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Richard Gray to direct psychological thriller Mine Games

Summer Coda director Richard Gray will direct. U.S. psychological horror film Mine Games. The story focuses on a group of friends that make a disturbing discovery in an abandoned mine while on holiday. As time loops back on itself, the friends realise that one of them will be responsible for the death of the others. "I'm over the moon actually," Gray told If via email. "I've been looking at this genre for a number of years and the Mine Games screenplay is really special." The film is to be produced by Mark and Christine Holder of L.A based company Zero Gravity, alongside Mike Gillespie of Yellow Brick productions. Zero Gravity is a literary and talent mangagement house and the producer of cult movie Malice in Wonderland. Preproduction...
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Elizabeth Taylor honored with two L.A. events

By Sean O’Connell Two events running concurrently in Los Angeles are honoring the late Elizabeth Taylor, who left us recently but lives on in the memory of film fans around the globe.

The Hollywood Museum and the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre have joined forces to pay tribute to Taylor. The museum, located at 1660 N. Highland Avenue in L.A., is premiering a special exhibit entitled “Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood Icon and Enchantress — the Girl with the Violet Eyes.” The Hollywood Museum exhibit, according to a release, includes props, palace ornaments and Taylor’s gown and cape ensemble from “Cleopatra;” her riding hat from “National Velvet;” her show-stopping costume from “Malice in Wonderland;” and an intimate look at her transformation from childhood through early adulthood, courtesy of Hollywood’s makeup king, Max Factor.

Concurrently American Cinematheque presents the “Lovely Tumult: A Tribute To Elizabeth Taylor Film Series,
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Elizabeth Taylor remembered by Philip French | Feature

Philip French remembers the child star turned Oscar-winning actress, who was as celebrated as much for her tempestuous relationships as her movies

For people like myself, born in Britain in the inter-war years and growing up during the second world war, Elizabeth Taylor will always be thought of as the youngest of four British evacuees who brought their immaculate English accents to Hollywood and became an essential part of a corner of Tinseltown that was forever England. She and Peter Lawford were transported across the Atlantic by their parents as war clouds gathered over Europe and were put under contract by MGM in the early 1940s. Roddy McDowall followed when bombs began to fall on Britain, as did Angela Lansbury who was also signed by MGM. McDowall was the first to attain stardom, playing the Welsh miner's son in How Green Was My Valley and then appearing in MGM's children's classic,
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Celebrity Death: Elizabeth Taylor Twitter fans tweet love for lovely lady Liz?

Celebrity Death: Elizabeth Taylor Twitter fans tweet love for Liz? [Mar. 25] Oscar award winning actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away on Wednesday March 23rd, 2011. After her burial on Thursday, fans were showing the screen legend love and sharing their thoughts via Twitter. Fans of actress Elizabeth Taylor remember her for her many Hollywood movie roles and candid relationship history – one that include multiple Hollywood marriages and subsequent Hollywood divorces! Fan on Twitter expressed gratitude, love, and memories from her many movies which include Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? for which she won a best actress Oscar Award. Other movies that make up Liz Taylor’s movie biography included the movie Cleopatra which costarred her third (and fourth) husband, actor Richard Burton, and the TV movie Malice in Wonderland alongside actress Jane Alexander. When the world learned of the death of screen legend, actress Elizabeth Taylor, many were in shock! We had
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Personal thoughts on Elizabeth Taylor’s passing

By Greg Hernandez I flipped on the television this morning to MSNBC and heard anchor Thomas Roberts share the news that Elizabeth Taylor had died.

I felt suddenly so sad.

We knew she had been so ill but it still came as a shock much like when Lucille Ball died in 1989. Both women were in their late 70s and somehow we thought they would live forever.

And just as Lucy has, so will Elizabeth.

As a movie star crazy kid growing up in the 70s, I would devour every issue of ‘People Magazine’ and Rona Barrett’s various magazines and was particularly fascinated with Miss Taylor.

My mom had always been a big fan of the actress so whenever her movies were on television, I’d watch them with her. I didn’t really understand ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,’ ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ or ‘Butterfield 8′ when
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Elizabeth Taylor: 1932-2011

Elizabeth Taylor: 1932-2011
Elizabeth Taylor, one of the last great screen legends and winner of two Academy Awards, died Wednesday morning in Los Angeles of complications from congestive heart failure; she was 79. The actress had been hospitalized for the past few weeks, celebrating her birthday on February 27th (the same day as this year's Academy Awards) while at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with friends and family. Her four children, two sons and two daughters, were by her side as she passed.

A striking brunette beauty with violet eyes who embodied both innocence and seductiveness, and was known for her flamboyant private life and numerous marriages as well as her acting career, Taylor was the epitome of Hollywood glamour, and was one of the last legendary stars who could still command headlines and standing ovations in her later years. Born to American parents in England in 1932, Taylor's family decamped to Los Angeles as World War II escalated in the late 1930s. Even as a child, her amazing good looks -- her eyes were amplified by a double set of eyelashes, a mutation she was born with -- garnered the attention of family friends in Hollywood, and she undertook a screen test at 10 years old with Universal Studios. She appeared in only one film for the studio (There's One Born Every Minute) before they dropped her; Taylor was quickly picked up by MGM, the studio that would make her a young star.

Her second film was Lassie Come Home (1943), co-starring Roddy McDowall, who would become a lifelong friend. She assayed a few other roles (including a noteworthy cameo in 1943's Jane Eyre) but campaigned for the part that would make her a bona fide child star: the young Velvet Brown, who trained a champion racehorse to win the Grand National, in National Velvet. The box office smash launched Taylor's career, and MGM immediately put her to work in a number of juvenile roles, most notably in Life With Father (1947) and as Amy in 1949's Little Women. As she blossomed into a young woman, she began to outgrow the roles she was assigned, often playing women far older than her actual age. She scored another hit alongside Spencer Tracy as the young daughter preparing for marriage in Father of the Bride (1950), but her career officially entered adulthood with George Stevens' A Place in the Sun (1951), as a seductive rich girl who bedazzles Montgomery Clift to the degree that he kills his pregnant girlfriend (Shelley Winters). The film was hailed as an instant classic, and Taylor's performance, still considered one of her best, launched the next part of her career.

Frustrated by MGM's insistence at putting her in period pieces (some were hits notwithstanding, including 1952's Ivanhoe), Taylor looked to expand her career, and took on the lead role in Elephant Walk (1954) when Vivian Leigh dropped out after suffering a nervous breakdown. As her career climbed in the 1950s, so did Taylor's celebrity: she married hotel heir Conrad "Nicky" Hilton Jr. in 1950, and divorced him within a year. She then married British actor Michael Wilding in 1952, with whom she had two sons, though that marriage ended in divorce in 1957, after she embarked on an affair with the man who would be her next husband, producer Michael Todd (who won an Oscar for Around the World in 80 Days). As her personal life made headlines, she appeared alongside James Dean and Rock Hudson in Giant (1956), and received her first Academy Award nomination for Raintree County in 1957. Roles in two Tennessee Williams adaptations followed -- Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) and Suddenly Last Summer (1959), both considered two of her best performances -- earning her two more Oscar nominations, just as tragedy and notoriety would strike her life.

Todd, whom she married in 1957 and had a daughter with, died in a plane crash in 1958 in New Mexico, leaving a bereft Taylor alone at the height of her stardom. Adored by millions, she went from lovely widow to heartless home-wrecker in the tabloids after starting an affair with Eddie Fisher, Todd's best friend and at the time husband of screen darling Debbie Reynolds. The relationship was splashed across newspapers as Fisher left Reynolds and their two children (including a young Carrie Fisher) for Taylor. The two appeared together in 1960's Butterfield 8, where Taylor played prostitute Gloria Wandrous in a performance that was considered good but nowhere near her previous films, and earned her another Oscar nomination. As the Academy Awards ceremony approached, Taylor was thrust into the headlines again when a life-threatening case of pneumonia required an emergency tracheotomy, leaving her with a legendary scar on her neck. Popular opinion swung yet again as newspapers and fans feared for her life, and the illness was credited with helping her win her first Oscar for Butterfield 8.

Taylor was now the biggest female star in the world, in terms of film and popularity, and her notoriety was only about to increase. Twentieth Century Fox, making a small biopic about the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, tried to offer Taylor the part; she laughed them off, saying she would do it for $1 million, a then-unheard of sum for an actress. The studio took her seriously, and soon she was signed to a million-dollar contract (the first for an actress) and a movie that would soon balloon out of control as filming started. Initially set to film in England with Peter Finch and Rex Harrison as Marc Antony and Julius Caesar, the movie encountered numerous problems and after a first shutdown was moved to Italy, with director Joseph L. Manckiewicz at the helm. Finch left and was replaced by acclaimed stage actor and rising movie star Richard Burton.

The rest was cinematic and tabloid history, as Taylor and Burton, whose electric chemistry was apparent to all on set, embarked on quite possibly the most famous Hollywood affair ever, while the filming of the epic movie took on gargantuan proportions and its budget increased exponentially. After the dust settled, Fox was saddled with a three-hour-plus film that, despite starring the two actors whose every move was hounded by photographers and reporters, was considered a bomb. The 1963 film almost sunk the studio (which only rebounded thanks to the megahit The Sound of Music two years later), while Burton and Taylor emerged from the wreckage relatively unscathed and ultimately married in 1964.

However, despite carte blanche to do whatever they wanted, the newly married couple made two marginally successful films, The V.I.P.s (1963) and The Sandpiper (1965), both glossy soap operas that made money but hardly challenged their talents. That opportunity would come with Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), the adaptation of the Edward Albee play directed by first-time filmmaker Mike Nichols. As the beleaguered professor George and his shrewish wife Martha, whose mind games played havoc one fateful night with a younger faculty couple (George Segal and Sandy Dennis), the two gave perhaps their best screen performances ever, tearing into the roles -- and each other -- with a gusto never seen in their previous pairings. They both received Oscar nominations, but only Taylor won, her second and final Academy Award.

A successful adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew (1967) followed, but the couple's next films were a string of notorious bombs, including Doctor Faustus, The Comedians, and the so-bad-it's-good Boom. Though still one of Hollywood's biggest stars, Taylor's cinematic output in the 1970s became somewhat dismal, as her fraying marriage with Burton took center stage in the press, as did her weight gain after Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? The couple divorced in June 1974, only to remarry briefly in October 1975; by then, Taylor was more celebrity than movie star, still appearing occasionally onscreen and in television, but to less acclaim.

Taylor married U.S. Senator John Warner at the end of 1976, and during the late 1970s and 1980s played the politician's wife, and her unsatisfying life led her to depression, drinking, overeating and ultimately a visit to the Betty Ford Center. After TV and stage appearances during the 1980s (including a reunion in 1983 with Burton for a production of Private Lives), Taylor found another, surprising role, that of social activist as longtime friend Rock Hudson died of complications from AIDS in 1985. She threw herself into fund-raising work, raising by some accounts $50 million to fight the disease, helping found the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AMFAR).

Though later generations only saw Taylor on television in films like Malice in Wonderland, and the mini-series North and South, and in her final screen appearance as the mother of Wilma in the live-action movie adaptation of The Flintstones, she remained a tabloid fixture through her marriage to construction worker Larry Fortensky (her eighth and final husband), her friendship with singer Michael Jackson, and her continual charity work, which was only sidelined by hospital visits after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2004. She is survived by four children -- two sons with Michael Wilding, a daughter with Michael Todd, and another daughter adopted with Richard Burton -- and nine grandchildren.

--Mark Englehart

ScreenIt? Link Love, DVD Lesser-Knowns, And Other Junk – Glee, The Office, Annoying Songs, And More

It’s back!

Due to circumstances beyond my ability to put much effort into, this feature has fallen by the wayside. Server changes/problems, theme reconstruction, and a deluge of items appearing in the mail have put this feature on serious hold for quite a while. I’m moderately committed to bringing in back in full swing, especially (as you may have noticed) because I’ve removed the automatic feed update of shared news items. I’ve been forced to do so for reasons that the seriously website creation savvy will understand, and no one will care about.

At any rate, here’s a bunch of junk from all over the web.

A nice helping of items from

Did you catch Work of Art? I don’t know. It was an interesting idea gone a bit goofy for me. I’m not sure that a competition of completely
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This Week on DVD: Daybreakers, Edge of Darkness, Legion

For the most part, this week's DVD releases consist of a handful of forgotten releases from the beginning of the year including Daybreakers, Edge of Darkness and Legion... it's open to debate whether or not they were overlooked or just plain bad. There's also a dose of late '90s nostalgia in the form of Daria: The Complete Animated Series, and some '80s memories as well with both The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid Part II out on Blu-ray. Other Blu-ray releases include the Criterion Collection for Fritz Lang's M, and a trio of Mel Brooks flicks. Do you see anything worth buying or renting this week? Daybreakers [1] (+ Blu-ray [2]) Edge of Darkness [3] (+ Blu-ray [4]) Legion [5] (+ Blu-ray [6]) North Face [7] Malice in Wonderland [8] Tidal Wave [9] (+ Blu-ray [10]) Legend of the Tsunami Warrior [11] (+ Blu-ray [12]) Art & Copy [13] P-Star Rising [14] Daria: The Complete Animated Series [15] The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Complete Fifth
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DVD Releases 5/11/10

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Daybreakers: "Dystopic films have to strike the right balance between the sterility of the future and the need to breathe some life into the movie (see Gattaca for a good examplre). The Spierig Brothers get the vampire dystopia right -- I really like the idea of huge corporations farming human blood for a mostly vampire population. But there's no razzmatazz, no charisma, no spirit, no fucking life force. It needs an occasional dose of humor; a Hannibal King; a sympathetic character. Something that might resonate with the audience, that we can relate to; that might make us give a damn about the smart ideas bubbling beneath asepsis." - Dustin Rowles

Edge of Darkness: "My guess is that a lot of critics and, in particular, box-office prognosticators, are taking a very noncommittal approach to Mel Gibson's first turn in front of the screen in seven years. How very
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Elizabeth Taylor Allegedly to Wed Longtime Companion

Elizabeth Taylor is to wed for a ninth time, according to U.S. reports. Sources claim the 78-year-old movie icon and her longtime companion Jason Winters, 49, recently became engaged.

An insider tells Us Magazine, "It's no secret that they've been together forever and are in love... Right now they are keeping it between them." Taylor has often spoken publicly about her feelings for Winters, who recently became Janet Jackson's manager - she recently told gossip columnist Liz Smith that her "friend" was "one of the most wonderful men I've ever known".

Taylor has been married twice to Richard Burton. Her last union, to construction worker Larry Fortensky, ended in 1996.

Elizabeth Taylor formally introduced Jason Winters as her partner in September 2007. During an interview with Variety, the "Malice in Wonderland" star revealed that the businessman bought them "the most beautiful house in Hawaii" and visited it as often as possible.
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Exclusive: Malice In Wonderland stills

I have a gut feeling that many people will think this is an April Fool’s joke since we haven’t had many exclusives in our 2 1/2 year run, but I assure you this is very real. Magnolia Pictures has sent us five exclusive stills from the film Malice In Wonderland, which is showing exclusively at the Gas Lamp theater this weekend in San Diego.

Read more on Exclusive: Malice In Wonderland stills…
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Justin Bieber Reacts To 'Bieber Fever' At Kids' Choice Awards

In response to screams of support at Saturday's show, Bieber says he's 'happy to have so many fans.'

By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Matt Elias

Justin Bieber

Photo: MTV News

The highly contagious Bieber fever — known to infect mostly teenage girls, and a few celebrities (minus Miley Cyrus) — was in full force in Los Angeles over the weekend. Some of Bieber's biggest fans were screaming their undying devotion to the star at the UCLA Pauley Pavilion, where he performed for the Kids' Choice Awards.

"It feels great. I'm just happy to be here, happy to have so many supportive fans," Bieber told MTV News on the orange carpet, just moments before he hit the stage to sing his hit "Baby."

"Tonight, I'm performing, and I don't know, I'm just gonna show everybody a great time," he said. "We just recently started performing with a band, so that was big stuff.
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AfterElton Theater: "Robin Hood" "Grown Ups" "A.D." "The Secret of Kells" and More Prepare to Brighten Your Screen

So much coming to the multiplex

We’ve been keeping you updated on movie trailers in our Afternoon Meme feature for a few weeks now, but with the Super Bowl this weekend the number of trailers out has skyrocketed. While not all these films can afford 30-seconds during the game itself, the pregame is probably 14 hours long, so there’s plenty of less expensive space available.

So go pop some popcorn, open some Sour Patch Kids, a bucket of Diet Coke, and sit yourself down for Theater.

In the animated genre, we have A.D. which frankly creeps me out. It appears to be a zombie movie, but animated so it can be creepier. There’s no release date on this one beyond 2010, and there’s not even any casting information in

The Secret of the Kells has a beautiful, simple trailer. Brendan, our hero works with monks writing books.
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Snoop Dogg Teams Up With Martha Stewart To Make Some Special Brownies

When Snoop Dogg first scowled at the camera in Dr. Dre's "Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang" video way back in 1992, could anybody have imagined how well the rapper would be able to mainstream himself 17 years later? Few artists are versatile enough to drop a killer album like Malice in Wonderland, chat with Stephen Colbert and receive praise for his pee-wee football coaching skills all in the same week, but Snoop has managed to pull it off.

His latest crossover feat may be his best — and most hilarious. Snoop is on today's episode of "The Martha Stewart Show," which will feature the rapper baking brownies with the erstwhile daytime host. During the segment, Snoop jokes about knowing his way around a kitchen because he worked at McDonald's, gets confused by the color of vanilla and, in the best moment perhaps ever captured on television, encourages Stewart to drop a special
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Alice in Wonderland traverses fantasy to grindhouse noir in ECiLA

There's a few Alice in Wonderland adaptations in the works right now, and honestly the likes of Burtons version really don't interest me. What does? Malice in Wonderland and this hitherto unknown diddy called ECiLA. I'm really digging it's colorful style. Is this the next Hobo With a Shotgun?

The once beloved city of Boceno, known for it's Persian Mafia and it's drug epidemic is under the microscope of it's couterpart city Belcapo.

After all Belcapo citzens including the press are requested to leave the city for their own saftey. One reporter stands above them all, ECiLA. The headliner of her story is an oldman on the pink moped(the hunted rabbit), believed to be the runner of the drug "Love" and collector of Mr. G's(Leader of the Persian crime family) debts in the city. ECiLA finds herself meeting a "wonderland" of characters though her journey. Will ECiLA get
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War of the Welles: Seven Actors Who've Played Orson

  • IFC
War of the Welles: Seven Actors Who've Played Orson
Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane" is about one man from many perspectives. As a reporter travels the country in search of the meaning of Charles Foster Kane's last words, he hears stories about the man from wives, co-workers, friends, and guardians, all of whom see Kane's life differently. In the trailer, Welles describes the many dimensions of his character in the narration: "Kane is a hero, and a scoundrel, a no account and a swell guy. A great lover, a great American citizen and a dirty dog."

Certainly, Welles believed that one man could encompass all of these dissimilar traits. And in recent years, enough actors have portrayed enough variations of Welles himself to suggest that the acting/directing wunderkind, like Kane, was just as complex an individual. Some films have portrayed him as a hero, others as a scoundrel. Some, like Richard Linklater's new film "Me and Orson Welles,
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Snoop Dogg Announces Wonderland High School Tour Dates

Which cities Snoop Dogg will visit when he goes on Wonderland High School Tour have been revealed. The roadshow opener will take place on October 27 in Baltimore and will be followed by at least eleven live concerts across North America before the gig is wrapped on November 8 in Dallas.

Snoop will perform hit singles from his previous releases as well as materials from his upcoming studio project "Malice in Wonderland". For the tour, he has also recruited such Hip-Hop performers as Method Man, Redman and Devin the Dude as his supporting acts.

"Malice in Wonderland" is Snoop Dogg's tenth studio album. It is due to arrive in U.S. stores on December 8 and will feature R. Kelly, Swizz Beatz, Ghostface Killah, Brandy, Mary J. Blige, Pharrell Williams and Jazmine Sullivan.

Wonderland High School Tour dates:

Oct. 27 - Baltimore, MD at Rams Head Live

Oct. 28 - Sayreville, NJ at Starland Ballroom

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Get Whipped...and a Free T-Shirt

  • Fandango
Prepared to whip it good? All of you Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig, and/or roller derby fans, get ready to rumble right into your local movie theaters for a sneak preview of the action-packed dramedy Whip It this Saturday night, 09/26 (check your local theaters for exact showtimes and ticketing). Besides getting your roller rink jones on, you'll be able to see how Drew Barrymore fares as a first-time director, and find out what the fuss was about for this sleeper hit of the Toronto Film Festival. The story involves Juno hero Ellen Page and her transition from small-town Texas beauty pageant contestant to rough-and-ready derby queen. Lending her a hand and a few helpful elbow shoves is supremely named mentor Malice in Wonderland (Kristen Wiig). Need another...

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Whip It Review - Tiff ‘09

Take Drew Barrymore: Mix in some of her feel-good friend fare, her experiences and appreciation of all things 80s, some of Hollywood’s most kick-ass girls, and rollerskates, and you’ll come up with “Whip It.” An ’80s film for a new millennium, “Whip It” is rough, fun, and hip-checkingly girly. Hit the jump to learn more about Barrymore’s directorial debut.

Without a doubt, this is Ellen Page’s movie; everything rests on her shoulders, and she pulls it off with ease and tough abandon. Page plays Bliss Cavendar, a girl caught in her mother’s hopeful vision of pageantry - white dresses, sweet and saccharine “smarts,” and typical pageant horrors. But Bliss wants something different for herself - she just doesn’t know what. With the helpful support of best friend Pash (Alia Shawkat), Bliss is the classic trendy loner - the girl who is perfectly cool
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MovieSet Spotlight - ‘Whip it’ Drew Barrymore’s Roller Derby Directorial Debut

Another film we’ve followed for a while showing at Tiff is ‘Whip It’ which had a world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. The film features Drew Barrymore as a Director as well as in front of the camera along with Ellen Page in the lead role and the very busy Kristen Wiig (also in ‘Extract’).

MovieSet has a bunch of new videos from ‘Whip It’ including this one in which Bliss (Ellen Page) and Pash (Alia Shawkat) lie to Bliss’s parents so they can sneak off to the roller derby.

Here they all are in “Safety is sexy” video clip in which Malice in Wonderland (Kristen Wiig), Rosa Sparks (Eve) and Bloody Holly (Zoe Bell) prepare Bliss (Ellen Page) for her first roller derby. You gotta dig their awesome names!


For years, Bliss Cavendar (Academy Award® nominee Ellen Page) has been dreaming of escaping her tiny,
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