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Season 1

20 Jan. 1984
In the opening episode of this series John Peter McAllister is introduced as an American who remained in Japan after the War and became a Ninja. He has just discovered he has a daughter after many years and decides to go to America to find her. On his way out he is wounded by a former protégé who vows to track him down to stop him from breaking the Ninja code. Meanwhile in America in the town of Ellerston a drifter and wannabe hero Max Keller runs into a girl who flags him down on the road. Apparently the girl was being attacked or come on to be a corrupt Sheriff. Max...
27 Jan. 1984
The Master's search for his daughter leads him and his apprentice to a dance club under siege by corrupt business men.
3 Feb. 1984
State of the Union
McAllister and Keller find themselves caught up in business politics when a union organizer's light is threatened by her sadistic boss.
10 Feb. 1984
Master and apprentice are caught up in the terrorist abduction of an influential senator and his rambling daughter.
16 Mar. 1984
John and Max are in a town where farmers are being terrorized by the owner of a trucking company who wants half of their take for running their produce into town. Meanwhile, each finds themselves taken with a feisty mother and daughter.
23 Mar. 1984
The Good, the Bad, and the Priceless
John, Max and Cat go to New York to find John's daughter. They find her but what they don't know is that the girl they think is her daughter is an impostor.
6 Apr. 1984
Max and McAllister travel to Washington D.C. to help a reporter named Allison Grant and uncover an assassination plot of a high ranking official. Max and McAllister discover that Osaka is part of the plot with a mysterious front man and learn that Osaka has a pupil in training, who turns out to be a female ninja to their surprise tasked to carry out the plot during a public music concert.
4 May 1984
Failure to Communicate
Max Keller and John Peter McAllister travel back to Max's old haunts where his father, Patrick, who's a drunken alcoholic lawyer lives and works with his blind assistant, Laura Crane, still grieving over the loss of Max's mother and brother. Immediately they see a bunch of goons going after a beautiful blonde named Kathy Hunter, who they rescue at a local cemetery and bring her home to her father, who's a wealthy banker. Soon it is revealed that Kathy is part of a kidnapping plot involving Max's father and the mysterious person calling the shots, who maybe close to ...
10 Aug. 1984
Max and McAllister travel to another one of Max's old haunts where he searches for an old high school girlfriend who might be working at a local gym in Los Angeles. Soon the duo find trouble when a man is harassing a Max's friend and learn that he's an LAPD cop working a case involving her brother, who has gone into hiding and sends cryptic messages to her to learn his whereabouts. It turns out he's gone into hiding from a group of rogue police officers trying to silence him and eventually take her hostage. Max and McAllister soon have to take them on to get her back ...
31 Aug. 1984
A Place to Call Home
Max and McAllister rescue an orphan kid from a nearby Church who has stolen something valuable from a local store that turns out to lead back a group of corrupt locals trying to get the kids out of the town along with their foster mother. They soon encounter some dangerous thugs in the process.

 Season 1 

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