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  • Michael J.Fox made this low- budget werewolf spoof before Back To The Future,but it was released afterwards in order to capitalize on Fox's mega hit.Some countries really took advantage of this and on alot of publicity posters it claimed "Michael J.Fox was back from the future in a new comedy".Brazil even went so far as to call the film The Boy From The Future,and in Italy,Fox's character name was changed from Scott to Marty. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. Not a single shot was filmed in Nebraska. The film takes place in fictional Beacon Town, Nebraska, but was filmed entirely in California."Friends in Fremont, Nebraska" are thanked in the special thanks section of the end credits. This tends to throw people off thinking it was filmed there. Director Rod Daniel had actually shot a dart at a map of the United States and it landed on Fremont, a town of about 26,000. He traveled to Fremont and spent three hours talking to 30 high school seniors, and learning about teen life in a Midwestern small town. He used much of what they told him in the film. He saw fit to acknowledge them with a screen credit. Daniel wanted to shoot there, but they had no money to do location filming. Instead, he shot much of the film in South Pasadena (which is the go-to town when filmmakers want an "Anytown, America" feel to their film). Other location filming was done in and around Los Angeles and Montrose. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Coming home after a party one night, troubled unpopular high school student and basketball team player Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox) to his horror transforms into a werewolf and discovers his father Harold (James Hampton) is also a werewolf and Harold reveals that sometimes generations of their family have also transformed into werewolves. But, things start looking up for Scott when he transforms during a basketball game and wins and Scott becomes the most popular student in high school. But, not everyone is happy about it - Vice Principle Mr. Throne (James McKrall) whom has a bitter history with Harold threatens to kick him out of high school if he steps one foot wrong and Mick McAllister (Mark Arnold) the arrogant and foul tempered rival basketball player whom bullies Scott begins making threats against Scott and provokes and insults him when his beautiful and sexy girlfriend Pamela Wells (Lorie Griffin) whom ignores and rejects Scott seduces him and begins using him to her advantage and to make Scott too far. As, Scott's popularity rises and Scott ignores Howard's warnings about being the wolf and his childhood friend whom he grew up with Boof (Susan Ursitti) tries to discourage Scott from being the wolf. Things go too far when Mick assaults Scott and the high school dance and Scott transforms and attacks Mick in anger and Mr. Thorne decides to expel him from high school, but is warned by Harold to leave Scott alone and Scott decides he doesn't want to be the wolf anymore and decides to participate in the championship basketball game as himself and not as the wolf and chooses if he wants to be with either Boof or Pamela. Edit (Coming Soon)


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