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Season 1

25 Sep. 1984
Family Affair
Jack and Vicky have settled in. But Vicky learns that Jack hasn't told his family that he and Vicky are living together. And when his aunt shows up, he doesn't tell her which makes Vicky upset. In the meantime he hires a guy named EZ who's not exactly the brightest bulb to help him in the restaurant and he causes all sorts of problems.
9 Oct. 1984
The Happy Couple
Mr. Bradford offers to pay for the restaurant sprinkler system if Jack marries Vickie.
16 Oct. 1984
Maternal Triangle
Jack tries to get Vicky's divorced parents back together hoping he can use their reconciliation to convince Vicky to marry him.
23 Oct. 1984
Daddy's Little Girl
Vicky is sick. Jack wants to baby her and fuss over her. Mr. Bradford arrives to also baby her and fuss over her. Mr. Bradford won't leave Vicky alone under Jack's care and Jack tries to outdo Mr. Bradford to take care of her.
30 Oct. 1984
Jack's Problem
When Jack has trouble performing, Vicky wonders why. She talks to her mother who says her father was like that and it was because of another woman. She says that's not it until she sees Jack "with" EZ's girlfriend. When Bradford learns that Jack is cheating on Vicky he confronts him. Jack tells him about his problem and Bradford suggests he sees a psychiatrist.
13 Nov. 1984
Vacation from Sex
Mr. Bradford thinks Jack and Vicky have nothing in common beside sex. So Jack and Vicky decide to prove him wrong by abstaining from sex for a week.
20 Nov. 1984
A Matter of Money
After a counterfeit $100 note is found in Jack's Bistro's bank account, the Police asks Jack to help them identify the counterfeiter.
27 Nov. 1984
The Honeymooners
Vicky and Jack goes to Acapulco to enjoy an unofficial honeymoon and to get away from Vicky's overbearing father; but when they get there, they find out they have to share the same hotel room with her father.
4 Dec. 1984
A Little Competition
The owner of a new restaurant opening down the street from Jack's Bistro happens to be Vicky's old boyfriend she'd almost married.
11 Dec. 1984
A Foreign Affair
When Bradford wants to get out of paying his ex-wife alimony, he arranges for her to met a rich friend of his. When Jack overhears him making the arrangements, he assumes that he wants to get back together with her so he tries to help hoping that it'll change Vicky's feelings about marriage.
18 Dec. 1984
James Steps Out
James is seeing a younger woman. When Vicky learns of this she's not comfortable with it. She asks jack to to talk to him about it. When he's unable to do anything about it. Vicky decides to talk to the girl and learns something she wasn't expecting.
8 Jan. 1985
Father Knows Nothing
Jack and the Bradfords think Vicky is pregnant.
15 Jan. 1985
A Friend in Deed
A friend of Vicky's comes for a visit. While she and Vicky are alone she tells her about the new guy she met. Later Jack overhears her talking to someone on the phone saying she's met someone and Jack thinks he's talking about him. When Vicky has to go away on a flight, Jack doesn't want to be alone with her but can't tell Vicky why. So he thinks she's coming on to him so he try to keep her at bay.
22 Jan. 1985
A Case of Sour Grapes
When Vicky gets a large refund from the IRS, she wants to invest it. So she turns to her father. Jack feels insulted that she doesn't ask him. So she gives him the money and what he does is buy some wine. When he tries one of the bottles, he learns that it's turned bad. Not wanting to hurt Vicky, he tries to get another job so he can pay her back. But he seems to have trouble at the job he gets.
29 Jan. 1985
Private Lessons
Jack give E.Z. tips on how to act on his date with a college girl he has fallen for, but she likes Jack.
5 Feb. 1985
One Ego to Go
Jack's ego is hurt when Vicky receives a $25 a week raise, beats him at a game of trivia, wins a teddy bear throwing baseballs better than he at the carnival. The final straw for Jack is when she has some friends over, one of them a history professor, who Jack tries to impress by pretending to be a history buff by reading from a history book. When he is caught, he feels dejected and humiliated and down and he leaves home.
12 Feb. 1985
September Song
Jack defends Mr. Bradford when he is accused of public-nuisance.
19 Feb. 1985
Deeds of Trust
Larry asks Jack to go with him to a party and despite knowing that Jack's ex will be there, Vicki lets him go.
26 Feb. 1985
The New Mr. Bradford
Jack saves Mr. Bradford's life and his gratitude smothers Jack.
5 Mar. 1985
King for a Day
Jack's ego inflates due to a good restaurant review.
2 Apr. 1985
Jack Gets Trashed
When the company that collects the restaurant's trash raises their rates, Jack is so upset that he wants to go to City Hall and complain. Bradford tells him that he shouldn't ruffle any feathers but in reality is the owner of the company. Vicky decides to go but because of her cold can't, Jack offers to go and talks to the council but the head of the council stonewalls him because Bradford is one of their supporters. Jack then gets an offer to air his grievance on a radio talk show. When Bradford hears of Jack's plan he tries to set him up for a fall.
9 Apr. 1985
A Star Is Born
Vicky gets a chance to do a commercial for the airline. Jack accompanies her to the audition and clashes with the director. In the end the director decides not to use Vicky. Her parents tell Jack to apologize to the director, but the director's boss says they want Vicky for the commercial anyway. When Jack arrives the director tries to get Jack to grovel, but when he learns that they actually want Vicky, he turns the tables on them. The director offers Jack a part in the commercial and he and the director continue to clash.

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