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4 Cult Movie Marathon Volume Two (DVD) – Exploit Yourself for Hours! (Crossover Review)

As a fan of cult classic exploitation romps and binges there are few sets that appeal to me as much as The 4 Cult Movie Marathon series from Shout Factory. With the two new volumes in this series, the first two volumes, they’re stepping into some ground that is wholly appropriate for the label and which has been dominated by the Drive-In Cult Classics series from Mill Creek Entertainment and touches on some of what has made the Vinegar Syndrome a breakthrough label in 2013. The competition between these moving parts could be incredible, digging ever deeper to uncover the raunchiest, campiest and most exploitative. That’s not to say there aren’t a horde of labels and series vying for the crown of king smut, but I’m enjoying what I’ve seen from Shout and Vinegar especially. When there’s no more room at the bottom of the barrel,
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Full Moon Announces the Debut of Streaming Service GrindhouseFlix and the World Premiere of Ooga Booga

We've been talking about Full Moon's Ooga Booga for a while, and we have word on when and where you can see it along with details on Full Moon's new streaming service Grindhouseflix.

From the Press Release:

Following a successful preliminary run with fans, Full Moon Features is thrilled to officially announce its new video streaming service, GrindhouseFlix, host to the weirdest, craziest, and most unbelievable grindhouse films from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s – and brand new world premieres – all from the convenience of a computer or mobile device via the Grindhouse App (click here for iTunes and here for GooglePlay).

The first film to make its world premiere on the service is Ooga Booga, a tongue-in-cheek grindhouse exploitation flick in the vein of Django Unchained, starring two-time Golden Globe winning actress Karen Black (House of 1000 Corpses), Golden Globe winning actor Stacy Keach (American History X), curvaceous porn star Siri,
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Treasure Trove of Original, Oversized VHS Boxes from Wizard Video Discovered

  • FEARnet
Treasure Trove of Original, Oversized VHS Boxes from Wizard Video Discovered
Charles Band, who currently runs Full Moon Features, started Wizard Video in 1980 and was a pioneer in the early days of the home video market. He specialized in horror flicks, and was responsible for first bringing titles like Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I Spit on Your Grave to the home market.

During a recent warehouse cleaning, Band discovered a treasure trove of original, mint-condition VHS boxes. These are not the typical cardboard slipcovers most people think about when they think of VHS boxes (those of us old enough to remember VHS.) These are oversized boxes - some cardboard, some plastic clamshell boxes - that had a brief run in the early 1980s before everyone moved to the cheaper, smaller cardboard sleeves.

Band is now releasing these original cases with authentic VHS reproductions of the movies inside. Rolling out four a month for the next nine months, some of the
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Wizard Video to Sell Original Oversized VHS Horror Boxes

  • DailyDead
Whether you have fond memories of visiting the video stores during the days of VHS or weren’t born yet and are looking for a retro horror collectibles, we think you’ll be interested in the latest announcement from Charles Band. He recently stumbled upon a large batch of original oversized VHS boxes and will be selling them starting this month. Titles include Zombie, Return of the Zombies, Zombie Lake, Space Zombies, The Screaming Dead, and more:

Los Angeles, CA, Feb 7, 2013 – Horror legend and home video pioneer Charles Band had been putting off his warehouse cleaning for years. But during a recent overhaul of his extensive collection of collectibles, he unwittingly resurrected a veritable treasure trove of vintage horror limited-edition VHS boxes coveted by horror fans and serious collectors. Starting February 12, fans will be able to purchase these original boxes with authentically duplicated VHS copies inside – at an incredibly reasonable price.
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Wizard Video returns classic big box VHS tapes to your home!

As a child of the 80′s, the video store was my second home. There were a few shops here in St. Louis that carried some big box titles and among them, I always remembered Wizard Video. One of Wizard Video’s most notorious releases was I Spit on Your Grave. In the past few years, VHS tapes have become a collector’s item of sorts. Some people I know go crazy and try and collect all the VHS tapes they can find. I am a bit more selective with what I pick up (I tend to go for big boxes and releases that have some nostalgia for me). There is no doubt that there is still a market in VHS. Is it the best format to watch a film, no. However, there is a certain allure to watch a film on VHS. It feels more organic and feels dynamic and
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Full Moon Unearths Wizard Video Collection of Rare Oversize VHS Boxes; Available with Authentically Duplicated Films Beginning February 12th

Oh, how fondly we remember those giant VHS boxes horror films came in back in the day. Sure, they were a bitch to fit onto your shelf, but the packaging was so cool.

Horror guru Charles Band and Full Moon Features have discovered Wizard Video's treasure trove of these classic boxes, and you can get yours, with its authentically duplicated film, beginning next week.

The videos become available on February 12th, but you can check out the new Wizard Video website now, and by all means "like" Wizard Video on Facebook.

Take a look below for all the details, including a list of the titles and when they become available. Click the image under the details for a better look at the artwork.

From the Press Release

Horror legend and home video pioneer Charles Band had been putting off his warehouse cleaning for years. But during a recent overhaul of his extensive collection of collectibles,
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Full Moon’s Grindhouse Collection Now Out: An Overview

Releas Date: Oct 21st, 2011 (DVD).

To kick off a new set of videos from Full Moon Entertainment requires only the legacy Charles Band could exist in. Part of the collection includes some of his earlier work from the 70’s, and all the discothèque styling and funky hairdos of the era hardly trademark the Grindhouse tradition. The variety of sensationalism being offered in the first set of DVDs and how they are packaged are what’s appreciated.

The Best of Sex and Violence, Auditions, and Film Gore, are the most promising. These volumes make for an interesting peek into the work that Charles Band was with or knew of at the time. The first title says it all, and the pornography featured is very tame by today’s standards. Some titles in Film Gore include: “Bury Me An Angel,” “The Devil’s Wedding Night,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and “The Boogeyman.” This collection
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Full Moon’s Grindhouse Collection! gets an ass-kicking trailer

We now have a trailer highlighting all ten films that are part of Full Moon’s Grindhouse Collection! They will be available at on October 21, 2011 at 9 Pm Pst.

Full Moon’s “Grind House” series features titles such as: “Savage Island,” “White Slave,” “Best of Sex and Violence,” “Zombiethon”, “Famous T & A”, “Auditions”, “Necropolis”, “Mutant Hunt”, and “Film Gore.” These films, featuring such talents and celebrity commentators such as John Carradine and the Carradine brothers, Elvira, Sybil Danning, Linda Blair and many others, were produced in the late 70s to mid-80s and have been rarely available on video.

The Grindhouse Collection has been assembled from old negatives and lost footage. In many cases, we’ve had to go back to masters that were 30 years old and in some cases VHS transfers. Even back in the 80′s, much of this original source material came from footage that was considered old!
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Full Moon’s Grindhouse Collection to let loose lost Late Night Classics!

The man in charge at Full Moon Pictures, Charles Band, announced on his site that he is releasing a line of flicks on DVD, some for the very first time. The series is called Full Moon’s Grindhouse, and some of the titles are Savage Island (Linda Blair), White Slave, Auditions and Necropolis. There will be a total of ten films, and the plan is to have them all available on his new site, (launching October 21, 9 Pm Pst), by Halloween this year.

Source: Full Moon Direct
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