Tuff Turf (1985) Poster


Kim Richards: Frankie Croyden



  • Frankie Croyden : Hey, everybody's staring at me.

    Morgan Hiller : Yes, they are. Well, what's happening now is, you see; the girls are wondering where they've seen you before and the guys are wondering why the hell they haven't.

  • Morgan Hiller : You going to college?

    Frankie Croyden : I'll be lucky if I even graduate. I'll probably just get married, don't need college for that.

    Morgan Hiller : Your parents happy about that?

    Frankie Croyden : My dad is... my mom died last year of cancer.

  • Ronnie : I don't know. If you ask me, he's either the toughest guy at Lawson or the stupidest.

    Feather : No way. He went to one of those brain factories back east, and I mean the guy's head is totally crammed.

    Frankie Croyden : Yeah, with bullshit!

  • Feather : So, are you going to get a ring?

    Frankie Croyden : [sighs] 

    Ronnie : If you do, get it at Woolworth's. Suzie Rostelli got hers there; it almost looks like the real thing!

    Feather : I saw it; it really does.

    Ronnie : Amazing!

  • Frankie Croyden : Excuse me! I promised I'd meet Ronnie at Woolworth's to look at wedding rings.

    Morgan Hiller : Frankie, you don't belong to Nick.

    Frankie Croyden : Well, maybe not. But, I don't belong to you, either.

  • Frankie Croyden : I thought things were supposed to be easy when you have money.

    Morgan Hiller : It is, if you don't take it seriously.

    Frankie Croyden : How do you do that?

    Morgan Hiller : By letting it go. I don't think you can hold onto anything until you let it go.

  • Nick Hauser : It was all for you, Frankie.

    Frankie Croyden : It was NEVER for me, it's your whole life.

  • Frankie Croyden : How many bullets are left in this gun, Nick? Enough for Morgan? For my father? For everybody else who doesn't fit in your turf?

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