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  • No. She is wearing cream-coloured trousers. They are a different colour from the skin on her face and hands. This can be clearly seen in one of the scenes where she is not wearing her boots and is lying down on her front with her head propped up on her hands and her legs bent at the knee, the material bunches up around her lower leg. Also, she is not wearing a skirt; that is a jacket with a belt around it. Edit

  • Without a doubt, Myazaki's eco-eschatology drama is one of the best animes of all time and received numerous awards. Unfortunately, the international version, which was the only available version in the west for a long time, was about 22 minutes shorter than the original. This version has been released e.g. on VHS in the USA, French, Germany and the UK. However: All DVDs released worldwide contain the original uncut Japanese version. Edit



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