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Sex & Nudity

  • There are a number of scenes throughout the film showing partially or fully nude women from 20 something years old to around 50 something years old. Women prisoners take a group shower outdoors in the jungle and they are completely nude. There are panning close ups of some of the bodies of the women in addition to full nude shots of the group of women showering. Two women get in a fight within their cell and one woman is completely nude while the breasts of the other woman are shown. There are other nude women in the cell watching the fight who are seen briefly. A woman has sex with a man in the jungle. Her dress is removed by the man giving a full frontal nude shot of her while she's standing against a tree. The man caresses her nude breast and also kisses and licks her torso, breast, and nipple. A woman strips completely nude and bathes in a pool of water in the jungle. You see her full nudity from both the front and rear while she bathes. A partial view is shown of some of the female prisoners sleeping nude in their cell. A male guard feels a clothed woman's breast and she pulls away from him. While a woman is being whipped by a guard her dress begins to tear apart as she's rolling on the ground exposing her breasts and pubic area. She later runs around throwing dynamite and igniting dynamite sticks in her tattered dress with her breasts primarily exposed.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a lot of bloody violence throughout the film. There are physical altercations between between some women. There are a number of gun fights showing characters getting shot dead and/or injured. There are an assortment of other violent scenes. Most of the bloody violence is shown. Two women fight and the fight is broken up by some guards. Two women fight in their cell before it is broken up by guards. The women are then hung by the wooden supports of a watch tower. They are lashed to the tower with rope around their wrists and ankles. A male guard strikes a female prisoner in the mouth and draws blood. Two male guards accost a nude woman and carry her away from a pool of water. A man is shot in the shoulder during a gun fight. Later a woman removes the bullet from the man's shoulder using a knife and some pliers. While a man is having sex with a woman he's stabbed in the back with a knife by another man. There are a number of long drawn out gun fights with a lot of people getting shot and killed. A woman and a man throw and ignite dynamite sticks to blow up buildings and other structures around a prison camp. Two guards threaten a female prisoner with a live snake before the woman graphically bites the head off of the snake and spits the head out of her mouth. Men punch each other in the face. One man is accosted by a number of other men. The men hit a man in the back of the head with a gun before locking him in a hole in the ground. Leeches attach to the skin of a couple of women as they're walking through a jungle swamp. One of the women is killed with a shotgun blast to the stomach and chest. A woman shoots a security guard in the head, then she shoots a guard and another man with an uzi. A woman impales a man in the chest with a pitchfork. Two women prisoners attack a female guard and drown her in some jungle water. A woman cuts her hand on a shovel handle and the bloody wound is shown.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters pass around a bottle of liquor to drink. Characters drink and smoke cigars in different parts of the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A woman is sunk up to her neck in what appears to be thick mud while a snake wraps around her head and kills her. She screams as she dies. A number of people are shot during gun fights and other incidents. A woman sinks to her death in quick sand. Women prisoners are forced to walk in a circle as they are whipped by guards.

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