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Interview: John Landis, director of Three Amigos

HBO Home Entertainment does the right thing by Three Amigos with the release of the film in a gorgeous new Blu-ray edition (available on Nov. 22 for $14.98), the movie’s high-definition premiere. More a cult favorite than a comedy classic, the 1986 western comedy-adventure is nonetheless a handsome-looking film—and one that’s long been in need of a respectable, remastered edition for the home market.

Directed by John Landis and starring Steve Martin (It’s Complicated), Chevy Chase (Caddyshack) and Martin Short (TV’s Damages), Three Amigos follows a trio of silent movie stars as they head to Mexico and find themselves living out their roles as celluloid heroes when they’re wrangled into rescuing a poor village from a gang of nefarious banditos. The large-scale results of their “gig” include lots of bullet-ridden action, horse-mounted adventure and good-natured comedy.

Disc Dish spoke to John Landis about his film’s new Blu-ray incarnation,
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