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Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid...
Shield-318 August 2000
Oh, I can understand why "Conan the Destroyer" is the way it is. The original, classic "Conan the Barbarian" was a hit, but the Hollywood bigwigs decided they could get x-amount more money if they made a more family-friendly sequel, thereby opening the franchise to the lucrative kid's market (never mind that, for as long as there have been "restrictive" movie ratings, kids have known how to get to see the movies they want). Take out the sex, tone down the violence, crank up the humor, and... out comes this movie.

It's like "Destroyer" is stuck in a state of half-development. The basic storyline would be okay, but the script gives Conan a coterie of unneccessary sidekicks (as if Conan were not a strong enough character to carry a movie by himself). Grace Jones is interesting to look at but gets tiresome VERY fast; the cowardly sidekick gets more irritating by the second; Mako wears this expression like he's only in this one for the money. Olivia d'Abo is just plain miscast: it's like she's a marker that should read "Insert More Interesting Character in Second Draft." Arnold Schwarzenegger does a competent job as Conan, but we don't see the raw power and brute force of the first movie. There is a thin line between competence and complacency, between an actor and a star; it took Roger Moore six years to get to that point in the James Bond series, while Schwarzenegger reaches the same point with Conan in two.

I think part of the problem is whether or not the Conan concept is flexible enough to become family fare, and my answer is "no." Fans of Robert E. Howard's Conan work know his Cimmerian is a very rough-edged hero, a cunning, hard-drinking, hard-fighting man, and the first Conan movie captured that essence. To change him into the simple-minded do-gooder of "Conan the Destroyer" is to destroy what Conan is all about, and the movie suffers for it.

Is "Conan the Destroyer" worth watching? Yes. For someone who knows absolutely nothing about Conan, I suppose it can be a harmless sword-and-sorcery popcorn flick. For Conan fans, it's kind of like "Legend of the Lone Ranger" for Lone Ranger fans: an irresistible example of just how badly Hollywood can treat your favorite character.

I just hope that if there is ever another Conan movie (not likely, thanks to "Destroyer"), the producers will concentrate on following the style of "Conan the Barbarian" and just ignore this one.
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Conan Sequel: Lots of Muscles, but Lacks 'Muscle'!
cariart8 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
After the worldwide success of CONAN THE BARBARIAN, it was inevitable that a sequel would be made (director John Milius envisioned the saga as a trilogy, with an aged Conan ruling his own kingdom in the final chapter). But Universal, seeing star Arnold Schwarzenegger as appealing more to younger audiences, did not like the R-rated combination of gore, sex, and machismo philosophy of the first film, so Milius was unceremoniously dumped, and more family-friendly action director Richard Fleischer was brought in to helm CONAN THE DESTROYER.

Working with a script by comic book scribes Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, much of what made the first film so unique was tossed aside. While Milius had Arnold lose weight and study Oriental swordsmanship, in an effort to tone down the bodybuilder look, and make him more flexible and believable as an arena-trained warrior, Fleischer ordered the actor to bulk up as much as possible, hoping to recreate the impossibly-muscled giant painted by Frank Frazetta on the covers of the paperback CONAN novels. Instead of being a taciturn loner, Conan would joke and 'care' about people, with an idiot sidekick (Tracey Walter) to provide comic relief. Bloodletting would be mainly off-camera, sex would consist solely of flashes of cleavage, and any monsters faced would be toned-down so children wouldn't be traumatized. While all this succeeded in garnering a PG rating, the end result was less Robert Howard's barbarian, more the generic B-movie hero seen in the dozens of imitations CONAN THE BARBARIAN had inspired.

The plot is simple; Cruel but beautiful Queen Taramis (SUPERMAN I and II villainess Sarah Douglas) promises to revive Conan's dead love, Valeria, if he'll lead virgin Princess Jehnna (Olivia d'Abo) and her bodyguard (basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain), on a quest to steal a giant diamond, and use it to recover a horn that will bring god Dagoth to life. Joined by his sidekick, Malak, a wizard (Mako), and a female warrior (Grace Jones), the group faces the usual array of monsters, wizards, and enemy soldiers, and defeats them all, succeeding in the quest...but Conan discovers, nearly too late, that the bodyguard has been ordered to murder him, after the horn is retrieved, and that Jehnna is to be sacrificed as part of the process of reviving Dagoth...

While the fight between Conan and Toth-Amon (Pat Roach), in a hall of mirrors, is well-staged and exciting, much of the rest of the film seems flat, with one scene, of Conan blind drunk at a campfire, ridiculously out of character and silly.

CONAN THE DESTROYER didn't achieve anywhere near the success of the original, but Schwarzenegger had no reason to worry; his next film would be a low-budget SF thriller called THE TERMINATOR, and he was about to become a superstar!

A footnote to early 2003, Schwarzenegger and John Milius tentatively agreed to bring CONAN THE KING, the final chapter of the saga, to the screen...With the original director's vision, and the improvements in FX that CGI has provided, we may yet see the ULTIMATE Conan film reach the screen, if Arnold's political career doesn't take precedence!
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Entertaining but not as good as Conan The Barbarian
AMar_rom11 June 2012
I have been captivated by Conan's heroic fantasy world for many years. For this reason alone I am rating this film as 6/10. Do not expect a continuation of the first Conan film. 'Conan The Destroyer' is too light in its scope and Conan is not the same man anymore. The villains are also not as menacing.

Having said that it was good to see Grace Jones and Sarah Douglas and also Conan's companions had good lines and were very funny at times.

As a side note I found the adjective 'Destroyer' in the title quite misleading and unfortunate. For those of us that read the Conan novels we see Conan driven by his own motivations, and fighting his battles only if he had to and not for the sake of destroying. The film distributors could have picked something else to promote the movie.
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campy and humorous, but still enthralling entertainment
brucejr31 January 2001
While the original 'Conan the Barbarian' was more dramatic, the sequel is played more for laughs. Nonetheless, it is still a highly entertaining sword and sorcery fantasy flick. The music is again outstanding and carries the movie where the dialogue fails. Of particular note is Wilt Chamberlain's impressive performance as the immense Bombatta. He has a tremendous screen presence, more than just his stature (plus he had to do his own stunts!).

There are lots of memorable scenes throughout the movie. Not a cerebral film, just good old-fashioned fantasy!
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Stupid But Fun
ogremage128 August 2007
If you're looking for a deep, interesting and layered fantasy flick which makes sense and has an original story, go rent out the first Conan movie. Conan the Destroyer is pure Hollywood cheese, made because the Conan the Barbarian was such a hit. The studio execs made the story more light-hearted, with sidekicks and magic and the kind of story a thirteen-year-old could watch without getting in trouble.

Oddly enough, it works. While it's light years away from Robert E Howard's original Conan stories, Conan the Destroyer is still great fun, even twenty years after it was made. Arnold Schwarzenegger makes the most of the very silly lines he's given, Tracey Walter proves a capable if somewhat pointless comic foil, and the irony of casting Wilt Chamberlain as a protector of a young princess' virginity is hilarious.

Mako hams it up, Grace Jones takes it all too seriously and Olivia D'Abo makes for a good childlike princess because she was 16 when the film got made. The music's over-dramatic, the lines are laughable ("Some wizard you are! Go back to juggling apples!") and the story's cliché, but for Saturday night viewing, nothing beats Conan the Destroyer.

Possibly Interesting Trivia: This movie was produced by Raffaela De Laurentis, daughter of the famous Dino De Laurentis. She also produced the confusing big-budget epic "Dune". Both Dune and this movie flopped at the box office, and both were filmed in Mexico.
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The destroyer of Arnold's sequel phobia
Smells_Like_Cheese29 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When I was a little girl, my parents were hooked on the Conan movies, but The Destroyer always stood out to me more for some reason. But I haven't watched this movie for a very long time, so the other night, I was in a weird mood, I decided to watch the Conan movies. So The Destroyer was more familiar to me. But the thing is, this movie is a sort of break through for Arnold, since this movie was a flop at the box office, he doesn't like sequels, The Terminator being his only exception. So I was curious as an adult if this movie really was as bad as it's made out to be, I liked it a little bit when I was a kid, but when you're a kid, you're fascinated by anything. So watching this movie, as cheesy as it was, I still had a good time watching it. I understand why a lot of people have a distaste for it, it's definitely not up to par with the first Conan, it's more of a comedy vs. adventure. But I still enjoyed this movie, it's a good bad film that entertained me.

Conan and his partner, Malek, are brought before Queen Taramis, who asks that Conan perform two tasks for her: obtain a special gem and retrieve the magic horn that can awaken the god, Dagoth. In exchange, she offers to resurrect Conan's dead lover, Valeria. Conan agrees. Conan, Malak, Jehnna, the queen's niece, and Bombaata set off on their journey. Along the way, Conan enlists the aid of his old comrade Akiro and the group later encounters Zula, who joins the party. They then set off after the magical horn, which is kept inside of a mysterious fortress. Jehnna retrieves the horn. After some difficulty from the cult residing in the fortress, they try to make their way back to Queen Taramis however, Bombaata betrays Conan and takes Jehnna, leaving the others to fight for their lives.

The story is a bit much and it's not the same as the original, but if you give it a fair enough chance, I think you'll enjoy it too. It is a bit more comedic and steers away from the original story, but I think the comedy still made it fun. I loved the addition of Grace Jones, she was one tough chick and could stand proudly next to Conan; even if she did have a silly Japanese anime type of look to her hair in the end. I loved the costumes and the special effects and of course, Arnold. Conan is the part that he was meant to play and he carries the movie well with the other cast. Granted I know the direction isn't really good, it does have a more cheesy vibe as this was the same director for our favorite barbarian box office flop that was Red Sonja. There are a lot of plot holes and a script that could us a more than a few touch up's, but give the movie a fair enough chance, don't compare it to the original, on it's own, I'm sure you'll have a good time watching it.

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Not bad - but blimey - the most annoying sidekick ever!!!!!
benuk9 May 2007
The plot moves on at a fair old pace from one big set piece to another and it is clear the film had a decent budget. In fact, I would say that this is excellent bubblegum sword and sorcery fodder except for a few minor, but annoying quirks. For one thing the comedy sidekick Malak is phenomenally irritating, badly acted, and takes any tension, interest etc out of any scene. Clearly they were going for a wider 'family' appeal with this film, but this was also clearly a decision made some time down the filming process. Most obviously this hits home during the fight scenes with some very choppy cutting as some of the more gruesome bits have been removed. And Conan's second encounter with the camel suffers from this too! That aside the cast carry off their roles with aplomb, Grace Jones in particular really getting across her character's zest for and love of combat. One of the better hack and slash films out there.
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The Adventures of Conan.
liodavix7 February 2019

With an aesthetic and atmosphere closer to Conan's comics, whoever says no, has not read them in his life, because in John Millius, despite being a masterpiece, many concepts were invented that had nothing to do with the universe of Howard, mixing them with the Scandinavian mythology, since the director is a lover of the stories of vikíngos.

In this, what a veteran Richard Fleischer offered us, aged 70 or so when he shot it, is an entertaining adventure and fantasy film, full of action and sense of humor and showing those huge and incredible kingdoms that were shown to us in the comics.

Schwarzenegger is here much more active, speaks more, interacts more with the characters around him and also shows his most comedic side. His partner and servant Malak, played by the great Tracey Walter, one of those actors that you see everywhere, is the one that carries the most comical and carefree part of the film.

The gigantic Mombaata, played by the legendary basketball player Wilt Chamberlain, one of the 50 best in history, according to the NBA, the bodyguard of the young naive and somewhat annoying princess Jehnna, Olivia d Abbo.

Sarah Douglas, is the beautiful and evil, or perhaps manipulated by the priests of the cult of Dagoth, Taramis, queen of Shadizar, and it still hurts me to see how badly wasted she is, since her character was for much more.

Later on they will be joined by the late actor Mako, as the wizard Akiro, the only actor with Schwarzenegger and the camel, who repeat in the sequel. And of course, Zula, a Grace Jones ultra-sexy and more exotic than ever.

The film is not a B Series, as many people think, since it had a budget around 18 million dollars, higher than the first one, although it does not look as it should, since special effects are nowadays totally childish and crappy. However the setting in that wonderful country that is Mexico, with its deserts and valleys, is fascinating and fits perfectly into the universe of the hero.

It is true that it is not better than the first, but it is that the approach is different anyway.

In the first one was to present a character, with a completely adult tone, it was not even for children, which caused that it was crushed by criticism, which labeled it as pseudo-pornographic and made by a psychopath, for a future trilogy that never took place, and here what we have is an adventure film, entertaining, light, very funny, and that even with its defects it is superior to most of the clunkers, of the genre of sword and witchcraft, of that no doubt.
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Conan Goes Hollywood
nbwritersinbox20 January 2012
For fantasy-geeks like myself, this 1984 outing of the legendary swordsman is an interesting mix of highs and lows. The cinematography, costumes and settings are a high-point, remaining loyal to Frazetta's incredible illustrations.

Gone, unfortunately, is the first film's solid, adult screenplay. Howard's original, "Nietzschean" Conan is watered-down here, the director deciding to play for laughs (but Conan and his world just is'nt comedic).

Like the dialogue, the casting is sometimes hit and miss. Although Grace Jones (as the wild warrioress Zula) has been criticized as "over the top", she puts in a solid, believable performance. Sarah Douglas also shines as Queen Taramis, although we don't see enough of her! Arnie is adequate, as is Mako (who reprises his role here as a helpful wizard).

The film suffers most from poor special effects (an unforgivable crime for fantasy lovers)! It looks like they spent most of the budget on actors and settings, but even by 1980s standards, the monsters Conan faces were absurd.

Lessons were not learned, ending with the debacle of "Red Sonja" a year later. Arnie admitted that film to be "the worst he ever made". "Destroyer" amounts to harmless entertainment, lacking conviction, but watchable all the same.
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Conan the Destroyer
Scarecrow-8823 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The great warrior, Conan, is promised the return of his beloved Valeria if he will lead a quest to find a horn which belongs to an evil god, Dagoth. Along this journey, accompanied by the princess of whose kingdom worships Dagoth and her giant guardian, Conan will find others to assist him along the way as they come across heavy resistance and danger to their mission to retrieve the horn.

I've read many considering this a homage of sorts to Seven Samurai, and while it does contain a group joining forces to defeat a powerful enemy, this is more of an adventure tale with sword and sorcery(..absent the nudity and gore from Conan the Barbarian which actually appeals to those yearning for the more gratuitous elements sacrificed to obtain a larger audience). Quite an eclectic group we follow, too. Grace Jones as a tribal warrior. Wilt Chamberlain as the princess' guard who we all know could turn on Conan any moment. Mako as a powerful magician whose saved from nearly being a feast for a cannibal tribe. Jeff Corey as a thief who swallows gems he steals. Olivia d'Abo, the virginal princess who secretly desires Conan.

The most unfortunate decision was a limited Sarah Douglas who is perfect as the sinister Queen Taramis who wants to sacrifice d'Abo so that she can command Dagoth to do her will, with designs on ruling the world..she gets little screen time which is a shame, because she's so wonderfully evil Instead the film spends a lot of time on the journey with Conan, Bombaata(Chamberlain), and princess Jehnna(d'Abo)gathering up allies, encountering opposition, providing fans with plenty of swordplay.

A little bloodier than I had remembered, but nowhere near as ultra-violent as Conan the Barbarian. Arnold Schwarzenegger was in fine form during this period, but the movie doesn't demand him to flex in acting muscle, just his pecks when he wields his sword at his adversaries. Most often chuckle at Chamberlain's performance, but, let's be honest, we all know he was hired for his towering presence not his acting chops. Grace Jones goes all out as she normally does, with a giant stick, battling men with swords, eyes bulging, hyena screeching, the works. The Mexico locations provide this film with the proper setting needed for warriors battling in caves, deserts, and under the hot sun. Far less serious approach is applied here compared to Conan the Barbarian which might be why it received less critical reception. Most of the graphic violence is shot away from the viewers' eyes, certain to earn a PG rating, but what did the filmmakers sacrifice in return? Contains another masterful Basil Poledouris score, adding a riveting thrill to the battles not to mention providing Conan with a majestic aura.
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Grace Jones is just horrible and hisses a lot.
Rob_Taylor18 December 2002
Sadly, sequels are rarely as good as the original, and with Conan the Barbarian being such a good movie, this one had to produce something special to live up to its predecessor.

Well, we still got Arnie as Conan, so that's a good start. And we have one of the other cast members from the first flick, in the shape of Mako. But that's about where any good stuff ends.

The first death knell for this movie is the casting. We have Tracey Walter as Malak, a thief side-kick of Conan's (whatever happened to Gerry Lopez's Subotai character?) Tracey does a very good impression of Peter Lorre...throughout the whole film. Then there's Grace Jones (perhaps the original singer-turned-actor) as some kind of demented she-warrior. All she is really good at is glaring at people and hissing like a snake and she does this......throughout the whole film. Sarah Douglas as the obligatory evil queen...the only thing she seems to be queen of is sequels (Superman 2, Puppetmaster 3, Beastmaster 2 etc.) and Olivia D'Abo, who is just irritatingly helpless and annoying here.

The plot is trivial and the dialogue poor and some of the effects are lamentably bad (look for the island in the lake and the "man-ape"). Also, did I mention that Grace Jones is just horrible and hisses a lot? I did? Oh well, it bears repeating..

All in all, this is a cash-in movie, designed to rake in some easy money on the back of the original and not really caring much about a plot or good actors. Even Arnie, the world's best actor at not saying many lines, is hampered by having too much dialogue.

Avoid it unless you want a laugh.
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This was great
longliveservo30 May 2004
I don't know why it got such a low rating, I really enjoyed Conan the Destroyer. I wasn't as good as the first one, but it was a very good sequel, and definitely worth watching. Good acting, good music, the special effects could have been better, but they were still good. WATCH THIS! Arnold did a really good job with this movie. I think one of the reasons people thought it wasn't good was because it was either confusing or boring. It wasn't boring at all. And it was a little confusing because it is a fantasy adventure movie!

Look at Lord of the Rings, that is fantasy, only everybody loves that! What the....
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Sword-and-sorcery epic with silly adventures , spectacular battles and brutal scenes
ma-cortes26 April 2010
This is an epic adventure based on Robert E Howard's pulp tales with screenplay by the comic-book authors, Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway , it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role, the Hyborian Age hero . This time Conan with the help his partner (Tracey Walter), a magician (Mako, who repeats his role as wizard of ¨Conan the Barbarian ¨ by John Milius and written by Oliver Stone), an androgynous sidekick( Grace Jones who steals the show ), as a club-wielding tomboy, a giant hoodlum (Wilt Chamberlain) and a virgin princess(Olivia DÁbo) undergo on a risked trip to find a treasure whose sacred jewel contains a magic horn that relives a monster (manufactured by Carlo Rambaldi : ET) and leading a vibrant ending.

This violent following packs noisy action, full-blooded adventure, thrills, crude scenes and rip-roaring fights. Dumb images and unintentionally hilarious but amusing . Made on a grand scale with spectacular production design and colorful cinematography by Jack Cardiff, occasionally filmmaker. Big budget and lavishly produced by Raffaela De Laurentis, Dino's daughter. Impressive musical score composed and conducted by Basil Poledouris as vibrant as the original Conan. In other words, it seem likely Conan enthusiasts and juvenile viewers will be delighted. Followed by several low-grade imitations and rip offs, and spawned TV series starred by Ralph Moller. Furthermore a similar film realized in old-fashioned style also directed by Richard Fleischer titled ¨Red Sonja¨ with Brigette Nielsen as female lead , Sandahl Bergman and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger has a brief guest spot. And in production a new ¨Conan¨ by Marcus Nispel with Jason Momoa,Rose McGowan and Ron Perlman.
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Maybe they want to capture us and torture us to death
utgard1416 January 2014
Sequel to Conan the Barbarian sees Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger) leading a group of characters on a quest. Evil Queen Taramis (Sarah Douglas) promises to bring Conan's dead love Valeria back to life if he can protect her niece Jehnna (Olivia d'Abo) as she journeys to retrieve a jewel that has something to do with a prophecy. It's all bull though, as the Queen intends to kill Conan and friends once their task is through and sacrifice virgin Jehnna to the god Dagoth.

This sequel is OK but nowhere near as good as the first film. More comedy and watered-down violence don't do much to help it. Arnold seems to play this a little tongue-in-cheek at times, unlike the first one where he played it straight. I had a huge childhood crush on Olivia d'Abo from this movie. She's actually one of the better parts, cast-wise. Basketball player Wilt Chamberlain plays her bodyguard Bombaata. As an actor, he's a great basketball player. Mako returns from the first film and is fine. He should have been the only comic relief but alas, we have the terrible Tracey Walter as Malak, Arnold's moronic thief sidekick. Sarah Douglas always makes for a good villain. Lastly, we have androgynous '80s curiosity Grace Jones as the animalistic Zula. She's amusing to watch, though usually for the wrong reasons. Still, entertaining is entertaining. Altogether it's a weak sequel but not without its merits and hard to hate. It's fun and enjoyable despite its faults.
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Best Movie Ever (From a child's point of view)
pdtmbgeffbm8 June 2002
I first saw this movie when I was probably 5 and because of it I am now a giant fantasy/adventure fan. I love movies where the lead character uses his sword to solve his problems and both Conan movies do this. This my favorite of the two because the battle sequences are more frequent, the characters are more rememberable, and the music rocks. I have always been a fan of movie soundtracks and this one is my favorite. Do not rent this if you want to see a deep and complicated plot. Rent this if you want to see Arnold kick some a**! Every set, fight scene, and character from the Scorpion King was based on this film. I love this movie!
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Conan the goofball!
grendelkhan13 July 2003
Boy, did this one take a wrong turn at Albuquerque! Although it's still pretty entertaining, it's played far too much for laughs.

Ahnuld is back, and this time he gets more dialogue, a big mistake. He sounds more than a little ridiculous with a large part of his dialogue. Instead of Gerry Lopez, we have Tracy Walter, a fine actor, but too comedic for this (yeah, he's the comic relief, but Conan shouldn't have comic relief). Mako is good and Sarah Douglas sizzles as always. Grace Jones, well, is Grace Jones. If you are looking for subtlety, look elsewhere. And, speaking of subtlety, there's "Wilt, the Stilt." As an actor, Wilt makes a great basketball player. Olivia D'Abo is cute, but little else.

The movie has its moments and the finale is pretty good, but there's a lot of junk in the middle. The fight between Conan and Toth-Amon (Pat "Bomber" Roach) is fantastic, but the campfire scenes after are just plain stupid. Tracy Walter's character gets annoying with the constant Shaggy and Scooby jokes (you know, "I'll wait here. Wait for me!"). The basic story is good and in keeping with Conan traditions, but it descends into camp at the worst times.

Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway were quite familiar with Conan, having written the character for Marvel Comics. How much of their story is in the final film is a puzzler. The elements that work are straight out of Howard and Roy Thomas' comics. The goofier stuff, who knows?

The first film was epic adventure. This is more of a glorified B-movie. It's fun when you have a group of friends together and can "MST3K" it; but as cinema, it's not 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Director Richard Fleischer has done better. Still, it's a great "guilty pleasure" film.
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Conan the Destroyer is a good sequel!
Movie Nuttball18 June 2002
Conan the Destroyer is more action and hero film than the first one. Ofcourse as always Arnold performes good and Wilt Chamberlain is huge! It was so awesome to see a bigger man than Arnold in one of his films. Sara Douglas looks terrific. Mako is good. Look for Pat Roach,the legendary wrestler Andre the Giant, and Sven-Ole Thorsen in the movie. The film is never boring and it is arguably better the the prequel. The music is great by Basil Poledouris. I hope Arnold does make King Conan! All fans of Arnold and sword fighting check this out soon!
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Conan The Comic Book Flavoured Destroyer
Dock-Ock23 August 2001
This film is more lighter in tone than John Milius' classic, Conan The Barbarian. Probably due to a more lightweight director, Richard Fliescher coming on board, and more importantly a script by Marvel Comics writers Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway. However, the mix is more enjoyable this time around, not as interesting or impessive than its predescessor, but more fun. Arnold never looked more mightier than here, looking like the true Marvel Comics equivelent of the hero, rather than Milius' or Robert Howards version. The script is pretty dull, it has to be said, owing from the likes of Steve Reeves Hercules movies and the classics of Ray Harrihausen. But there is still Arnold, the wonderfull sets, the powerful Basil Poledouris theme, and a cast of Grace Jones, Sarah Douglas, Tracey Walter, Mako, Wilt Chamberlain and Olivier D'Abo, who some how manage to make this resemble an episode of the 60's Batman T.V Series than a piece of Robert Howard soaked fantasy.The fighting scenes a re good and there is a fantastic scene in wich Conan is trapped in a cave of mirrors terrorised by Red-Hooded monsters. The only way to kill them? To smash the mirrors of course. Pure Marvel Comics fantasy.
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This is my favourite movie
Corpse-Reviver15 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
OK, most people think this film is a piece of garbage. Most people however, also, are greedy money-grubbing destructive capitalist pigs. So pay no attention to them. If you are like me you want to see the American-Israeli-British-Vatican-etc. empire destroyed, you hate watching adverts on TV, you want hard drugs available at all times, and you also love CONAN THE DESTROYER. The first Conan movie is NOT better, it only pretends to be. It acts serious when really it is a MOVIE ABOUT CONAN THE BARBARIAN!!! The Destroyer is far superior, in every way. Underage girl, giant mongoloid destroyer, evil prophecy, commune with the evil spirits.....reminds me of the White House!!! Great film in every way. Schindler's List sucks.

No joke - this really is my favourite movie.
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A cheap, but funny and light-hearted sequel. Not inferior to Barbarian, just different
CuriosityKilledShawn31 July 2004
Being a fan of Robert E. Howard's short stories I must say that funny and light-hearted are definitely NOT the words I would use to describe Conan. Destroyer loses the poetic melancholy of Barbarian, but is more accessible (it was the first of the Conan movies that I saw as a kid). The PG rating doesn't harm the tone of the film much, it's still relatively bloody, but apparently Richard Fleischer shot it as a hard R before the producers cut it down.

The story this time has Conan go on a mission for the seductive Queen Taramis (she can be my queen ANY day, and look for a quick glimpse of her bush in the first Shadizar Castle scene). He must retrieve a gemstone which unlocks another treasure called the Horn of Dagoth. A treasure that will bring to life an Evil God. Conan doesn't care as Taramis (who was NOT a villain in Howard's short stories, her twin sister Salome however, definitely was) has promised to bring back his dead girlfriend from the first film.

And so with his ragtag group of companions: Malak (a comedy sidekick, but what happened to Subotai from the original?), Zula (Grace Jones, wearing no more than a couple of inches of leather floss), Akiro (Mako, the only returning cast member from the original), Bombaata (on a secret mission to kill Conan) and the virgin Princess Jehnna, Conan takes off on his mission.

The first film was serious but this one plays more like Labyrinth than Barbarian. The effects and sets are very typical of early '80s fantasy movies. Conan talks a lot more too, and has fun in a drunk scene. I don't have a problem with this as he is quite cunning and intelligent in Robert E. Howard's stories, and they kinda sold him short in the first film by limiting his dialogue.

Some scenes reek of cheapness. The Toth-Amon/Man-Ape scene is so ridiculously fake it makes you wonder how the filmmakers took it seriously. And the ending, featuring the resurrected Dagoth reduced to a sub-Godzilla demon is just plain stupid. Not silly. Even a few more minutes of thought put into this would have made it much better. But it is all very entertaining it really does is add to the kitschy hokum of it all. And hokum and weirdness is what Howard's stories were all about.

Basil Poledouris' music is the one part of the film that is totally up to scratch. It's not as heavy as his score to the first film but he does introduce new, stronger themes and lighter takes on cues from the first. Brilliant stuff.

It's a lot more formulaic and 'Hollywood' than the first. No new ground is broken and it's obviously a film made quickly to cash in on the success of Barbarian. Another way in which Conan has been sold short. You can tell with some gimmicks present in both films that they were trying to turn this into a long-running series. A shame that never happened. It really should have been like Bond, with a film coming out every 2 years.

Conan the Destroyer is guiltless fun with goofier characters, sillier dialogue, clumsier action, and loinier cloths. And, honestly, it's none the worse for it.
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Conan The Destroyed
Newsense22 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Conan The Barbarian stands as one of the best epic movies of all time. Conan The Destroyer is what Batman and Robin is to the Batman series. The whole dark atmosphere and seriousness of the first movie is traded for a children-friendly approach that ruined the whole appeal of Conan.

The Plot: The wicked Queen Taramis(played by Sarah Douglas) dupes Conan to escort her princess niece (played by Olivia D'Aba) on a quest for some sacred horn in exchange to bring back Conan's lost love, Valeria, from the dead. Conan embarks on the trip with the princess accompanied by Bombaata(Wilt Chamberlain) who is secretly ordered to kill Conan. On the way they befriend a fierce captive Zula(played by Grace Jones) and trouble ensues.

Opinion: Conan The Destroyer is laughably bad. The actions scenes are hilarious and you know it's a problem when someone getting decapitated provokes laughter. Each head that gets lopped off and each sword in the gut seem so cartoonish plus you have to deal with the third rate acting. Sarah Douglas and Olivia D'Aba are both wooden and Wilt Chamberlain(RIP) and Grace Jones both seem out of place in this picture. Arnold is his usual self so don't expect much. Not only is the plot weak but the score is redundant also. Conan The Barbarian had a great score to accompany every scene. Here the score is monotonous and weak. I can only recommend this to you if you want to complete you collection other than that skip it.
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this is perfectly great !!!!
Majid-Hamid8 November 2008
i was wondering why a lot of people hate this movie.... i have seen the first is really great...but i could not intending to watch this again and again...because it was quite slow and boring....but it is a powerful movie indeed!!

but this sequel...Conan the destroyer is definitely far much much more better than the original !!! i kept on watching this movie repeatedly !! this is truly one of the greatest sword movie ever made!!! the cast is great, strong performances from the actors and actress... especially from Arnold himself and grace Jones.. they were absolutely great !!

not only that, i also loves the music in this sequel...the action is superbly great!! i doubt if there is anymore movies like this... nothing to say more...this is great one!! better than the original !!!

go and get this movie as fast as you can!!! don't miss it!!! rent or buy it!!! you won't regret !!!

10/10**** (superbly great)
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Episodic and ill-judged sequel to Conan The Barbarian.
barnabyrudge19 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The original Conan movie - Conan The Barbarian - came out in 1982 and was both a popular sword and sorcery film and a reasonably successful attempt to turn bodybuilder Arnold Scwarzenegger into a movie star. However, the critics were somewhat unkind to John Milius's fantasy epic, stating that it was far too long, far too serious and far too humourless. On that occasion, the critics were wrong - I, and many others, like Conan The Barbarian BECAUSE of its length and its seriousness. The story feels thorough and atmospheric, and the pace is controlled, not dull. It is very sad that this sequel addresses the very things that were falsely alleged to be "wrong" or "flawed" about the original. It's as if the makers of Conan The Destroyer sat down and listed all the criticisms ever levelled at Conan The Barbarian, then tried to do something to rectify them. So, this sequel is shorter, more lightweight and more humorous than its predecessor. Does it work? Have these changes resulted in a massive improvement? No. In fact, Conan The Destroyer is actually vastly inferior to the original, and is little more than a juvenile romp aimed at bloodthirsty kids and slightly nerdy adults.

Fearsome Cimmerian warrior Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his travelling companion Malak (Tracey Walter, in a bad comic characterisation) are summoned to carry out a dangerous quest on behalf of the treacherous Queen Taramis (Sarah Douglas). She promises that if the quest is a success she will reincarnate Conan's long-dead lover so that he may be reunited with her. The mission requires Conan to take a beautiful, virginal princess named Jehnna (Olivia D'Abo) on a journey to recover a magical crystal. The princess is the only person who can handle the crystal which, when used correctly, will unlock the gateway to an all-powerful horn. With this horn, Taramis plans to awaken a deity and share God-like power with it by sacrificing Jehnna. Along the way, Conan picks up other travelling companions to aid him in his quest, such as the female barbarian Zula (Grace Jones) and inexperienced magician Akiro (Mako). However, Taramis has lied to Conan in order to secure his services; she not only has no intention of bringing his lover back to life, but also plans to kill him once his usefulness is over.

Conan The Destroyer is not a total loss - in fact, in some departments it is actually quite good. Basil Poledouris again provides pulsating music (not quite as good as his scoring of the earlier film, but good enough all the same); Jack Cardiff's photography brings the vast sets and varied locations colourfully to life; there are even infrequent bursts of real excitement. But Conan The Destroyer is repeatedly dragged down by its numerous flaws - ill-suited comedy, listless performances, obvious special effects, and an episodic narrative. In particular this last criticism is a major disappointment. The story is episodic to the point of tedium. The characters ride around, chat about love and magic, then arrive at some kind of temple or castle where a little action ensues. Again and again, with irritating repetition and boring monotony, this same sequence recurs - ride, chat, action.... ride, chat, action.... ride, chat, action.... ride, chat, action.... Conan IS a destroyer - but, unfortunately, what he's destroying is his own genre!!
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All good fun!
BrickNash28 November 2008
Sequels are rarely as good as the original, and with a film like Conan The Barbarian to live up to this one had a hard time from the start.

And yes, it's not as sophisticated a film as the original, but no it is not a bad film.

Running along like a more typical S&S film, the emphasis is more on a runaway action film rather than the screen opera of the original. There's plenty of swordplay, wizards, magic etc. It does feel like it could have had a bit more to it though, maybe another place to visit or another enemy to slay and maybe a bit more depth to the supporting characters but it's not a serious drama and it's a cut above other films of this genre. Also remember, this is the film that most people remember when they think of Arnie as Conan. Sword, loincloth and not much else so it must have struck a visual chord at least.

I'm glad they made this film, it's a fun romp and a great way to spend an evening. People will judge it as the weaker film, which it is, but it's also the most fun out of the two.

If only King Conan: Crown Of Iron was made with Arnie as the old bearded king today it would make a nice little trilogy (Or box set of you throw in Red Sonja which is basically a Conan film!) Great stuff!
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Conan the Conversationalist?
embrymf30 April 2003
What made Conan the Barbarian a great movie was the fact that Arnold played Conan as a person who was shut away and not talked to for most of his formative years. The first movie had minimal dialogue, and it made it seem like whenever Conan had something to say, it was important. In this movie, he seems to be talking every other second. He even hams it up doing pratfalls when he is drunk. It takes the emotionally stoic backbone out of the barbarian from the earlier movie. Arnold is an action star, not a stage actor.
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