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Sex & Nudity

  • At one point in the movie, a character says "size matters" and briefly talks about oral sex.
  • A woman provocatively sucks a French fry into her mouth with her tongue.
  • Fully clothed, a man throws a woman on her bed, mounts her and kisses her. He then proceeds to go down on her offscreen, with only her facial expressions conveying what he is doing.
  • Men are showering in a locker room and one man's buttocks are shown.
  • A man (Morgan) unbuttons a woman's (body double for Frankie) shirt and opens it to reveal her breasts. They then proceed to make love in a mild sex scene.

Violence & Gore

  • Using a pair of dart guns, a man shoots two roaches crawling on an Albert Einstein poster on his bedroom wall.. The bugs are explicitly shown on impact; guts spewing outward.
  • A gang leader holds a switchblade to a man's throat, as the gang robs him.
  • A gang beats a man in a parking lot.
  • A dead rat is shown hanging in a school locker; bloody and dripping.
  • A man violently shakes a woman and throws her on a bed.
  • A man is severely beaten by a gang in a locker room, using padlocks wrapped in towels.
  • A woman tries to warn a man of impending danger, but is thrown to the ground by a gang, who then beat the man on the street. He puts up an amazing fight, but ends up getting shot twice and slumping to the ground.
  • A man beats a woman and her old father in a liquor store. The woman tries to fight back, but is body-slammed onto the floor. Then she is kidnapped.
  • A man fights against a gang in a warehouse: A man is knocked out with a gun and strung up by his feet with a rope; a woman's hair is pulled; a large billboard falls on the heads of two men; another is shot twice with dart guns and is kicked down a flight of stairs. A man is shot at with a handgun; a woman jumps on the shooter's back to defend the man being shot at; she is then thrown over a box and onto the ground. A man swings from a rope, kicking another man in the stomach and knocking him to the floor with the wind knocked out of him, then the two men engage in bloody fisticuffs. A man is beaten and held down by two other men, as a third beats him. A pair of Doberman Pinschers attacks two men. A man is shot in the leg. A woman's hair is pulled; she is violently shaken, thrown off a platform onto the floor and punched in the face. A man is attacked with an ax. Two men engage in more bloody fisticuffs, resulting in the falling death of one of them.


  • One character tells another character that he'll "cut his balls off" after he accidentally opens a switchblade.
  • These words are each spoken once or more in this film: asshole, Jesus Christ, maricon (Spanish for "faggot"), shit, goddamn, bullshit, jerk-off, bitch, bastard, faggot.
  • There is also a dialogue between female characters referring to fellatio and "wieners".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A couple of characters are shown smoking cigarettes; several characters drink alcohol; one character shares a bottle with his passengers as he's driving a car.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This film has some intense scenes: the locker-room beating looks very realistic. Also, the street shooting and the climactic warehouse scene may both be intense for small children.

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