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Season 1

22 Sep. 1984
Carole and Sydney meet a singer who's in town to perform. She reveals that some fan is following her wherever she goes. Her manager says he'll handle it. Carole and Sydney help her meet her former partner, who was shot by the fan, or someone wearing the suit the man always wears.
29 Sep. 1984
The Hottest Guy in Town
Hired to investigate a blackmail case, Carole and Sydney go after the client's hairdresser, but he is also in danger. Is it the competing salon or racketeers he is running from?
6 Oct. 1984
Murder in the Museum
Carole's friend, an assistant curator at the museum, has been murdered. Believing in his innocence, Sydney wants to help the young man accused of killing her.
13 Oct. 1984
Carole Stanwyck and Sydney Kovack were both married to the same man, a private detective. When he is killed, they both attend his memorial. When they learn how he was killed, they can't help but investigate his murder themselves. They are aided by a couple of guys who works for him, and his mother, a police lieutenant who likes Sydney.
20 Oct. 1984
Duke has been set up for murder in a heist gone wrong. He asks his daughter Sydney for help.
27 Oct. 1984
Paddles Up
Carole and Sydney go to an auction and Carole has her eye on a broach. But a guy named Hermanski is also interested in it and tries to get her not to bid on it. But a surprise bidder gets the broach. He asks the girls to find him. But the man is killed. And someone else is after the broach.
3 Nov. 1984
Is She or Isn't He?
Hired by the father to find his kidnapped son, Carole and Sydney discovers a threat to the man's business. They are helped by the eyewitness, who isn't what she seems to be.
24 Nov. 1984
The agency investigates the death of friend from Sydney's old neighborhood.
1 Dec. 1984
The Set-Up
Vronsky is framed. Carole and Sydney offer to help. They operate under the assumption that someone either was out for revenge or was trying to stop one of his investigations. They learn it might be the latter.
8 Dec. 1984
Fashioned for Murder
A talented fashion designer hires Carole and Sidney to find out who has been stealing his creations and may have killed for them.
15 Dec. 1984
The Strangler
Women in Carole and Sydney's neighborhood are being preyed upon by a strangler. It's up to them to bring the culprit to justice.
22 Dec. 1984
Getting in Shape
Carole and Sydney go undercover at a health spa in order to stop a blackmailer, and inadvertently stumble into a something more deadly.
29 Dec. 1984
Double Jeopardy
Two escaped convicts hold Carole hostage at gunpoint, while Sydney finds a way to save her going with the accomplice to retrieve hidden stash of stolen money.

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