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Season 5

6 Dec. 1988
A Womb with a View
In utero, Maddie's baby is given an introduction to his future life. He decides he is not happy with all the fighting between Maddie and David. Maddie has her baby shower during which she is suddenly rushed to hospital.
13 Dec. 1988
Between a Yuk and a Hard Place
After the loss of the baby, Maddie and David have been avoiding each other, until Agnes intervenes and fixes the situation. A woman asks the agency to find out about a mystery woman in her husband's past, and then she dies in an accident.
20 Dec. 1988
The Color of Maddie
A woman approaches Blue Moon to find out whether the man she is living with is really her husband. She had married him 10 years ago but he disappeared before suddenly reappearing a few months ago claiming to be her husband.
10 Jan. 1989
Plastic Fantastic Lovers
The agency is asked by a man who had failed plastic surgery to found out if his operation was a deliberate act of sabotage. Maddie goes undercover to the surgeon to find out what happened. Meanwhile, David works on the receptionist.
17 Jan. 1989
Shirts and Skins
A woman shoots and wounds her boss after he sacked her because she wouldn't sleep with him. Maddie investigates her story that appears to a case of sexual harassment. David takes the side of the boss, in opposition to Maddie.
7 Feb. 1989
Take My Wife, for Example
A divorce lawyer hires Blue Moon agency after she has doubts after arranging the divorce of a couple. She wants to know whether the husband is really having an affair. Maddie and David follow the couple and find out what is happening.
14 Feb. 1989
I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld
A client dies in Maddie's office before they even have a chance to meet. Later a friend turns up looking for him. They each had half of a lottery ticket worth $10 million. Maddie and David are hired to find the other half of the ticket.
2 Apr. 1989
Those Lips, Those Lies
The fiancée of David's brother, Richard, has been ripped off by her business partner, Benny. Richard asks David and Maddie to find Benny and find the missing money. They find out the fiancée and Benny have been running an escort service.
9 Apr. 1989
A man who is dying comes to Blue Moon claiming to have committed a perfect crime 25 years ago. He wants them to prove that he committed the robbery from a museum. They manage to solve the crime but then he wants them to stop.
16 Apr. 1989
When Girls Collide
Maddie's cousin comes to town and David is smitten by her, and it is reciprocated. They spend a lot of time together and end up in bed, which upsets Maddie as her cousin is married and she is still confused about her feelings for David.
23 Apr. 1989
In 'N Outlaws
Agnes is apprehensive about meeting Herbert's family at a party, and then she is also called up for jury duty. Agnes is the lone standout in the jury that causes her to be sequestered. Herbert decides to solve the crime to free her.
30 Apr. 1989
Eine Kleine Nacht Murder
Maddie witnesses a murder, after which the killer tries to murder her as well. She is given a police bodyguard to protect her round the clock. Herbert and David are suspicious of the motives of the bodyguard.
14 May 1989
Lunar Eclipse
Agnes proposes to Herbert and he agrees, although he has some misgivings. Annie's husband, Mark, turns up and throws a spanner in David's life. He hires a detective to follow Annie. David conspires to make Annie to return to her husband.

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