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Season 3

26 Sep. 1985
Hello, Goodbye
Christine Sullivan is permanently assigned as the court's public defender; grieving Selma's death, Bull goes on an all-night bender with a group of circus performers and arrives the next day drunk-and-disorderly.
3 Oct. 1985
The Hostage
A man claiming to be from Saturn holds the court hostage with a stolen handgun. Dan's hot date with Sheila goes awry when he inadvertently eats drugged food meant for the man.
17 Oct. 1985
Dad's First Date
Christine is excited when her father, Jack, makes a date with an attractive young woman, but less so when Jack shows up in court on a charge of soliciting a prostitute.
24 Oct. 1985
Mac and Quon Le: No Reservations
Mac's grandfather disinherits him after finding that he has married Quon Le, an Asian woman.
31 Oct. 1985
Halloween Too
Harry falls for Kim, a beautiful and free-spirited young woman. But then she appears in court, claiming to be a witch, with a tabloid reporter hovering in the background.
7 Nov. 1985
Best of Friends
Dan looks forward to a reunion with his old college buddy, but is shocked to find that he has undergone a transsexual operation.
14 Nov. 1985
Dan's Boss
The new district attorney shows up to observe Dan, who falls short of making a good first impression, and Flo receives attention from a potential suitor.
28 Nov. 1985
Up on the Roof
A rock star wanders around the courtroom, trying to escape his crazed fans, his solicitous entourage, and his greedy psychiatrist.
5 Dec. 1985
Wheels of Justice: Part 1
A budget crisis in the state legislature freezes the paychecks of all city employees, including the court staff. Harry faces his own crisis when the law forces him to side with a sleazy landlord against a poor cleaning lady and her unstable son. When the son is shot during an attempted armed robbery, Harry quits.
12 Dec. 1985
Wheels of Justice: Part 2
After quitting, Harry is hanging out at a pool hall across the street from the courthouse. The gang have to talk him into coming back, even as his replacement creates a stir by dying during session.
19 Dec. 1985
Walk Away, Renee
Bull is deeply in love with his new girlfriend, Renee. No one wants to be the one to tell him that she is actually a prostitute.
9 Jan. 1986
Dan's Escort
Dan makes some extra money by hiring himself out as an escort to wealthy ladies, but is shocked when one of his clients wants him to go all the way and sleep with her. Yakov eagerly awaits the arrival of his wife and children from Russia, but panics when she doesn't show up.
16 Jan. 1986
The Night Off
Some crazy substitute judge puts Dan and Mac in jail and appoints a wino and Florence as the court attorneys.
23 Jan. 1986
Harry and Leon
The staff are surprised to discover that Leon, the shoe shine boy, is actually an orphan living in the courthouse. Rather than let him be sent to juvenile hall, Harry asks for custody of him.
30 Jan. 1986
The Apartment
Hijinks ensue when Harry throws a birthday party for Dan at his apartment, including Christine getting trapped in a magician's box, Quon Le's Vietnamese family threatening mass suicide, and Mrs. Lund from Juvenile Services arriving to check on Leon at the same time as a stripper.
6 Feb. 1986
Leon, We Hardly Knew Ye
Leon threatens to run away again when Juvenile Services attempts to take him from Harry and place him with a pair of geeky foster parents. Harry is so preoccupied that he misses a visit by Mel Torme, his idol.
20 Feb. 1986
The Mugger
After being mugged, Christine becomes belligerent and mistrustful, and unable to do her job as a public defender. She has to rediscover her compassion when her mugger is trapped in the cafeteria and threatens hostages with a grenade. Meanwhile, Phil gets a hot stock tip from an old Wall Street buddy, and Dan nearly bankrupts himself trying to wheedle it out of him.
27 Feb. 1986
Could This Be Magic?
Harry meets an elderly magician that he idolized as a child, and invites him to his apartment for a private performance. The gang arrive at Harry's apartment to find it stripped bare.
6 Mar. 1986
Monkey Business
Bull tries to hide a test monkey from a scientist; Dan romances an amnesiac woman.
13 Mar. 1986
The Retirement
Florence is devastated to learn that she has reached mandatory retirement age.
1 May 1986
Hurricane: Part 1
Hurricane Mel hits New York, trapping the staff inside the courthouse with four women in labor.
8 May 1986
Hurricane: Part 2
Hurricane Mel hits New York, trapping the staff inside the courthouse with four women in labor.

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