rich kid who moves to L.A. and instantly gets in bad with the locally gang who owns the turf. But things get worse when Morgan falls in love with the gang leader's girlfriend (the talented and WAY HOT! Kim Richards!). Morgan becomes their target and is subjective to some pretty bad beatings. But then they cross the line and Morgan knows he must stop the psychopathic gang leader in a final showdown, where they fight with axes, 2x4s, guns, switchblades, etc. The film's got surprisingly good acting and a young Robert Downey Jr. co-stars as Morgan's best friend. The soundtrack is great and the film is one of those classic 80's time capsules. The song "We walk the night" is awesome. Overall, there isn't a lot of action till the end, but the characters and plot are all interesting and fun enough to keep you entertained. A great rental!
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Uneven, but mostly watchable.
TOMASBBloodhound16 August 2006
Anyone interested in seeing what kind of films James Spader started his career with should begin with Tuff Turf. The New Kids would show a darker side of Spader, but that film also covers the same territory. The story deals with a spoiled brat troublemaker (Spader) whose family is forced to move to a seedy area of L.A. from Connecticut after they somehow lose all their money. Back where he comes from, you can tell Spader was the toughest and coolest kid in school, but the tougher kids from his new school quickly have him on the run. After breaking up an attempted mugging by the school's toughest gang, Spader gets his butt kicked and his property destroyed numerous times. To make things worse of course, Spader falls in love with the gang leader's girlfriend (Richards), and she has feelings for him, too. Needless to say, you don't mess around with a gang leader's woman! Even if you are James Spader.

The film, though full of clichés as ancient as Romeo and Juliet, starts off with definite promise. The opening scene where Spader stops the mugging is exceptional. It's well-paced,well- filmed, and the action blocked perfectly. Every step the gang members take across the street as they pull out their weapons is well-choreographed. The film shifts gears somewhat as we see Spader adjust to his new school the following day. We are introduced to Robert Downey Jr.'s character, and he always livens things up in any film. His character is a bit of an enigma, to be certain. He quickly befriends Spader, yet he seems to know the gang well enough to borrow the gang leader's Camaro and things like that. He also plays drums for a pretty cool punk band we are introduced to a while later.

The tone of the film is wildly inconsistent. The second half hour is bewilderingly bad. Spader, Downey, Richards, and another chick take the gang leader's car for a joyride to some posh locations where presumably Spader feels more at home. The group invades a country club in an excruciatingly bad scene which culminates with Spader playing the piano for his new love interest while she sits atop the instrument and looks embarrassed. Spader's singing performance sounds a lot like the first out-take of a James Blunt recording session before he's warmed up. In other words, it sucks. Things get worse as the group moves to a trendy dance club and Richards does some kind of dirty dance while the entire venue stops to check her out. Simply put, the scene is horrible.

The acting is good enough. Spader and Downey just pretty much be themselves. Richards is certainly worth risking your life over. She's pretty, and she's cool enough to have Motley Crue pictures all over her bedroom walls! Paul Mones, who plays the gang leader is charismatic, but ultimately kind of wimpy. He really isn't too intimidating without his homies, and none of them look that tough, (excuse me...TUFF) either. Some of the music is a great example of the early 80s punk scene in L.A.. That Jack Mack and the Heart Attack band from the club is pretty lame, to say the least! No wonder some guy bombed the 1996 Olympics while they were playing a show! The Verdict: 5 of 10 stars. Basically for James Spader fans, only.

The Hound.
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Enjoyably Silly
gjack337 June 2001
I only saw this film Recently...although Ive know about it existence since It came out...

I was first under the impression before i saw it...that Spaders Character was a tough guy....But I was wrong....His character was one that simply cant stay out of trouble.And Yeah,he takes quite a beating in this film.

If there is one real tragedy about this film,its that the Talented and beautiful Kim Richards who gives a wonderful performance here, never went on to better things after this.She is better known as a Child actress which probably explains why her career floundered once she grew up

I was quite surprised by the Musicals numbers in this film,since i was simply expecting the standard punk film....But the 80s hairstyles,dress styles,and makeup made me wanna throw up.What were people thinking back then anyway.

All in all,a pretty good film...and KIM,Start acting again..we miss ya
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Kim's best film - Spader's break-through role
cabin727 March 2000
Clearly the role that got James Spader noticed!! Also, excellent acting by Robert Downey.

More importantly, probably the best teen actress ever to hit the big screen - Kim Richards!!!

Aside from the great acting, the plot was new for the 80s - not the typical bubble-gum teen movie - but a darker side of teen movies.
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new age
king-3512 August 1999
this film was different from the looks of kim richards and robert downey to the music it was very fresh for its time.it was serious high camp. kim richards the star of many disney films gives what seems to be one of her last roles a nice performance as the tough girl unsure of why spaders character is attracted to her.spaders performance was a bit wooden and came across as dull.the second leads added life to the dull moments especially robert downeys energy added to this film made it worth watching. you will either love it or hate it their is no middle ground for this film.
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New Kid In School
bkoganbing19 May 2017
James Spader got himself a breakout role in Tuff Turf as a preppy kid from Connecticut resettled in a California public high school. Even though the family has had some financial reverses and aren't living the life Spader has become accustomed to, he still thinks of himself as to the manor born.

So when he spots Kim Richards who is the girlfriend of gang leader Paul Montes he decides to move in. Montes is a jealous and possessive sort and that means trouble all around.

The story has both Spader and Richards growing in character as well as into each other. Spader loses a bit of that preppy arrogance and Richards gradually realizes that Montes is a loser in the long run and she likes being treated with a little dignity and respect.

Robert Downey, Jr. is in Tuff Turf as well in the sidekick role for Spader. Montes gives a most frightening performance when he starts realizing Richards has slipped away from him.

Tuff Turf holds up well for today's audiences. It's a good Brat Pack film of the Reagan 80s.
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a surprisingly fun film
Jihad-530 September 1999
James Spader isn't really known as an action hero, but that would be the closest comparison for this character, an early prototype for the late 90s style of hero. He is ambivalent about his surroundings and interacts well in both social and adversarial scenarios, and pulls off both surprisingly well. I consider this to be an overlooked gem from the 80s and wish I could find the Jack Mack and the Heart Attack soundtrack online somewhere.
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When Will It End??
Cobbler21 August 2002
I was expecting some enjoyable cheese, a la Savage Streets or The New Kids, or vivid SoCal mid 80's atmosphere, like in Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, but instead got an absolutely godawful hodgepodge of Rebel Without A Cause, Romeo and Juliet, and the worst music since Disney's The Country Bears. Decent performances by Kim Richards and Matt Clark (as Spader's dad) didn't help the meandering story, headache-inducing examination of "violence" and poor/rich class warfare, and confusing main character. A scene where the "kids" crash a Beverly Hills country club was interminable, as was the musical number that Spader warbles at a piano! There's a reason why this film is not well known, and the fact that it was directed by the genius who helmed Children of the Corn has something to do with it. I give it a 2, only for the jacket that Spader's character wears and for Richard's crimped hair.
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Quite possibly the reason Kim Richards left Hollywood.
Ddey6516 March 2004
Or, at least that's what I'd like to think the reason was. Many a man who was a boy in the late-70's and/or early-80's would love to see Kim Richards returning to the silver screen, but after playing the female lead in this stinkeroo and some of her subsequent roles, it's hard to blame her for bowing out.

The movie stars James Spader(the 1980's answer to David Hemmings) as Morgan Hiller, a kid from Connecticut who's moved to Los Angeles by his parents and immediately has to deal with the school thugs lead by Nick Hauser(Paul Mones)who wreck his bike for kicks. A REAL Los Angeles gang would've wiped these kids out with a single shot, to say nothing of the Jets & Sharks from "West Side Story." Those who saw a certain episode of "House of Buggin'" know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, Morgan falls for the gang-leader's gun moll, Frankie Croyden, played by none other than Kim. Obviously, she thinks he's a wimp and a pushover and wants nothing to do with him, but this is the movies, and in movies men easily get the women they want. And in movies like this, the bad girl falls for the good boy, which she shouldn't, which p***es off her lover and leads to a huge gang war between the hero, and his new friends. And if that's not enough, the lucky bastard got to do a love scene with Kim. Sure it's fake, but it's the closest any of us will get.

My vote: Barely rises above lame.
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the good and the bads
dhruv_singh_200027 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
the movie starts off really well..with James Spader(morgan hiller) looking at his best and kim richards looking even better. what's frustrating about the movie though is that our supposedly tough guy(morgan) gets thrashed and humiliated by the bad guy all through the movie and and he(morgan) just keeps his cool. had it not been form kim the bad guy had almost gotten him(morgan) down as all our hero has in his defence is a dart gun. (while anybody who is watching the movie would want him to pick up a real gun from a nearby store and shot the bad guy down after what he had done to his father, him , his g/f and his to be father-in-law) kim has a great role, looks FABULOUS and yes she should have gotten more films. i think good looks run in their family(no wonder she is Paris hilton's aunt).
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Should I give his bike back!
aswerve30 May 2004
This film was so influential to me back in 1986 that I took my dad's

portable video camera (The kind where you strap the deck over

your shoulder like a bag and has a cord running to the camera),

grabbed the neighborhood kids in our street and re-enacted

scenes from Tuff turf after we had just finished viewing it for the

third time in a rental day row.

Hell, I even stole the soundtrack and dubbed the dialogue into our

version of the film.

The tuff guys, the not-so tuff guy who is misunderstood by his

parents and tuff guys who beat him up every chance they have, a

sexy lead actress (why Kim Richards did not get an award for

longest, straightest hair is a travesty!)

But best of all is the soundtrack! The tense music under the gang

running over Spaders racing bike still haunts me today! Who

wouldn't wet themselves getting humiliated in the school parking

lot in front of your class mates and teachers who did not nothing

but laugh at you wetting your pants.

NOTE the apostrophe in the title summary as the gang leader is

not asking the question, he is merely answering it?
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